Monday, January 31, 2011

Remember When Gossip Girl Was Actually Good?

Do you all remember a time when Gossip Girl was simple? When it actually made sense? Remember back in the first season, when all we had to worry about was Dan and Serena and their budding romance,

And the biggest drama was the whole Blair's dating Nate, who slept with Serena, who's dating Dan? Don't you miss the good old times? Because tonight, boy oh boy, I missed the old times. I missed the time when Dan was actually a good guy, who wasn't as corrupted as everyone else. I miss when Serena was only a slightly annoying character, instead of the most self obsessed, stupid person on TV. I miss when I actually cared about Rufus and Lily, when he looked normal, and was not a complete douche like he is now

Pre-douche Rufus: It's been so long! I barely recognize you!

But the real douche this episode wasn't Rufus, but, of course, his charming wife Lily. Now, I've always said Jenny and Serena were the worst characters on this show. Lily is certainly giving them a run for their money (at least she doesn't look like a raccoon. Yet). Yes, this week we got a giant serving of Lily douchiness, which is where, I suppose, I will start my review

Lily Screws the World (Again) AKA the first time Serena gets rejected by a man (but not really)

Truthfully, I think Lily's worst crime against humanity was not the whole Ben thing, but the fact that she gave birth to such an annoying, insipid, selfish daughter. Yeah, yeah, yeah, what she did to Ben was bad. But what do you expect? This is what Lily does! She uses money to solve her problems. And she was trying to save stupid Serena in the first place! So maybe, actually, this segment should be renamed: The One Where Serena is a Complete Douche. Because, my lord, was Serena an idiot in this episode.

So, a guy teams up with his sister to attempt to ruin your life, and actually tries to kill you. Then, you find out all of this, and the guy gets out of jail because your mom paid off the judge because it was her fault he was convicted in the first place. What's the first thing you would do?

a) Get the hell away from all the drama and move to another city

b) Enjoy being by yourself and not adored by a man for the first time since you hit puberty (or before that, god forbid)

or, you know,

c) Try to sleep with the guy

Personally, I think any NORMAL or SANE person would hopefully pick a) or b). That's just me, though. Serena, though, picks c). Yes, the VERY NIGHT he is released from jail she goes out to find him. WTF? W-T-F?

I almost felt bad for Ben. Serena wouldn't leave him alone! She just assumed that he'd want to see her! Why? Why would he want to do that? Oh, I know, because EVERYONE LOVES SERENA. Well, everyone is stupid. And Ben is stupid too. Except for his shining moment of the night, with this great line: "I see that look in your eye, and I know what it means! And I don't feel that way about you!"

Booyah! Go Ben!

Finally, for the FIRST TIME since the start of the show, someone rejects Serena! Finally, there is one sane human! Of course, as we saw at the end of the episode, he was lying to her. But, no matter. She still got put in her place. She had her feelings hurt, for the first time ever. She needed that.

That's the only good part of this whole story arc. This entire, season long Juliet/Ben/Serena storyline has been awful, and I just want to see it go. But, alas, it looks like this isn't the last we've seen of Ben. Just no more Juliet. I need some salvation. Speaking of, the second storyline of the night...

Dan and Blair Put Off Sex: Part 1

As promised, a little Dan and Blair love. Or at least like. In an episode where every single storyline sucked this one somehow became the only one I could stand to watch. But that's all I can give you Dair fans. I'm still not jumping on that ship. Not quite yet. First, because of that adorable moment when Chuck checked in, and was so obviously proud of Blair. Their flame will not die!

Yes, I will post a Chair picture every chance I get. I need to balance out the Dair with some Chair!

And second, because I'm really hating how the show is handling the whole Dair mess. Tonight's story was so freaking forced! And I had such good feelings going in. First, because the girl who played Meryl Streep's daughter in It's Complicated was playing the boss. And second, because someone on Gossip Girl was actually doing something productive for the first time ever. I wanted Blair to succeed at the internship. I wanted her to be good and smart, and successful enough to get back with Chuck (see above). But then the contrivance started.

I understand what they were trying to do. But I just don't think they succeeded. I know it was supposed to be role reversal. Oh look! Blair is actually being a nice person! And Dan is being the douche! How shocking! Except, it didn't really work, since what Dan did made absolutely no sense! It's Complicated girl had just finished telling him how awesome he was, and how awful Blair was. He didn't need to do anything else! So it wasn't a role reversal. Because when Blair schemes, it makes sense, and it has heart. What Dan was doing was just stupid and heartless. And that is not the Dan I fell in love with in season one! I want him back!

Oh, Lonely Boy, where have you gone?

All this storyline showed us was what we already knew: Dan needs to become Dan again! And Blair needs to grow up! I've spent the whole post bellyaching about how everyone needs to revert back to season one Gossip Girl. Well Blair's that exception. Because she may look different

The only thing left is the headband!

But she's still that immature sixteen year old. And if she's ever going to achieve something (and get back together with Chuck!), she's going to have to act her age, at least. Come on Blair, you can do it. I believe in you! You're the last good character left in this whole show!

Speaking of my love of Blair, I did adore some of her lines tonight. I was laughing so freaking hard. Here are my favourites:

1) "I don't judge. Today."

2) "Look! Georgina's baby!"

CLASSIC! You may be immature and I may not like your budding romance with Mr. Humphrey, but I'll always love you Blair. Just get back together with Mr. Bass, and everything will be alright. Speaking of Mr. Bass...

Chuck Bass Sleeps with Some Random Chick I Didn't Even Bother to Remember the Name Of

Didn't bother to learn the character's name. Didn't bother to pay attention to this storyline. Sorry! But I'm sure it's something along the lines of Chuck screws some girl, because he's in love with Blair, but he can't be with her because it's too early in the season/series, like EVERY other storyline Ed Westwick has ever been given.

Moving on...

Eric Dates Damien, or Whatever

Didn't pay much attention to this storyline either. Didn't even bother to find a proper picture. It has Damien in it. Good enough for me.

From what I could tell poor little Eric is lonely. Because it's hard to be a rich gay boy that all the other guys are clamoring over! Boohoo! I feel so bad for him! Whatever Eric. Shut up. Stop doing drugs. Stop hanging out with Damien. Because we all know how well that worked out for Jenny (she was written off the show! Take that!).

Oh, and then Damien interfered with the whole Ben/Serena thing, resulting in one of the most non-sensical scenes of series that included the the Serena killing a man/Georgina being involved with a Russian mobster arcs! I don't understand that last scene at all. And the worst part is, I don't even care. That's the problem with tonight's Gossip Girl. And basically the whole season. Last season was just as crappy, but at least I had something to hold on to, something to invest in. Chuck and Blair were enough for me. But this season I have nothing. The only story I mildly enjoyed this week was Dan and Blair, and that's just not worth it for me. If I could find a way to quit this show I would! But then they'd just feature Chuck and Blair in a promo, and would be blown to hell. We all know I'm in this 'til the end. Unfortunately.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dan and Blair

You may have noticed this blog is kind of lame. No one comments. Average of 5-10 pages views a day, if I'm lucky. I haven't exactly become a blogging sensation. A really successful post for me usually constitutes 20-odd views. Whoppee.

Well, this last week my blog has EXPLODED. My page views have skyrocketed. Almost 200 page views in 2 days. Considering I only have a total 500 page views since the start of the blog, that a pretty big frickin' deal. 40% of my total page views over a year in 2 days. Holy moly. My head's exploding a little bit.

So, of course, the question is why? What happened that made my last post, What Characters Haven't Got Together? Let's See, oh so popular? Was it just the brilliantly funny, clever writing? Was it the fascinating subject matter? Has all the hard work finally paid off?

Yeah, right. No, it was nothing to my credit it turns out. It was three little words which I have used separately many times. I put them together, and BANG, blogging sensation:


The little thing I picked up on monday's Gossip Girl was apparently A HUGE DEAL online, as everyone and their neighbour was googling it, and landing on my little blog post. So it wasn't me. It was some stupid couple that I hate. I'm so proud.

I almost feel bad for all the people who clicked on my link, expecting a Dair post, only to find my ramblings about Rusty and Ashleigh's budding romance on Greek (which, by the way, got me zero page views). The stuff I had written about Dan and Blair was deep into the post, so any Dair fans probably skipped out before they ever found anything they were looking for. That's the thing about page views: just because they clicked on it, doesn't mean they read it. Evidenced by the zero comments I got.

In fact, most of the views I got were for the images I had gotten from Google. Even less to do with me. Well, for all you people looking for Dan and Blair photos, here's the jackpot:

Aww, the cute little scheemers.

And look, them standing awkwardly next to each other, not doing anything romantic!

And oh wow, an actual kiss. This is funny, since I never remember them kissing. Either I missed an episode or someone's really skilled with photoshop.

And in case you actually want to know what's going on with these two crazy kids here's a link to an article featuring the creators, who say they will only be really good friends, nothing more. Yeah, right.

And to balance out all the craziness of the Dair fans (and I still can't believe there are DAIR fans), a photo of the only Gossip Girl couple that really matters:

Sadly, when I write about Chuck and Blair I don't get any page views. Apparently people don't care about them or there are already too many people writing about them. Maybe I have hit on a niche in the internet, a fan base that desperately needs a blog. I could become the Dan and Blair blog. I mean, I would hate what I was writing about, but I'd sure get a lot of page views. Or I could write about equally obscure yet oddly popular couples, like, I dunno, Evan and Rebecca from Greek, or Penny and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, or Jules and Greyson from Cougar Town. I didn't know anyone cared about them. But, you know, whatever gets me hits.

Now, I'm sure this post won't get 200+ page views. The Dan and Blair craze has seemed to settle down, at least until the next GG episode. But this whole thing did make me think. A few of the blogs I read do weekly reviews of shows. I'd have fun doing that. Now, I'd ask what shows you want me to review, out my regular schedule:

Gossip Girl
Teen Mom
Cougar Town
Big Bang Theory
30 Rock

But, to get back to the beginning of this post, no one comments on this blog. I guess I'll just have to pick. I think I'm going to try three shows:

Gossip Girl--Because it got me so many page views already, and so much happens in one episode that it gives me so much to talk about. Plus, none of my friends watch, so I'll finally have a forum to share my Chair love.

Greek--Because I love Casey and Cappie, and I love Rusty, and Ashleigh, and I basically just love this whole show. And, it's a less popular show that not many other people will be writing reviews on, so I have void to fill. And it's a teen show, and this is, after all, a teen blog.

I might also add Teen Mom, if I find enough to talk about.

So, for the 5-10 people who read this today, there's something to look forward to. And for the 200+ people who stumbled across this looking for some Dair love, welcome, thanks for visiting. Come back on monday, if you want. I'm sure there'll be more Dair in the next episode. And I promise I'll write about it, just for you :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I know I just posted, but I had one more thing to add, one crime to report:



I mean, he was nominated for everything else! Golden Globe! BAFTA! And he was on everyone's prediction list! And he's AMAZING in the Social Network! BLOODY CRIME!!!!!!!!

Going now. Just had to report it. A crime has been committed against humanity. 

What Characters Haven't Got Together Yet? Let's see

I am in the middle of exam madness. But I don't care! This week's episodes of Greek and Gossip Girl were just so good, I must react!!

It was a week of romance, in the form of random couple pairing. Here's the list:

1) Rusty and Ashleigh, Greek

Sucky picture, I know. There is a complete lack of Rusty/Ashleigh pictures out there on the interweb. I would have thought there'd be many. This seems like a major "ship".

When I first saw the previews for this season when they started pushing Rusty and Ashleigh, I must admit, I was a little hesitant. It's kind of weird. Ashleigh is Casey's best friend. She has always seemed like a second older sister to him, giving him advice about dating, with no romantic undertones. And I liked Rusty and Dana. I didn't want them to break up. But...last night they won me over. Big time. I mean, I love Rusty, obviously. He's so smart and just so adorable. And I adore Ash as well, with all her energy and niceness and everything. And it's about damn time she got a legitimate love interest on this show! First that stupid boyfriend Trevor (?) that we never saw and was just a jerk, as far as we knew, then Hotness Monster, if you can even count him, and then stupid cheating, lying Fisher. This girl deserves a good man!

And yes, I am sad for Dana. I liked Dana, and I thought she was perfect for Rusty, with her cuteness and her brains. And I thought their break up was a teeny bit contrived. But I am willing to move on, especially if I get to move on to great multiple episode arc of a Rusty-Ashleigh romance. I have no idea but they'll be like as a couple, but I'm open to it. I loved when they hugged, and I loved Ashleigh's reaction, and I can't wait until the next episode to find out what happens with them (And I am double, triple, quadruple excited to see Casey's reaction, if/when she finds out! Sure to be amusing!).

Sucky picture #2. Side note: anybody else find it weird that Casey was/will be dating Cappie, one of Rusty's best friends, and Rusty will be dating Ashleigh, one of Casey's best friends? Beyond the obvious incestousness of it all, there's going to be a lot of those awkward "oh, I'm going to have sex...with your sibling" conversations!

2) Dan and Blair, Gossip Girl

Speaking of incest! Oh my f***ing Gossip Girl! I can't believe it! After all this time, it's finally happening. DAIR!

Aww, cute Dan and Blair photo! Unlike Rus and Ash, these two are a major ship. God knows why....

Now, us Gossip Girl fans put up with a lot. Jenny and Nate. Jenny and Chuck. Vanessa and Chuck. Serena and whatever guy she's screwing this week. We've come to except that this group of Upper East Siders are the most incestuous group that can only date within their friends or their friends siblings. We've done the math. I mean, here's the whole list of potential couples, with the has-beens crossed off:

Nate and Blair
Nate and Serena
Nate and Jenny
Nate and Vanessa
Chuck and Blair
Chuck and Serena
Chuck and Jenny
Chuck and Vanessa
Dan and Serena
Dan and Jenny
Dan and Vanessa
Dan and Blair

Besides Dan and Jenny, who can't get together, because they're related (though, am I the only one who could that would be crazy enough to actually happen? It's GG, after all. Serena killed a man. Chuck died. Georgina faked a baby daddy because she was involved with the Russian mob. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN). So that leaves only two couples: Chuck and Serena and Dan and Blair. And, surprise, surprise, this episode featured both those couples!

So, we knew it was going to happen. I've thought many times that they we're getting close to it, and then they'd pull away. There would be a cute Dair scene plotting some scheme, then it'd be forgotten. There'd be some adorable washing the dishes at the end of an episode, quickly forgotten. I'd gotten use to them teasing us (if you can even call it that, since you can usually only tease people with stuff they want, rather than this, which I ABSOLUTELY HATE). But this episode, it looked like was shaping up to be the real thing.

Soon enough this photo will not need to be so obviously photoshopped!

It's hard to articulate how I feel about this. I mean, on one hand, it's endlessly amusing, since it's so completely ridiculous. And it's going to be fun to see how Serena and Chuck react (personally, I hope they start dating, as revenge, like Chuck and Vanessa did when Nate and Blair got together). I mean, there will be some fun bits, I'm sure. But then the rest of it will be horrifying, as they try to sell these two as a legitimate couple, whilst trying to keep the Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair flames alive. That should be a good one!

And yes, I can see some legitimacy to them as a couple. In a lot of ways they're totally alike. They both actually have some semblance of a future plan for themselves. And they like to tease each other. And, ya know, they both love Serena. That could help them or hurt them. Probably both.

The stupidest part of all of it is that we know it's all for show. It's all treading water, until the end of the season/series when they inevitably break up and end up with their soulmates, Serena and Chuck. We all know that the last scene of GG isn't going to be about Dan and Blair. But I suppose there are worse ways to tread water (Serena's dad? Chuck's mom? Juliet and Ben???? Man, there are so many bad story lines on this show!).

3) Casey and Cappie, Greek

Apparently stars are really into these photobooth like pictures with red curtains

This couple is not random, but you know I had to include them. Because they had a good week too. Because just when I thought this would be Cappie/Casey-less episode, we get the great final scene. Beaver shows Casey the light! Cappie acts embarrassed because Casey knows he's been in a fight! !!!

I know, I know, last night's episode was actually a set back in CC (Cappie and Casey). Once again, Cappie was being irresponsible in front of Casey, which he can't afford, especially after the whole marijuana incident from last week. But to me, it showed just how desperate Cappie is to win Casey back. He was so ashamed! It was so cute! He wants her so bad! I love them!

P.S. Other randoms of the week:

-Katherine and Beaver (who I secretly love. I think they'll make a great stable, drama free couple)

-Chuck and Serena (dear god, don't even get me started)

-Heath and Beaver as strippers!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

10 Things I Want to Say to You

I read this on Steph Bowe's blog, who read it on someone else's blog. You know how these things work. A friend of a friend of mine... Hopefully you'll read this and make a list of your own.

Anyways, here are 10 things I'd say to different people in my life, if I was allowed. If I didn't have to be afraid of hurting their feelings, or saying the right thing, or scaring them, or embarrassing myself. If I could say anything I wanted, here's what I'd say to you:

1) You are such a nice person and you have done so much for me. I owe so much to you, but sometimes, it feels like you don't owe me anything, like you don't need me at all. I wish you wouldn't make me feel that way. Do you really want to be my friend?

2) Please, just relax. Let it come to you. We're never going to be best friends. Stop trying so hard, forcing your way in. We need some space. I need some space. Please.

3) You are so arrogant, and I cannot stand it. The worst part is, you have nothing to back it up! You are not that smart! And I hate your writing! It's just plain awful! I wish you would stop showing off in such transparent ways. You are not that smart, just mean and arrogant, and I really hate you for it.

4) I miss you. I miss who you used to be. I think about you everyday, and I wish we could still be friends. I'll always remember you, and love you for who you were. I hope you can be that person again some day. I'll always be proud of you, looking out for you. I hope you get all you've been working for.

5) I am in the IB program! So stop insulting it to my face! Stop insulting my friends, and stop insulting my classmates! I've been the program for 4 years--I obviously see some use to it. When you say all that stuff, I get insulted! It's a personal attack, can't you see that? Stop badmouthing us! It is mean and unprofessional.

6) Thank you. I know we've had some issues, but I'm glad to be able to talk to you everyday. You been such a large part of my high school experience, and such a large part of my life. I've hated you and had so much fun with you and laughed with you and talked about everything with you. I'm glad to have you in my life.

7) I love you and I don't know how I'll ever live without you. I can't think about losing you. You mean the whole world to me.

8) What's wrong with me?

9) What am I doing wrong? Why don't I get to be special? Why don't I get a bing? I am just as good as everyone else! Why won't you notice me?

10) You are a mean person. Shut up. You are cruel, and hurtful, and I hate you. Yes, you made me cry. Many times. Congratulations. You were the biggest jerk then, and you're the biggest jerk now, bringing it up every single time I talk to you. You are such an awful person and I feel bad for anyone who has to live with you or know you. Most of all, I feel bad for you. You're going to have a lonely life, if you don't learn some common decency.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Quick Thoughts

I have to go to sleep in, basically, negative 15 minutes, but some quick (belated) thoughts on the Golden Globes, Greek, and whatever other g words I think of.

Golden Globes:

-I am so, so glad (and, can I say, proud) that Jim Parsons won. He speech was sweet. And Kaley Cuoco was even sweeter. "And the winner is...JIM PARSONS!!!". She was so excited! And she was so cute when she hugged him. And I loved how he started his acceptance--"if you couldn't tell, Kaley's on the show with me". Awwww. 

-I am also very happy that Chris Colfer won. I wouldn't have minded a Eric Stonestreet win in that category, but I am much happier with Chris. He is just so adorable! He looked so shocked! And I love how Lea Michele cried! Her tears make a have been fake for everyone else, and she may have been crying the whole time, but I will continue to believe she really cried for Chris. Because he really deserved it. Because he is the best part of Glee. Because his acceptance speech was the cutest thing of all time. I love Chris Colfer. 

-On the Glee note, I'm fine with the Jane Lynch win, even if her character has gone downhill. I am less fine with the Glee best comedy win, since that show has ABSOLUTELY SUCKED for the last year. I LOVEEEEED the first 6 or 7 episodes, but I've pretty much hated every episode since. It's so inconsistent. The character development sucks. The stunt casting and the theme episodes are absolutely awful. I don't know why I continue to watch.

-I was (obviously) happy with the Social Network best drama win, though I would have enjoyed upsets by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield (who made up for it with his adorable stuttering. I love him even more now). And David Fincher won. And Aaron Sorkin won! He deserves it so much, so I was very happy. That man is a true genius. 

-I still don't know what to think of Ricky Gervais. I thought his opening was a little too cruel--I felt bad for Angelina. And the Charlie Sheen joke was pathetic. Overall, though, he was more entertaining than most hosts. I liked him, I think. Maybe. 

Greek, "Cross Examined Life":

-Ashleigh's back! I love Ash! Though I think she should have stayed in New York. I don't really know what she's going to do at Cyprus Rhodes. But whatever, she's fun to have around.

-Rusty was stupid with Dale. And the spidey pledge is Ned from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide which is weird. In a good way. 

-I love how Cappie is trying for Casey. Casey was stupid for getting mad at him. I can't wait until they (inevitably) get back together. Hopefully at the mid season finale, so we can spend the rest of the season/series just enjoying them being cute and in love. 

-Katherine's back! That's gonna be weird....

What other g's do I have? Well, how about this:

-Good return dates: Make It or Break It is coming back at the end of march! Better late than never!

-God, there's no tv on this week: Besides Greek, I've had absolutely no TV to watch to this. I was desperate I watched The Bachelor!

-Getting sick of waiting: I got my first university acceptance, but I don't want to go there, so it doesn't really matter. Meanwhile, I still haven't heard from my number one school and I am getting SOOOOO antsy. I want to get in so badly. Fingers tightly crossed. For a really long time. 

Uh oh, it's t minus thirty-four minutes (if that makes sense, which I'm sure it doesn't, considering I don't know what t is). Got to go. Sleep time. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Predicting the Golden Globes ('Cause, well, why the hell not?)

Yes, yes, yes, the Globes are absolutely meaningless, less than nothing, and would be completely ignored by the world if not for their proximity to the Oscars. I know already. But hey, it's friday night after a long, long, long week of studying for a test I FAILED FAILED FAILED, so, ya know, why the hell not play the prediction game?

Mystery. Intrigue. Tarot Cards. OOOHH.

There are SO many categories at the Golden Globes, between TV and movies, many of which I don't care about. So I'm just going to highlight the ones I like. Here's the full list, in case you actually give a crap about the Globes (sorry for being so crass today. Like I said, long week). I never see nearly enough movies to be a proper judge, but that's never stopped me before :). Get ready for random judgements, mostly on the actor and not their acting ability, and a lot of love for The Social Network (read my review here).

Best Motion Picture (Drama)

And the nominees are...

Black Swan
The Fighter
The King's Speech
The Social Network

My pick: The Social Network

My (attempt at an) explanation: This movie is brilliant. The writing is brilliant, and the acting is amazing. It takes a story in which all the characters could easily be seen as villains, but instead become sort of heroes. It treats each character justly. It is a clever film, a funny film, and a really fascinating film, all at the same time.

Best Actor in A Motion Picture Drama

Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network
Colin Firth, The King's Speech
James Franco, 127 Hours
Ryan Gosling, Blue Valentine
Mark Walberg, The Fighter

My pick: Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network

My (mildly legitimate) explanation: Because he makes Mark Zuckerberg seem like a funny, brilliant, weird guy, instead of the evil villain he could have come off as. He was just so whip fast, so amusing, just fun to watch. So intense. He made me love and hate Zuckerberg at the same time. Perfect for the role.

Others: Also would enjoy if Ryan Gosling won, because I will always have a loyalty to The Notebook. Also, James Franco, because, well, he is a cool guy.

Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical)

Alice in Wonderland
The Kids Are Alright
The Tourist

My pick: The Kids Are Alright

My (mediocre) explanation: Because I really like Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo (13 Going on 30!). Because it was an interesting, fresh movie. Not the best EVER, but certainly the best in this category.

Best Performance by An Actress in A Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical)

Annette Bening, The Kids Are Alright
Anne Hathaway, Love and Other Drugs
Angeline Jolie, The Tourist
Julianne Moore, The Kids Are Alright
Emma Stone, Easy A

My pick: Emma Stone, Easy A

My (awesome) explanation: Because she rocks! And Easy A is totally awesome, easily better than 4 of the 5 nominees for Best Comedy/Musical. It is funny and clever and just amazing. Emma Stones makes the movie. This movie deserves some love somewhere, and I suppose this will be the place.

Others: Julianne Moore (and, I must admit, Annette Bening, if I forgive for American Beauty) deserves it. And I'll have some Princess Diaries loyalty for Anne Hathaway.

Screw best supporting actress in a drama, let's move on...

Best Performance by An Actor in A Supporting Role in A Motion Picture

Christian Bale, The Fighter
Michael Douglas, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Andrew Garfield, The Social Network
Jeremy Renner, The Town
Geoffrey Rush, The King's Speech

My pick: Andrew Garfield, The Social Network

My (he he) explanation:

(And yes, I will leave them full size, so you can enjoy him in full glory)

To not be totally superficial and airhead-y, I should mention that, in addition to his obvious attributes, he is also really really funny (I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "FISH EAT OTHER FISH"), and he acts really really well. JT wasn't nominated. Armie Hammer wasn't nominated. For a reason.

(not his best scene, but he introduces with his adorable accent, so I couldn't resist!)

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture

Simon Beaufoy, Danny Boyle, 127 Hours
Christopher Nolan, Inception
Stuart Blumberg, Leslie Cholodenko, The Kids Are Alright
David Seidler, The King's Speech
Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network

My pick: Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network

My (well, duh) explanation: Two words: WEST FREAKING WING. And if that doesn't satisfy you, I will also tell you that his script absofreakinlutely AH-MAZE-ING. Funny. Clever. Brilliant. Bravo, bravo, bravo, Mr. Sorkin.

Other: No one else in this race, as far as I'm concerned

Best Television Series (Comedy or Musical)

30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory
The Big C
Modern Family
Nurse Jackie

My pick: The Big Bang Theory

My (obvious) explanation: I don't think BBT is perfect, by any means, and this season has been very hit and miss (Amy Farrah Fowler get out of my face!). But it is still the show I look forward to the most every week. It makes me laugh the most. And, you know, there's Jim Parsons. And he's supported by the great work of Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco. A good, and sometimes great, show that deserves some recognition.

(can't embed BBT--link)

Others: I wouldn't die if Modern Family won, but that's just predictable and boring. If Glee wins, I would kill myself.

Best Performance by an Actress in A Television Series (Comedy or Musical)

Toni Collette, United States of Tara
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Laura Linney, The Big C
Lea Michele, Glee

My pick: Tina Fey, 30 Rock

My (fine) explanation: A very weak category, in my opinion. And Tina Fey rocks. First, I'll always love her for giving the world Mean Girls, one of the best teen movies of all time. And I really like her as Liz on 30 Rock. She deserves the win:

Best Performance by an Actor in A Television Series (Comedy or Musical)

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Steve Carell, The Office
Thomas Jane, Hung
Matthew Morrison, Glee
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

My pick: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

My (beyond, beyond obvious) explanation: You all know I love him, and I could spend this whole time just typing explanation marks. But I want to try and actually articulate why I love him so much, and why I think he should win. He plays a character who could so easily be unlikable and annoying, but, in his capable hands, he is hilarious. He plays every beat of Sheldon perfectly--arrogant, vulnerable, immature, geeky, innocent. He is a great physical actor, taking what must be simple stage directions in the script--"Sheldon comforts Penny" or "Sheldon's face twitches"--and makes them magic. He is so talented, and I will be very upset if he doesn't win. Expect a rant on monday.

(Ugh, BBT, still not embedding. Here's another link though!)

Others: Anyone else wins, I'm boycotting the Golden Globes FOREVER

On that note, I should go. Fingers crossed for all my picks. And fingers crossed I did better on my biology test than I thought.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things I Feel Insecure About

This is (supposedly) a teenage blog. Yet, I don't write a lot about being a teenager. Well, here it is, the ultimate teenage list: Things I feel insecure about. Enjoy!!

1) The fact that I don't have a job

Most teenagers hold some kind of job. Most of the teenagers I know have jobs. Abercrombie. The ROM. Coaching soccer. Instructing swimming. MacDonald's. Nothing huge, but still. I always feel guilty that I don't hold one. They are good experiences. They look good on college applications and resumes. They prepare you for your future career. They allow to figure what you want that future career to be.

I always justify my unemployment with the fact that I'm in a very aggressive academic program. While that may be true, it doesn't account for the people in my class, who have the exact same workload and exact same amount of stress, who still manage to work. I should work. I don't hate getting money. I should save up for university. Ahahahahaha.

2) My eyebrows

They are my father's eyebrows, and I hate them. They are bushy and weird and make me fear a unibrow. Ack.

3) Well, of course, the rest of my body

I don't wear swim suits. I don't wear shorts. I don't even wear capri pants. I hate my legs. And my arms. And my feet. And everything. I hate summer, because I am expected to show all these things to the world. I try to avoid this if at all possible.

4) My selfishness

I don't do enough to help my parents. I don't do enough to help my friends. I don't do enough to help all the people in world who desperately need help as they experience earthquakes and floods and AIDS and basic poverty. I hate how selfish and self-involved I am. I need to help! Someone! Now!

5) My intelligence

In my program at school, academics are really, really, really important. And the kids in my class are all very, very, very smart. They can write better essays than I can. They can give better presentations than I can. And they can do it with less time and less effort than I do! It's very frustrating. I feel so stupid all the time. And I'm not that stupid. I get good marks. As good as any of the braniacs in my class. But I go a little crazy doubting it all. Any good mark I get is a fluke, an easy assignment, or something that I had to put way more effort into than everyone else. Any bad mark is expected, deserved, and means that I am stupid. It's a harsh way to judge yourself.

6) My friends

I have friends. I have good, good friends. I have okay friends. I have casual friends. But still, I am always doubting myself. Doubting everything I say, to everyone. Doubting if everyone, or anyone likes me. Doubt, doubt, doubt. It eats me alive.

7) My (lack) of a boyfriend

Self explanatory. I would like to be looked at as something other than "the smart girl" (see number 5) or "the nice girl". I love romance in books and tv shows. I am practically obsessed with it. Yet, I've never experienced it myself. 17, almost 18: never had sex, never made out with someone, never been on a date, never even been kissed. PATHETIC!

All the things on this list, all the things that make me feel insecure in life, come about because I don't feel like I fit in. I don't feel normal. I feel insecure about not being normal. Wow. I am the first teenager to feel that. Ever.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Worshipping at the Temple of Sarah Dessen

I have been reading Young Adult Romance since somewhere around the fourth grade, when I ordered the Princess Diaries off the Scholastic Book order, when the movie was still in theatres. After that, I slowly winded my way through the rest of the Meg Cabot's and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic books and everything along that path.

In the eighth grade I discovered Sarah Dessen, by the proxy of a friend who has long forgotten me and a class I have long forgotten the name of. It was during a silent reading period. I have no idea what I was reading that day, but it was the book that my friend Allie was reading that has impacted my life for years to come. That book was Dreamland by Sarah Dessen.

Our teacher instructed us to go around the class, each sharing the book we were reading. My friend shared her book adding that she "really liked it". Those three words changed my reading and writing forever. I went to the bookstore that weekend and perused the Dessen books, purchasing two: The Truth About Forever and This Lullaby. I remember looking at Keeping the Moon and thinking it looked stupid, with the sunglasses on the cover. Silly me.

Ever since I have been an avid Dessen fan. I read the rest of her collection, though those first two will always be my favourites. I started reading her blog every day since I don't know how long. Since before she had her daughter. A little after Just Listen I guess. And I've eagerly anticipated her new books. I can't wait for What Happened to Goodbye this May. I am a Sarah Dessen fan through and through.

As I've been on my blog quest this last few weeks I've come to notice that, in the blogosphere Sarah Dessen is kind of like a god. Every blogger writes glowing reviews of all her books. They reference her all the time too, saying things like "this Elizabeth Scott book is written in a very Dessen-esque style". Being "Dessen-esque" is a very good thing. The golden standard of book blogs. The best of the best of the best. It's not just me. Everyone, and I really do mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON loves her.

I find this kind of funny. First, because I found out about her from such a random source, so many years ago. Unlike a lot of the books I read, I didn't find about Sarah from an author blog or a book blog or Amazon Recommends or any of my usual channels. I almost stumbled upon her and she turned out to be a mega star. Who knew?

I also find it amusing because, even though I stumbled upon her, I have always held her as one of my golden, guaranteed-to-read authors, among the ranks of Meg Cabot, Deb Caletti, Emily Giffin, Ann Brashares, and a few select others. The top one or two of that list (I go back and forth--Cabot/Dessen, Cabot/Dessen. How does a girl choose?). Apparently I am not the only one who has done this. Apparently she really is as great as I've always thought. Again, I ask, who knew?

Finally, I find it funny since, though much of the blogosphere has seem to forgotten this, not every Dessen book is pure gold. That Summer is really not that good. Lock and Key is above average, not great. Someone Like You has a lot of heart, but is not quite at the same level as many of her others. Yet SD is still worshipped like a holy god, never one to be doubted or even put on par with.

This post feels like it should have a definitive point, some type of big reveal. It doesn't. I'm sorry. There is no real purpose to this other to say that it's funny how life works out. I just wanted to mention how this seemingly sudden Dessen mania has set it. I wander what Sarah Dessen thinks of it. I wonder what you think of it. Here are some pertinent blog posts so you can judge for yourself: The Sarah Dessen Diarist, Along for the Ride Review, a Dessen-esque book.

One final question for you then: Do you worship at the Temple of Sarah Dessen? Why or why not?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Big Blog Theory

You may have noticed that this blog has undergone a BIG change in the last week and a half, mostly in the form of a BRAND NEW BACKGROUND and an AWESOME NEW LAYOUT. This has been part of my effort to improve my blog and make a big push for followers. I'm heading into exams soon, but after that I plan on making the big push by posting everyday.

My goal is to get about 100 followers. A small, tight knit community, that'll leave lots of comments and do contests and giveways with me and generally have fun. While I wouldn't mind having, say, 1000 followers, I know I have neither the time (IB takes over my life!) nor the commitment to achieve such a following. Besides the BIG PUSH that will start next month, I'm also going to try and participate more in the blogosphere. I don't know what form that will take--participating in challenges/memes, like In My Mailbox, or increased commenting (or well, any commenting) on other blogs or something else.

I have decided on my first foray into the online blog community. I have submitted myself to the Books & Chocolate Swap, hosted by One Book Shy of A Full Shelf. Here is the pretty button:

One Book Shy of a Full Shelf SWAP

I don't know what I'm going to give or what I'm going to get. The most I hope for is a few more page views. Fingers crossed. 

I have lots more to say about what I call "blog theory", about how often to post, writing negative reviews, having a central blog theme/subject, and many other fun topics that bloggers love to talk about, since we spend so long thinking about it. But I'm going to save all that for my one year first, on my first blogaversy (I am lead to believe that is the generally accepted term. Correct me if I'm wrong), which is coming up in february. Don't worry, I don't expect gifts--just lots of page views. 

That's it. Short blog update :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Amy and Roger's EPIC Detour

Seeing as I am only three short weeks away from exams, this weekend was supposed to be all about getting homework done. I had a university letter to write, a gigantic test to study for, a pamphlet to design, and a paper to write.Instead, this weekend was about reading, reading, and more reading, which totally screwed me for school, but totally made me happy at the same time. Funny how that works.

The second book in my pile was Anna and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. It has a pretty cover. Here, look:

I'm not good at summaries, but I craft a quick one:

Amy's dad died, tearing her family apart. Now her brother is in rehab, and her mother is making them move across the country, from California to Connecticut. It is Amy's job to drive the car across the country, with a nice family friend, who also happens to be a really hot boy, named Roger, who just broke up with his girlfriend, Hadley. Amy's mother planned out the whole route, but they decide to ignore it, taking an EPIC DETOUR instead. High jinks ensue. Romance happens. Lots of sappy moments. Wooo!

It was not my favourite book. Roger and Amy just didn't have it for me. But let me break it down. Let's start with Amy.

She is an actress, which was nice, since she made a million theatre references, which I loved (I laughed so hard at the "There are more awkward silences than in an Harold Pinter play" line. Who in the world would get that reference?). She was nice, and pretty, and, well, pretty generic. I liked how she was referring to "Amy!", but it got old fast. She seemed average, and actually kind of annoying. It's hard to pinpoint something in particular. She just felt kind of blah. 

Roger (which, by the way, is a crap name, since it only made me think of abusive Roger from Sarah Dessen's Dreamland and abusive Roger from Where the Heart Is. Not good associations) was bland as well. I liked his taste in music, even if I didn't recognize many of the songs. But I thought the whole ex girlfriend thing was a little pathetic, in comparison to Amy's guilt over her father's death. Get over it man.  The whole "goodbye" thing was a fun quirk (Roger can't say goodbye to people because he thinks he'll kill them), but there's wasn't much else that made him unique. 

Since neither Roger nor Amy were well drawn characters, it makes sense that the romance wasn't very good either. There just wasn't any sexual chemistry

After we finally (inevitably) got over the whole ex-girlfriend thing, I still wasn't invested in this couple. In fact, for 70% of the novel I wasn't even sure I wanted them together, or even I was supposed to want them together, save for a few places where random characters would ask if they were together and they would awkwardly respond NO. I liked the actual moment, but I had no real investment beyond that. Blah. Blah. Blah. 

The whole "scrapbook" element to novel was cool, mostly. I really liked the pictures and playlists and little notes, and, for the most part, they were well placed. There were a few that were annoying, placed in the middle of sentences, so I would forget what was just said and then have to skip back and then forward, and lose all flow or meaning. In that way, I would have preferred if the placement had been more thoughtful. 

I also had an issue with the drama of it all. I'm not really into "issue books", which deal with dark subjects that allow the protagonist to be angsty, in this case, death (others: anorexia, drugs, self mutilation, suicide, mental health issues, some sort of injury)

I thought I'd be okay with it in this book, much like I could accept in Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, where death was handled well enough, and the other parts of the plot were engaging enough that it didn't matter. That was not the case. Amy was very, very angsty, which, in my opinion, didn't really fit in with the romance and general lightness of the novel. 

I rarely say this, but it definitely felt like a debut novel. I read the author's bio at the back, which described how she had a BA in children's lit, which made perfect sense to me. It felt like the writer had studied good teen books (a la Sarah Dessen, Deb Caletti, Meg Cabot, Ann Brashares, so-called masters of the genre) and identified what made each of them tick, and then applied them to her own book. Here is where I describe what the male lead looks like, lingering on it a bit, to make sure everyone knows to swoon over him. Here is where the protagonist denies that she has any feelings for said male lead, even though she clearly loves him. Here is where she feels angsty about her life. All very paint by numbers, where all the right things are there, but the without the passion or magic that makes a Dessen or Cabot or Caletti book special. 

I also had a little bit of a Romeo and Juliet problem with this book, where the two leads fell for each other in five days. I said in my last review that Anna and the French Kiss had too much build up. Well, the EPIC DETOUR (I don't know why I like to capitalize that, but I do) had too little build up. It's was too quick, too generic, too predictable. It needed to have a spark. 

With all the focus on the negatives, you probably think I hate this book. That's not true. But the parts that I liked are far less interesting than the parts I didn't like. Sorry. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anna and the French Kiss and Other Adventures

I had the BEST time on friday night, going out and buying a whole stacks of books at the World's Biggest Bookstore (That is actually the name of the store, not some hyperbollic randomness by me). I had been researching books like crazy ever since I found the BEST website of all time, The YA Book Blog Directory. I have been desperate for a new YA romance for a long time now, and this website provides a seemingly never ending list of review blogs to choose from. Yheeee!

I have only made a small dent on the list, but already, so many rewards. There's a few that aren't my taste at all (science fiction blogs) and there's some that just have a different taste than me, that I'm sure others would love. But I'll link you all a few that fit me really well:

In the end, I picked out three well reviewed books to purchase (actually, I picked more, but Canada has the worst book stock, so half of them weren't available. And some of them weren't out yet.). First, Prom & Prejudice, by Elizabeth Euler, who wrote Lonely Hearts Club, which I absolutely loved. I didn't even know she had a new book coming out.

I also bought Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, a book I had never heard of, that I am mightly excited about,

And I purchased Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, a book that every single blog was RAVING about, but had completely missed my radar somehow. At first I was skeptical because the premise didn't sound GREAT. But seriously, every single blogger was going ape shit crazy about it, so I decided to give it a try

Yeah, so, I bought last night. And then I went out and got dinner and worked on some homework. And then at 8:00ish I picked up Anna, and well, I didn't put it down. Until three in the morning (which, by the way, I'm paying for now, as I am TIREDDDD). But man, it was just so good. Here's a mini review for you.

You didn't come to this blog for this, but I'll say it anyways. It was well written. Thoughtful. Anna was a very nice and cutely quirky (I love banana elephant) and felt really really real. All of the characters had real, interesting personalities, and no one felt like a cliche, which was really awesome. And, of course, Paris sounded so beautiful

Even though I didn't enjoy my time in Paris when I went there a few summers ago, I totally want to go back now and see what Anna saw.

Now, to give what you came for--THE ROMANCE, namingly a American/British/French boy who goes by the name of Etienne St. Clair (a hoitty toitty name, if you ask me). I love him. He's just so nice, to everyone. And he's funny. And unique.

Anna and Etienne have an excellent friendship throughout the entire book. It is full of tension and misunderstanding and jokes and everything a real boy-who-is-a-friend, but-I-kind-of-want-more relationship should be.

All of that made me very happy. I loved the last scene when (predictable ending spoiler alert!) they are just hanging out together. I wish every book had a scene like that. It is just so satisfying.

I love a good Getting Together scene, a la every romance of all time. And the scene where Anna and Etienne get together is really sweet. But it's so full of drama, and it's so expected and cliched. The last scene is so calm and beautifully simple. After all they went through they're just hanging out talking, enjoying each others company. One of the best endings I've read in a long, long time.

Those were all the good things which made up a mostly good book. I have a few complaints about pacing and length though. There was a lot of tension and build up, which was great, but by the end it felt like too much. Too much drama. Too much time. It felt like the author was trying to fill some page count quota, just spinning her wheels and throwing in plot points to waste time. I love some good sexual tension, but it was more than was needed. I wish a good fifty pages had been cut from the middle to end.

All in all, I liked this Anna and the French Kiss. I didn't LOVE it, like a lot of the bloggers out there seem to. But it made for a good friday night. I don't know where it'll rank in all time favourites, or even favourites of the last year. I need more time to figure that out.

Go and pick up a copy and figure it out for yourself (or, if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, borrow it from me, since I'm pretty sure I snapped up the last copy in the city. Sorry!). I'm heading back to homework (and the three others amazing books I bought!). See you later sisters!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Anti Anti Resolution List

I would dissect the episode of Greek that aired tonight, but I didn't get to watch it because, apparently, there was some hockey thing going on that my dad deemed more important than my show. So, instead, I've decided to write a little post, in the form of a list (as always). Everyone has been talking about their resolutions (or, alternatively, or, in a lame attempt to be alternative, the reasons why new years resolutions are stupid). I have nothing against resolutions (I make them and break them most years), but for me this isn't a year for resolutions. It is a year for endings and new beginnings, and I am so excited for all of it that all I hope for is happiness. I hope I treasure my last few months of high school (and my last few months of living at home!), and I hope I adjust well to whatever university I end up going to. Really, I just hope to survive. I have so much to look forward to and so much to fear in this coming year. So, without further ado,


1) Graduating from High School

This is so me on my graduation day. At least in my dreams. I'll finish high school and wake up with beautiful blond curly hair, just like I've always wanted. And I'll have Pacey in love with me (I know, I know, that was Joey. Same difference)

It's just so exciting. Bittersweet, and I'm sure I'll weep when it actually happens. But I know I'll be so relieved when I walk out of my last exam, and when I finally get that diploma in my hands. I'll miss (most of) the people. I'll miss (some of) the teachers. But I'm looking forward to getting out of there!!!

2) Picking the Perfect University for Me

Will it be McGill? UofT? Bishop's? Wilfrid Laurier? Nipissing? Winnipeg? Victoria?
You're guess is as good as mine at this point (well, I will admit, I'm pulling for Bishop's just a little tiny bit)

I am planner. I like to know exactly what's happening, and exactly what I'll be doing for the next hour, week, month, and year. Not knowing where I'm going is driving me INSANE. It's such a big decision. This will be the next 4/5 years of my life. It will determine my career. Where I live. Where I work. What work I do. So much pressure to make the right decision. If I could have one wish for the next year (wish, not resolution), it would be for me to pick the perfect university for me. Not the most reputable (McGill), or the biggest and most traditional (UofT) or the most obscure (Bishop's). But the one where I'll be the happiest. Now, if only someone could tell me which one that is (seriously, I'll pay anyone a thousand dollars to make this life changing decision for me. And an extra hundred if they finish my applications. I hate those). 

3) Decorating My Dorm Room 

Whew. Now that all the serious is out of the way, let the frivolity begin. First, the dorm room. I mean, there are just so many possibilities. And so many questions. What do I bring with me? How can I possibly choose one book over another? (Sophie had no choice compared to that) How can I choose what clothes, what movies, what tv series, what basic stuff? And then how will I decorate the room? What about my roommates tastes?  (which, really, isn't something I even want to consider) Unlike all the questions about what university to attend, these are questions I can handle. I love decorating! I'm so excited!

And now for the real frivolity...the Pop Culture Binge. In rapid fire succession, starting with...


Emily and Damon! Emily and Damon! And Lauren, get off the show


It may look weird, but I'm willing to trust it. It's Megan McCafferty, for heaven's sakes


It's Sarah Dessen. A sure bet. I don't love love love the sound of this premise either, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Macy and Wes, Annabel and Owen, Remy and Dexter, and Auden and Eli. And it's Sarah freaking Dessen. It just has to be good. 


And I'll have finally seen a Best Picture Winner! And I'll have a shot at winning my Oscar pool (with only two other people! My parents!)!!!



My first love, my true love, always. Alec Baldwin, don't even think about it. 

There's more, of course. More books I want to read. More tv shows to watch. More universities to consider. And more actors to root for. But it's nearly one in the am, and I still have homework to do... for tomorrow at 9 in the am. I should really get going on that. 

Good luck on all your resolutions and wishes and anti-resolutions, and anti anti resolutions. 'Til Later. 

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