Friday, October 28, 2011

The Best in Blogging

I first started reading blogs because people in my family started writing them. Now I'm still reading those blogs, but also so many others. Oh, the world that opened up for me. 

I don't really remember the first non-familial blogs I started reading. I used to just bookmark blogs a lot. I hit the "next blog" button and just surfed random sites. Eventually, I found Google Reader, the perfect way to get the updates on the various blogs I followed. 

(There's been some news that Google Reader is changing, and losing some features. Google better be careful with this one. This is one of the most useful things I've ever found. Don't mess with my Reader!)

One of the best parts of blogging is finding and sharing new things. I thought I'd do that today. I know I'm always on the look out for new blogs, so if anybody has any recommendations, please hit the comment section. I went through my Reader subscriptions and sorted the blogs I follow so you guys could check them out. Enjoy! 

Review Blogs

A nice book blog. Though I read the posts in Google Reader now, I originally warmed to this blog because of it's simple yet elegant layout. Anyways, the posts aren't all that regular, but they're great nonetheless. 

A good book blog. From a Canadian! And a librarian, a profession I always respect. Michelle runs a great blog, and has become a great blogger friend of mine. Check it out! 

There are a lot of websites that cover tv and feature tv blogging. But there are so few actual bloggers who do it! This is only of the only good tv blogs I've ever found. Shows that are covered include: Parks & Recreation, Community, Big Bang Theory, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and Glee. Oh, and some dramas, but I don't watch any of those, so I'm not really sure which ones. 

A good book review blog. April's reviews are fairly informal, and very honest. She has many reviews across many genres. She also participates in a few meme things that can be interesting. She has a particular interest in audiobooks. Personally, they're not my thing, but if they're yours, you should read this blog. 

An awesome book blog. Steph's reviews are among the best I've found. She's honest. She features interesting books. Now, she's moved to China, and she shares many stories and pictures about that. All together a quality blog. 

A good book review blog. The reviews are short and usually make me aware of lots of different kinds of books. 

Writing Blogs

Steph Bowe's blog. Now, admittedly, I haven't read her book; in my defense, that's only because it's Australian and not available in any Canadian bookstores. Steph Bowe is a teenager author, who offers a really fascinating perspective on writing and publishing. Her posts are always thoughtful and though provoking. 

Jennifer Weiner's blog. She is the author of many books I've enjoyed, including Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, and Little Earthquakes. She doesn't update very often, but that's fine in a Google Reader subscription. She's smart and funny, and I love getting updates on her books. Also, over the summer, she was writing for the ABC Family show State of Georgia. She described a lot of the experience on her blog, and it was fascinating. It was particularly interesting to see how she compared novel writing to writing for tv. I think the show's over now, but she always has cool things going on. 

A really great blog from soon-to-be published author Kat Zhang. There are a lot of posts on writing and the process of getting published, and also some just about reading and life. One of the best blogs I read.

A great group writing blog. Posts are fairly regular, on topics ranging from book reviews to discussions of the currents issues in YA writing. Always interesting, always intelligent.

A nice little blog chronicling the life of a girl who's just starting university and just getting into the world of writing and publishing. There are also a lot of personal posts, which I enjoy. A very thoughtful and interesting blog. 

A really good writing/pop culture blog. The author is young and interesting. Just my kind of thing. 

The best blog I've come across. It features many posts on issues in YA lit, as well as book reviews and writing tips. My favourite posts are Field Trip Fridays, which always has a million great book-related links. Everyone should follow this blog. It's amazing. 

Personal Blogs

There are a million and one parenting blogs out there. But for some reason I like this one. And I don't even have kids! Katie, the blogger behind it, is also a teacher, which I enjoy reading about. 

A dad blog. It's smart and funny and clever. A really great spin on the parenting blog. 

A blog describing the life of a young woman and her husband. There are a lot of pop culture things, and just generally interesting posts. 

The blog of college student in California majoring in drama. I'm currently doing a drama minor, so I find it kind of interesting. 

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  1. I will definitely have to take a look at the ones under 'Personal' and 'Writing'. Most I have never even heard of!
    P.S. I am beyond words that you have included my blog on your list :) That is a huge honour! Thank you!!


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