Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Bunch of Epicness

Last night was a fun night. It was the athletic banquet at my school, where they take all the student athletes out for dinner and give out all the big trophies and awards and things. For those of us who didn't win any awards (comme moi), it was an excuse to get dressed up and go out with our friends. I got to be all fancy, with a pretty new dress from Forever XXI, a store I fell in love with a few months back. I painted my nails and did my hair up and everything. I felt very pretty. It was very fun.

Now that the fun's over, the is nail polish removed, and the dress is in a heap on the floor, I must get down to work. This week marks the beginning of the culminating/exam period at my school, so, you know, I may be a little wee bit stressed in the coming weeks. I don't know what that'll mean in terms of blogging, but I'll try my best to update. Just in case though, I wanted to leave you with one of my infamous lists. I think I'll leave with a nice big one. Yes, you've guessed it. The time has come for the Best Movies List. Yes, I realize how big of deal this is. I'm excited too. Drumroll please,


1) Where the Heart Is

Totally obscure. Totally awesome. You can read about the plot here, but basically here's what you need to know:
-It has Natalie Portman, my favourite actress OF ALL TIME. Yes, it is epic
-It has Sally Field (Brothers & Sisters! Need I say more?!?)
-It is totally the most romantic film of all time.
Notice to all the romantics out there: you MUST watch this film. Novalee (Natalie Portman) and Forney (James Frain) are such a great couple. It's the classic set up. They're friends, but he always secretly loves her. He is there for her, helping her raise her daughter who was born in a Walmart (yes, that's right. Aisle 4, next to the moisturisers). I don't want to ruin it, so I'll stop here. But needless to say, it gets steamy. The whole video is worth many watches, but this video can give you the goods.

2) Mean Girls

My father was all "Tina Fey is alright. 30 Rock is pretty good, but she hasn't done much else". Yeah right, dad. She made Mean Girls, only the best teenage film of the decade. But no, she hasn't done much else. Sometimes parents can be so clueless (sorry dad, but really, you don't know who Regina George is. You deserve to be shunned from society). This is an epic film. It is nearly six years old, yet everyone I know (besides my dad) has seen it. And loved it. And loves to quote it all the time. I mean, just yesterday my friend remarked "you can see your bra through your shirt. It's totally like those cut outs from Mean Girls". It is the teen movie. It is also the last worthwhile thing Lindsay Lohan will contribute to humanity. That alone should make you watch it. I mean, it doesn't have great romance (don't get me wrong. It does have romance (it is a teenage film, after all). The romance just isn't epic). And it isn't true to high school (or, at least, to my high school. I don't know what screwed up school you people go to). But it is totally hilarious. And totally awesome. Rent it. Now. (though an illegal download would be acceptable, I suppose).

3) Bring It On

"We cheer and we lead. We act like we're on speed. You hate us cause we're beautiful, but we don't like you either. WE ARE CHEERLEADERS!" Yes, that scene is awesome. And yes, this movie is double awesome. I mean, normally I find the whole cheerleading thing ridiculous. But in this movie it is a real, hard sport. I certainly couldn't do it. But sure does look awesome. Bring It On is another great teen film (one my father has seen and loved, incidentally). It has Jesse Bradford, cutest boy of all time. I love him, love him, love him (except when he guest starred on West Wing. That wasn't so cool). Bring It On is a cute, funny movie (full of cute boys). The two (or is it three?) sequels it spurned are not so cool, so I would avoid them at all costs. But watch this one. It is the very definition of awesome. And if you don't agree, you should get yourself a new dictionary (sorry, lame, but I couldn't resist).

4) Love Actually

I'm assuming everyone has seen this film. I mean, it must be mandatory, to function in society. It is only the best, most romantic Christmas movie of all time. Hugh Grant. Keira Knightly. Laura Linney. That guy who plays Snape in the Harry Potter films. What more could you ask for? And it has an old guy getting undressed and swearing on live television. And it has a proposal. And a bunch of porn scenes. In short, the perfect holiday film.

5) The Notebook

Very few films are purely romances. They always have a big "important" storyline. Romance always plays second fiddle. The Notebook is one of these special films that isn't pretending to be serious or important or meaningful. It is simply trying to be romantic. And that is why it is the most romantic film of all time. There are no distractions, no excuses. It is a romance, through and through, with the incredible kisses and earth shattering break ups and the grand reconciliations. For that reason there are SO many great scenes you just HAVE TO watch, but I would start with this one. I understand if you must now stop reading and run to our local video store. I would do the same thing (except, I own it. Obviously). And you want to taste the cherry on top of this delicious cake? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are both Canadian. Boo yah!

All epic films (I seem to be using that word a lot today, don't I?). I love them all, for different reasons (well, actually, mostly for the same reason: ROMANCE). There's nothing more I can say but WATCH THEM! WATCH THEM! WATCH THEM! DO YOU HEAR ME? Okay, good. So I'll leave to your viewing pleasure.

'Til God Knows When (wish me luck on my exams! Have great end of may/beginning of june!).

Monday, May 24, 2010

This Post Features A High School Musical Poster. That's All I Can Say...

I don't know how this works in the official blogger world (I have not yet learned the proper blog edict), but I want to quote something from another blog. Something that made me mad. Offended. Something that made me want to say something about it.

It was from this blog, which I found when looking for early reviews of My Name of Memory by Ann Brashares, which comes out in a few weeks (I mentioned my excitement about in last week in this post). It wasn't that the reviewer didn't like the book. That's fine by me. There are tons of books I don't like. And I respect anyone's right to an opinion. No, it was this part the review that really got to me (the part in purple really rilled me up):
My main problem with this book is the same problem I had with Stephenie Meyer’s The Host: it’s lauded as an “adult” book, meaning not Young Adult fiction, but I didn’t get that distinction in The Host, and I don’t get it in My Name is Memory. Adding a couple of intimacy scenes along with abuse and genocide doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve written a more adult type of book. Though the plot was intriguing, and the writing wasn’t awful, I didn’t find that My Name is Memory contained the true maturity or message fit for it to be considered in the realm of “adulthood.” My definition of an “adult novel” would be one of stellar writing and advanced theme, characters with depth. Brashares writing was just average, and there were parts of the plot that were contrived and forced.
To me this passage is quite offensive. It suggests that YA books can't have good writing. Or good characters. Or important themes. Are you kidding me? I think (and I have much evidence to back this up) there have been MANY MANY great YA novels with great characters, great writing, and great themes. I don't think any of these are qualifiers for the whole YA vs. Adult novel distinction. But that got me thinking, and the obvious question came about: what defines an "adult novel"?

This has been a gray area, one publishers have been muddling around with for years. There is no hard and fast line, no swear count or sex scene number, like in the movies. Sometimes, I think publishers make mistakes. With the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty, for example, the publisher marketed them as adult books. They were about a teenager's experience in and after high school. I'm sorry, but that is clearly young adult. Teenagers and high school. It's pretty plain there.

Pretty simple formula: Teenagers + High School= Young Adult Novel

Looking at that example, I think my definition of "adult novel" is all about subject matter. Generally, I put anything that takes place in or around high school (or even sometimes university) as young adult. Anything that has a main character in between the ages of 12 and 20. Pretty much anything that features "young adults". I most certainly do not think it has anything to do with the quality of the work, as the blogger suggested. Some of the best books, most well written books I have ever read have been in the YA category. I have read a ton of YA books and a ton of adult books. And I have never found the adult books to be any better, on the whole.

It's an interesting thought (to me, at least). I've read a lot of interviews with authors where they're asked if they consider their books YA or adult or if they write for such specific audiences. The authors usually say that they originally intended to write an adult book, but when they showed it to their publisher, they put into YA. I find this interesting. It really begs the question: Does the author define the genre?

Of course, none of this really, truly matters at the end of the day. Young adults like me read so-called "adult books" all the time. And we've all heard about the adults who read Twilight. People read cross-genre all the time. But I don't think this categorization should be blown-off entirely. Because I know that distinction has influenced my book purchases more than once.

I want to say right out that I mean no ill-will to the blogger mentioned in this post (and let me say right now, preemptively perhaps, that I have no desire to start a blog war). It was simply a matter of differing opinion, one I wanted to discuss a little bit more. Really, I should thank you, dear blogger, for getting me thinking and writing and debating. You've given me a lot to ponder.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Throw Your Hands Up and Enjoy It!!!!

Life is pretty good right now. As always, there are lots of ups and downs. As they say,

Some good things, some bad things, some bittersweet things. Lots of things to look forward to (and lots of things to dread):

-A giant math internal assessment thingy that will take, oh, my whole life to complete (but is due next monday)
-The three day weekend! (It's Victoria Day weekend here in Canada! Nana nana boo boo!)
-A big french presentation that I don't really understand
-A french test that I am going to fail
-The Big Bang Theory finale (Sheldon gets a girlfriend! All my dreams are coming true!!!!!)

(And yes, it is that lady who played the guidance councillor on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I don't know what to make of that)

-The culminating/exam period at my school, if life wasn't already stressful enough
-More episodes of Glee (because really, when is that a bad thing?)
-A big philosophy test that's worth 10% of my final grade (ahhhhh!!!!!)
-Sex and the City 2!

(and I don't care if the trailer looks awful. Aidan is coming back! Nothing else matters!)

-I have rented four craptastic films to watch this weekend: Leap Year (which is a total Chasing Liberty rip off, but whatever), Charlie Bartlett (which has that girl from Raise Your Voice/Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist, if anyone was interested), Post Grad (Hello! Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls. No more information needed. Also, Jane Lynch. I can't not watch it), and Carolina (an obscure Julia Stiles film that I am going to rewatch for the sixth millionth time).
-Math test (please, just kill me now. It will be much less of a blood bath)
-New Ann Brashares book!

(oh, how I love her writing. I'd read her describe dog dung)

-Summer is almost here!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm sorry, but this could go on forever. Summer rocks an infinite number of exclamation marks. I'll end the post here, but the exclamations will never end).

'Til Later



Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Okay, you know I have to say something about it. After my declaration that THE WORLD HAS ENDED after the first Bluck break up, you have to know I'll have, well, things to say about the disaster which was last night. I am still FREAKING OUT, but I will spare you too many CAPITALS, I promise. They are sore on the eyes.

Oh, but first, the obligatory SPOILER ALERT

Oh, where to start. Well, let's break it down in WTF moments:

1) Dan and Serena

I used to love Dan and Serena back in season one. I loved how cute they were together and how innocent Dan was. Everyone on the show was so screwed up, and they were the only sane thing to hold on to. But, alas, that relationship was screwed up as well, since they are now step siblings. I had kind of given up on the whole Dan/Serena thing, especially since the show kept pushing Nate and Serena. I moved on to Chuck and Blair and kind of forgot about these two. So, you know, I don't love that they are getting back together. They are nothing in comparison to Chair and they never will be. Dan used to be sweet and innocent but now he's as corrupt as the rest of them (but not in a good way). And Serena has officially become the most annoying character of all time (I mean, what is with the freaking daddy issues?!?). But, whatever, if they want to be together....

2) Chuck and Blair

In a weird way I'm glad they didn't end up together in this episode. The whole thing would've been tainted with the whole Chuck/Jenny thing (which is a OMFG moment all it's own). I was excited to see Chuck propose, but, of course, that was ruined by Dan. He looked so sad! It was so romantic! Plus, I am confident they will get back next season because of the next OMFG moment.

(One day, I swear! One day all my dreams will come true!)

3) CHUCK GOT SHOT (sorry can't go lowercase on that one. It was just too shocking)

No one saw that coming. I mean this is a teen show. The worse that's going to happen is a bad break up or a drug overdose. But, no, somehow, CHUCK GETS SHOT (I'm sorry, I really can't stop). I really don't know what to say about this except OH MY F****ING GOD. I mean it's Chuck. He can't die. The Gossip Girl writery person, even admitted it here. Chuck is safe. And, according to that article at least, Chuck and Blair will get back together because of this whole disaster. So, the world is not ending. Yet. I mean he's still Chuck Bass (didn't you love that he said that to the muggers, like they would actually care! It was so Chuck!):

Well, maybe the world is ending, if the next OMFG moment doesn't turn out to be a hoax:

4) Georgina's pregnant!!!! (excessive exclamation marks instead of capitals, thank you very much)

(Okay, so I couldn't actually find any pictures of Michelle Tratchenberg pregnant. Just imagine her with a really big beach ball under her shirt)

Personally, I think this is going to be reversed somehow. Either it won't be Dan's baby or she won't actually be pregnant or something. Everyone knows you can't trust Georgina. But still, what if it's true? You never know...Except if it is true, that would be absolutely ridiculous, since a bunch of the other characters saw Georgina before she confronted Dan and none of them blinked an eye. Either pregnant Georgina is a normal sight, or these people are selectively blind...

Last night's episode makes me want to stop watching the show. It was just too much. Chuck and Blair are awesome, there's no denying that. But it's too soap-opera-y. And Georgina and Serena and Jenny all need to die (They are so annoying! I wish one of them had got shot instead of Chuck. I would love to see them die!). I suppose now would be a perfect time to do a quick little evaluation of the show to see if I should stick around for next season.

Best Part of GG: Chuck and Blair (well no duh)
Worst Part of GG: Too many to choose. Jenny. Anytime Chuck and Blair aren't on the screen. Georgina. Serena. Serena's dad. Vanessa. Lily and Rufus. Nate's hair.
Verdict: I know how bad it is, I just can't give it up. Well, I should try. So, I guess the verdict is NO, it's not coming back. But who wants to take bets about how quickly I'll give in? (personally, I'd bet at least $20 against me. I love Chair too much).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Minute to Win It

I usually do my whole witty, annoying introduction thing, but I'll spare you all today and jump right into my tv reviews (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to this link. It'll all make sense, I promise!). I want to burn through a few of the shorter shows today, but I only have until 9:00, when Gossip Girl starts. Because I cannot miss one minute of the Chuck/Blair drama I have decided to try and review as many tv shows as I can in 20 minutes, as a kind of fun competition for myself. Okay, can't waste any more time with introductions. On your marks, get set, go!

1) Secret Life of the American Teenager

I have no idea how or why I started watching this show, but I can't seem to stop, even though it is PUERILE GARBAGE. It was kind of cute in the first season, with the whole Ben/Amy thing, but now that's definitely over since BEN GOT ADRIAN PREGNANT (any fans of the show understand how completely awful this is). It's now all garbage, with the the preachiness and the predictably. Plus, I absolutely hate the main character Amy. She is so annoying! And she's so selfish! I understand being a teenage mother is hard. But you don't have whine about it all the time! Dear God!

Why do I watch this show if it is SOOOOOOOO bad? I honestly don't know. I can't help myself. But I must stop. This show has to go. Hasta la vista, baby (I know, terrible line, but I'm under a time crunch!)


Best Part of SLOTAT: Ben/Amy
Worst Part of SLOTAT: Whenever Adrian is on the screen
Verdict: Sayonara, baby!

2) 30 Rock

This show can be really funny--sometimes. But other times it's just stupid and annoying. I mean, yes, Tina Fey is a goddess. And Alec Baldwin totally rocks (sidenote: how strange is it to see his brother Billy Baldwin as Serena's dad on Gossip Girl? I keep hearing his voice and expecting to see Jack Donaghy). This show can be great, but it can also miss the mark entirely. I never mind missing an episode, which isn't a good sign. I usually can't resist catching up on the weekend though. I should just cut it out once and for all, but I always end up watching it somehow.

Best Part of 3R: TINA FEY!!!
Worst Part of 3R: When it goes too far/thinks too much of itself
Verdict: Not returning next year, if I can resist

3) Cougartown

This show is underrated. It is smart and funny and almost always enjoyable. I am generally wary of any new projects from Friends actors because I can't think of them as anyone but their original character. Generally, though, this isn't a problem with Courtney Cox and Cougartown. She's a good enough actress and the character is different enough for me to forget, most of the time (sometimes, though, when her character Jules is a romantic relationship (like with Grayson, this last week, which was, by the way, SO EXCITING), I can't stop myself from yelling at her for cheating on Chandler). Cougartown is a nice, light half hour comedy. I think it deserves to stay.

Best Part of C: Grayson/Jules
Worst Part of C: Bobby
Verdict: Give it another chance

4) Make It or Break It

I'm sorry, there's no way you can make me give this show up. I am absolutely, positively in love with it. I love Emily. I love Damon. The deal is done (by the by, here is a great Emily/Damon video, if anyone's interested).

Most people probably haven't heard of this show, since it is one of those stupid ABC family shows, like SLOTAT. Unlike SLOTAT, though, this show doesn't suck. It is about a competitive gymnastics club in Colorado where all these intense teenage gymnastics train to try to make it to the Olympics. There are four main girls--Emily, who dates Damon, as mentioned--there is more to her (she is a very likable character), but not of it really matters to me. There's Kayley, who's okay. She's can be a little annoying and a little stuck up, but she's a good friend, generally. There's Payson, who is the top gymnast girl (or, at least, she will be when she comes back from her injury next season). And finally, there's Lauren, the bad girl, the sort of villain of the show. They are all friends, at least most of the time.

This show certainly has its faults. It can get too cheesy and too predictable and too contrived. But I can't resist. The friendship is sweet. And I would rather die then see Emily and Damon break up.

Best Part of MIOBI: Emily/Damon (obviously)
Worst Part of MIOBI: Anytime it gets cheesy or preachy
Verdict: It is here to stay (unless, of course, Emily and Damon break up. But that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN)

Whew. That was four shows. Pretty pathetic, I know. But I did manage to eliminate two shows from the roster, no small feat. Oh no, Gossip Girl starts in less than two minutes. Gotta go. You know you love me,

Gossip Girl

(I know, I know, I've done this stupid sign off before. But it just seems so fitting, considering where I'm running off to now)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Am Not Addicted to TV

I am not addicted to tv. I watch at least 2 and a half hours of tv a day, but I am not addicted to tv. I have ten shows that I have to watch or die, but I am not addicted to tv. I have rewatched hours and hours and hours of old tv shows, but I am not addicted to tv. I mean, I may say stuff like this:

But, let me repeat, I AM NOT ADDICTED TO TV. Just in case, though, I have maybe, a minor, minuscule little problem with tv, I've decided to do a full review of all the tv shows I watch, evaluating each one to decide if I should continue watching it when it comes back from summer hiatus. I mean, I am not addicted to tv, YET, but it's, you know, a preventative measure, just in case.

First, of course, I must make a full list of all the shows I watch. Well, here we go, in order of when they air, monday to sunday order: 10 Things I Hate About You, Make It or Break It, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Life, Unexpected, Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl (and that's just monday night!), Glee, America's Next Top Model, Modern Family, Cougartown, 30 Rock, Project Runway, and, last but not least, Brothers & Sisters. Whew, that's thirteen shows. A total of 10.5 hours of tv each week. And that's if I don't watch any reruns. Wow. I definitely do not have a problem.

I will evaluate each show, one by one, over the next few weeks (or possibly months. That's a lot of shows--it could take a while). Some shows may get a whole post, some just a paragraph. We'll see. Tonight I've decided to start off evaluating one of my current favourite shows from the list, Big Bang Theory. What is Big Bang Theory, you ask (well, actually, you didn't, but sometimes I get lonely, blogging by myself, and have to imagine make-believe readers asking me questions)? It is a show about four guys, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard, who are genius physicists, and an aspiring actress, Penny, who lives across the hall from them. It stars Jim Parsons (Sheldon), an actor I had never heard of, but now worship, and Kaley Cuoco (Penny), who's that girl from 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.

The best part of the Big Bang Theory is Sheldon. I love him. He is one of my favourite character's of all time, I swear. He's just so Sheldon. He's so smart and funny and clueless and cute. I love him so, so much. Just watch this video and you will love him too:

This show makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis, which is a very rare find for me (I have even watched Friends too many times to find it funny anymore). I used to watch an episode occasionally, if I happened to catch it on tv. Then, one day, I just got hooked. I watched the entire three seasons in a week (to be fair, it is only a half hour show, 20 minutes without commercials when you watch it online). I like the current season the best. The show has really hit its stride. The stories are good and the characters have really developed to a good place. I cannot wait until tomorrow nights episode when, after all this time, SHELDON GETS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! Any fan of the show would know how epic this is and understand my excitement. It's going to be so hilarious--Sheldon, the guy everyone thought was asexual, is getting a girlfriend. He is going to be so awkward and cute. It's going to be so funny!

Uh oh, I'm not doing such a great job evaluating this show. I have to examine its fault. Well, it does have a few. Sometimes, I find Howard too much or too annoying. And I don't always love Raj. And sometimes it falls into some of the classic sitcom setups, which, if you watch as much tv as I do, you've seen a million times. But that is rare. Usually it fresh and funny, hilarious even.

So, what's the verdict, ladies and gentlemen? Does it stay or not?

Yes, I think it's unanimous. Big Bang Theory stays! Hurray! One show done, twelve to go (hopefully I'll start eliminating some, or this whole process will be for not).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Two-Headed Monster

I write a lot about my favourite things (Romance, Friends) and my least favourite things (Annoying people, Barenaked Ladies). But I rarely write anything actually about me. Truth be told, I'm not that interesting. I've never lived through a genocide or been in a near death situation. I've barely even travelled out of North America. But there is one thing about me that I'd like to talk about. If you'd ever met me it would be evident right away:

(and don't worry, it's nothing too out there. I only have one head)

You would be able to tell by the way I can't stop putting my hair behind my ears and the way fiddle with my jacket zipper. I am a shy person. No, correction: I am a VERY shy person. Outgoing people often ask me what it's like to be shy because they can't physically conceive of it. Well, let me tell you, it's no piece of cake. It can be hard and frustrating and inconvenient and embarrassing. What do I mean exactly? Well, how about a list of things that I find scary because of my shyness:
  • Talking to salespeople: I physically cannot do this. If a salesperson talks to me while I'm shopping I try to get away as fast as possible. I just can't do it. Recently, I have tried to change this habit, but it's been very hard. My automatic response to "do you need in help today?" is always "no, I'm fine", even if I do need help. I can't go ask salespeople things either, which is very inconvenient when I need to find out the price of something.
(Doesn't that saleslady look scary?!?!?!? RUN FOR YOU LIVES!!!)
  • Buying things at stores: This one may be one of my craziest things. Sometimes I can cope with this, but sometimes I can't. I don't like to purchase bagels at the local bagel shop. I don't like to buy books at the bookstore. It makes me very anxious. I know, it's insane. But I can't stop myself.
  • Seating arrangements: This happens a lot in school, when we get to pick our seating arrangements. I actually get stressed weeks before school starts because I know I will have to pick a seat on the first day. It's just so hard. I want to sit next to my friends, but what if they sit somewhere else? What if we sit in pairs and I have no one to sit with? These possibilities make me SO anxious. This problem came up last week when I went to a track meet with a bunch of friends from school. I woke up with knots in my stomach because I knew I'd have to find someone to sit next to on the bus. Go on, start laughing.

(ahhhh!!! Run for cover! And not just because the boy has so many pimples!)
  • Making conversation: I once read that shy people are the worst listeners because they are always rushing to think of how to respond. That makes sense. Making conversation is awful, one of the worst things about my day. I mean, I do it all the time; I've even become somewhat good at it. But I hate it. There is this guy who always talks to me at school. We don't have much in common, so there is a risk of running out of conversation. This scares me to no end, so I'm always anxious, always trying to think of what to say next.
  • Seeing old friends/acquaintances: If I see someone I know on the street I cannot talk to them. Sometimes, I actually hide if I see someone I know. I just hate that awkward moment when you recognize each other and you say hi and then you don't know what to say. Moments like that absolutely KILL ME.
  • Crossing the Street: This is, by far, my craziest thing. I hate crossing the street at intersections. Why, you ask? Because I hate that moment when you don't know if the driver sees you or not. You hesitate and they hesitate and it's all so awkward. I've actually walked blocks and blocks out of the way to stop this from happening before. INSANE, I know. Five-year-olds can do this. But not me.
(I was this close to being a member of the Beatles, but I wouldn't cross the street with them)

Being shy isn't just the big things, like parties or meeting new people (though believe me, those things are SCARY). It's all these little things, like talking to salespeople or deciding where to sit in class. Being shy effects me all day, everyday. It effects my decisions, both big (like what college I want to go to) and small (like if to go out with my friends tonight). Most people are shy sometimes, around certain people or during certain occasions. But it's very different when you're shy ALL THE TIME, about EVERYTHING. It defines your life, and it often restricts your life.

People often tell me I'll grow out of my shyness, but I don't believe them. Because who I be, if weren't shy?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thanks That Was Fun

I am no longer a fan of the Barenaked Ladies. I will never again buy their cd's or go their concerts. I no longer like the Barenaked Ladies. This is a sad day, a sad day indeed.

Yes, even the puppies are depressed

I have loved the Barenaked Ladies since I was five years old. I have such great memories singing If I Had a Million Dollars with my dad (we would each take a part and sing it back and forth). I remember hearing Brian Wilson for the first time. I remember driving over four hours to hear them play in Buffalo. I loved, loved, loved this band. They were part of my childhood. They were part of me.

Now, it's over. Of course, I will always love their old songs. Gordon is one of my favourite cd's of all time. And I have listened to Stunt ten million times. I'll keep listening to their old stuff (I'm playing Life, In a Nutshell as I write this). But I will never go to another BNL concert. After my experience last night, I know it's over. So long, old friend, so long. Thanks, it was fun (ooooh, the witty reference for all you BNL fans).

Last night's concert didn't suck. It wasn't as bad the Counting Crows concert I saw a few years ago (which was so bad it actually made the Maroon 5 concert I saw after seem somewhat good!). It was different. But not different good. Why did it suck you ask? Well, let me break it down for you, song by song:

1) The covers of Old Apartment, If I Had a Million Dollars, What a Good Boy, One Week, and Too Little Too Late all sucked

I know, I know, they tried. Ed Robertson gave it his all. I don't blame him. He did the best with what he had. But it wasn't good enough. Every time I heard Kevin Hearn's squeaky, awful voice in place of Steven Page's powerful, amazing vocals, I cringed. It was awful. No one can replace Steven Page, especially not Kevin Hearn. Stick to the keyboards, for all of our sakes. My ears would be very grateful. And not even Ed Robertson could do it. You could hear his voice stretched so thin on What a Good Boy and Too Little Too Late. He just can't sing those songs. And I'm really sick of listening to him try. Next time, I'll just stay home and listen to Rock Spectacle. Believe it or not, that would be more enjoyable.

2) The new songs all sucked

I bought the new cd, All in Good Time, in hopes that the band would somehow strike gold, and prove everyone wrong, showing the world that they were an awesome four piece band. Yeah, well that didn't happen. The new cd is pretty bad. The lyrics suck, especially when compared to the witty lines that filled their previous cds. And the singing was just atrocious. Ed Robertson did the majority of the songs, with his usual vocal stylings, which I typically enjoy. This time though, it was just too much. There was no variety. No, who am I kidding. There was no Steven Page. Plain and simple. With him, the magic was gone. So, last night, when they played EIGHT SONGS from their new album, I was not happy. And the worst part was that the one song I actually like from the new album, Golden Boy, WASN'T EVEN PLAYED. Oh my god, was I annoyed. And mad. And, most of all, bored.

3) The Set List SUCKED

So, they start off the show with an old obscure song called Testing 1, 2, 3. Fine, whatever. I don't know it, but I can deal with one or two songs I'm not familiar with. Then they do an awful butchered version of Old Apartment that makes me want to cry. But whatever, two off songs is okay. But then they do Falling for the First Time, a song they should be able to do well because it's not a Steven Page song, but somehow it falls short. It's slightly off the whole time. But still, I'm not getting too mad. This the Barenaked Ladies, one of my favourite bands of all time. They have some leeway. Yeah, well, that dried up pretty fast, when they played TWELVE SONGS that I had NEVER HEARD OF. I'm not kidding you. There were at least eight from the suckass new album, plus a horrible one from their children's album Snacktime (and just so you know, singing about erasers is NOT THAT WITTY). Then they do a song that they right out say is not from any of their albums. Great! The audience is going to love that! Then, I guess they realized that they had completely alienated their audience, so they try to redeem themselves with a string of hits. It didn't work. But that time I was so bored and so mad that I didn't really have the patience for bad cover songs. Ahhhhhh, was the set list bad. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

There were a few highlights to the evening. They played the Big Bang Theory theme song, which was AWESOME, because I have been watching that show non-stop for the last two weeks. And Pinch Me wasn't half bad. But besides that, it was awful. And the worst part is that it's not going to get any better. A few years ago I went to a Great Big Sea concert that was pretty bad. They skipped some of my favourite songs and it was so obvious the lead singer had been doing drugs. I was angry. But I knew it was an anomaly. I knew it was just an off night, a bad concert. I knew it would get better. With the Barenaked Ladies I don't have such faith. This wasn't an off night or a bad concert. This was just a bad band. And this was a band that I'm not a fan of.

If Steven Page ever does come back (which is not likely, but one can hope), I would go see another show. But until then, I won't be returning. This is not the band I grew up listening to. This was some poor cover band pretending to be the Barenaked Ladies. And I won't settle for anything less than the real thing. I love the Barenaked Ladies circa 2008. But I am not longer a fan.

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