Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Update

I haven't been blogging, and I'm sorry for that. I really do love it and I really want to keep it up. But, at the same time, this whole university transition thing is eating up a lot of my time. There's a lot of work to finish. There are a lot of classes to go to. There are a lot of people to see, people to catch up with back home. It's a lot, all going on at once and I'm just racing to keep on top of it. So the blog has fallen off a little. But today I'm back. For a little bit, at least.

I thought I'd do a general update on my life, everything I've been watching and reading and doing and all the people I've been spending time with.


I haven't been watching that much tv actually (yay me!!). There's only one tv for the residence, and its hard to coordinate everything so I have the tv when I want it. As a result, I've missed many of my shows.

Of course, I couldn't miss Parks and Recreation. So far, the season is off to an above average start. I haven't found either of the first two episodes all that funny, but I'm just happy to watch these characters I love so much. I found Tammy 1 to be an interesting contrast to Tammy 2, but not AMAZING or ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS like it maybe could have been. And, of course, I was sad when Ben and Leslie broke up. But, for once, I actually think a break up was good. I mean, it was right for the story and right for the characters. And it left the door open for them to get back together in the future, which is enough for me. For now.

I've also been watching Grey's Anatomy. I find all the drama oddly relaxing. It's so soapy. I'm finding it a great show to relax in front of after a long day. So far, I think this season is very solid. I like how the Christina/Owen storyline ended. I think the Derek/Mer stuff is going well. If they don't get that baby I will be so mad. She is just so cute.

Also, on a sort of different (but still tv related) note, I signed up to write for the arts and culture section of my school newspaper. And guess what my first articles going to be on. TV reviews!!! I am so excited. It's only a four hundred word piece, nothing huge, but still. I'm going to review four shows: Modern Family, Two and A Half Men, Glee, and one I haven't decided on yet. I'm kind of nervous to write the article, but kind of excited too. And, hey, I figure I've reviewed tv enough times on this blog that I should be okay at it.


Since I haven't been watching too much tv, I've been reading like crazy. Here's my list:

I'll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Paper Towns by John Green
The Boy Book, The Treasure Map of Boys, and Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart
Love Off Limits by Whitney Lyles
Bumped by Megan McCafferty

I didn't LOVE any of these books, but I liked them all. I'll Be There was a different type of read for me, a book I'm really glad I read. It wasn't quite as good as some people may have hyped it out there in the blogosphere, but still, solid. Paper Towns was very, very well written, which shouldn't surprise me, given that it is a John Green novel. I was annoyed by first sixty or seventy pages because I didn't like Margo, but after she was gone, I really, really enjoyed reading the interactions between Miles and his friends.

I finally finished the Ruby Oliver series, and I was satisfied. I really liked Real Live Boyfriends. And I really fell in love with Noel. I'm sad this series is over. I really like Ruby and I enjoy the untraditional format of the books. And I want more Ruby and Noel! They are so adorable.

Of course, the real news in reading this week is new releases: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and Lola and the French Kiss. I'm living in a very small, very french town in Quebec right now, so I can't buy them here. Thank god I'm going home next weekend. I promise to post a Lola review ASAP.


It's been a pretty good friend week. I have one very good friend that I get along with well. I have another friend who's really nice and always good to share a meal with. I have a few other friends from my classes. Overall, I feel very good about where I am on this front. I would like to make some more friends in my residence and in the english program, but that's just a bonus.

I know, I can't believe it. I actually have friends! Who would have thought!

In terms of friends back home, things are divided. This last week, a lot of the people I've been emailing have become unresponsive. Except for F, thank god. We actually used video chat and talked to each other for hours. It was so nice to see her and hear her voice. It was so nice to talk to some who knows me so well, to someone I know so well. We have so many inside jokes and so much history. It's really just lovely, talking to her. I can't wait to see her next weekend.


I never thought I'd have a category like this. But, suddenly, it seems I need one. Because I kinda-sorta-maybe have a boyfriend-ish person. This I really can't believe.

I don't think I'm quite ready to talk about it. But you can imagine I'm excited by it.

So, that's my life right now. What's going on with you guys? 


  1. How have you managed to get all that reading in?? That's amazing! So, after your comments on Ruby Oliver, I really have to reread the first one and get to the rest. I have Mara Dyer and Lola coming up as well- would be interested in hearing your thoughts- they are both such hyped up novels.

    Too bad Cougar Town is not back on as you could add that to your TV reviews!

    Sounds like things are better all around :)

  2. You should definitely finish the Ruby Oliver books. They're quite good. Not great, but still, very good.

    I wish Cougar Town were starting now--stupid mid season shows.

    And yes, things are better all around. Things are good.


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