Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Madness I Tell You, Sheer Madness

Oh my god, what has happened to my city? I mean, first we have the earthquake (first one in like a zillion years. I didn't even know we could have earthquakes in Toronto). And now, we have these insane violent protests:

It's the G20 Summit this weekend in Toronto, and the whole city has been going crazy for weeks to prepare for it. Apparently, it cost us like a billion dollars to put on, which has made a bunch of people mad, such as these insane protesters. I thought they were just being paranoid when they canceled all the schools yesterday and everything. But apparently, their paranoia was justified. This city has gone insane. They're burning cop cars and smashing Starbucks (ooh, lots of alliteration!). Half the city has gone into lockdown to try to avoid these nutcases. The protesters are throwing bricks at cops and tear gas is being used and people are being arrested left and right. It's madness I tell you, complete madness.

I must say, these protesters make me angry. I'm fine with a peaceful protest. I've actually participated in protests in a the past. But protesters have no need--and no right--to destroy the city. How is smashing the windows of a family owned business making a point? They are protesting the overspending on the G20, which is a fine issue. But they shouldn't cost the city of Toronto more in the process! That defeats the entire purpose of the protest! Idiots! Complete and udder idiots!

So, now, half the city is destroyed and it going to cost millions of dollars to fix! Yay! Great protest! I was in the library, working on my summer homework when it started, and my dad bolted down to the library to pick me up because the protesters were getting near and the library might have to go under lockdown. Yah. That's make sense. To protest G20, let's attack the library. I mean, what are these people thinking?

I can't wait until this G20 nonsense is over with. There are planes flying over my house all the time (and man, do those military helicopters make a lot of noise!) and these protesters are freaking maniacs. I want my city back.

I love you Toronto. I hope you'll be okay.

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