Sunday, June 6, 2010

To Do or Not To Do, That is The Question

Right now all of my energy is going into NOT watching the season premiere of Secret Life of the American Teenager that aired tonight. As any regular readers would know (if I had any regular readers), I decided to cut Secret Life from my tv schedule. But tonight is the first new episode since I made that decision. I can feel myself bending. So, I decided to write a blog post, to stop myself.

Anyways, I am SUPER SUPER SUPER STRESSED right now,

This is the opposite of me right now. Fun.

I am right in the middle of culminatings, and a week before exams. I am working around the clock, and still, it never seems to end. Today alone I wrote two essays, wrote and rehearsed a french presentation, and made the visual aides for another presentation. And tomorrow I have to wake up and do it all again. I'm actually at the point where I'm skipping school to finish homework. New level of pathetic, I know.

I also know that no one cares about my homework, but I'd like to make a list so I can cross things off as I go along. There is nothing I love more then crossing things off a to do list.


1) Philosophy culminating essay DONE
2) Philosophy presentation DONE
3) Math Test #1 NOT DOING
4) Math Test #2 Modified--now a math assignment DONE
5) Tons of math questions NOT DOING
6) French presentation DONE
7) French culminating DONE
8) Study for math exam DONE
9) Study for french exam DONE
10) Study for biology exam DONE

There it is. Exactly 10 things. 10 huge things, mind you, but only ten things. I can do it. I can do it. Yes, I can. Only 2 more weeks. Only 2 more weeks.

In between all the madness I've been watching lots of tv and doing lots of online things, as I have some things to say:

-Brothers & Sisters fans read this article. Life is ending as we know it. The show is ending. How will I go on?

-How addictive is Yahoo Answers? I can't stop answering pop culture questions! Gossip Girl? Friends? Sex and the City? Make It or Break It? It never ends!

-Speaking of Make It or Break It, it comes back soon! Yah! Life is good!

Oh no, I've wasted to much time. I have french homework to do. And tv shows NOT to watch. Wish me luck (I need it!)

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