Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do You Want to Know How Angiospermophytes Reproduce? Really? Me Neither!

I have a very big test tomorrow. I have to know all kinds of things. I have to know how angiospermophytes reproduce (that is a type of flower, in case you were wondering, not some weird animal sex thing). I have to know about conservation and evolution and Pfr and energy flow in food chains, and biotic indices, and all kind of indexes. I have to know EVERYTHING that has EVER been written about ecology, basically. It's so fun, I tell you. And I mean that in the sarcastic way, like Rory, at the end of this clip (around 2:40):

I am so tired, and so sick of studying and trying to cram all this junk into my brain. Ahhhhh. I hate it. I don't like biology. It's boring and I'm never going to need it for anything but a good mark on my university applications and I don't want to study it! Ah ah ah. I feel very complain-y and I know I must be very annoying. And I don't even have time to write a real post. No pop culture. No Sheldon obsessions. No rants about the new Steven Page cd (but that will come shortly, I promise. I never miss an opportunity for a rant. Especially about the Barenaked Ladies). Nope, no time for any of that. I shouldn't even be wasting time doing this now. I should be studying. God, help me.

Sorry for the pathetic post. I promise, I'll write something good tomorrow. Or the next day. The first chance I get. God knows when that'll be, though, given my INSANE homework schedule. Seriously, the minute I finish one GIANT PROJECT or IMPOSSIBLY HARD TEST, I have another. I haven't had as much as a day's break from something SUPER STRESSFUL in three weeks. And there's no end on the horizon. Not until a couple of weekends from now, at least, though I'm sure I'll have another test/presentation/project/lab by then. Sorry, I'm complaining again. I should stop writing, before I get so annoying you unsubscribe to my blog. And really, I should go study and stop complaining already.

Wish me luck (or lick, as I just typed)

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