Monday, October 18, 2010

It All Started with the BIG BANG!!!

If you remember, last week, in this post, I mentioned something super duper exciting that I was about to do. Well, I did it. Or experienced it, I guess you might say. Participated in it. Watched it. Screamed about it. And now, I'm going to blog about it. It was just that exciting. I had to do so many different things.

With all this magnificent build up, I know you are all on the edge of your seat. Well, let's see if you can figure it out. First, it has this:

(That's Toronto, in case any of you are complete idiots. Or Americans. Or, more likely, both. No, I kid you. A little)

Plus, you add a little of this:

And, sadly, you have to subtract this:

And then you add this:

And, finally, you add a lot of this (!!!!!!)

Unfortunately, you also have to subtract these two things:

What does all this add up to? Hmm...let's see. Could it possibly be the Big Bang cast on CTV? No, that's not that exciting. Could it be the Barenaked Ladies performing the Big Bang theme song at CTV? No, that's not right either. Wait, could it be the cast of The Big Bang Theory (minus Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki) doing a live interview with a live performance by the Barenaked Ladies (minus Steven Page) at CTV in Toronto? Could that possibly be it? Could all that awesome exist in the same room at the same time? Wouldn't the building just explode due to the sheer amount of awesomeness in the same room at the same time? Well, let me tell you, the building almost did explode--with the cheers of the Big Bang/Barenaked fans! (hithero known as the Big Barenaked fans or the Bang Ladies. Either sounds vaguely dirty....). Yes, you read that right. I got to see Jim Parsons, in the flesh, talking to Ed Robertson. I thought I was going to explode. Too much awesomeness, I tell you.

Of course, the real thing wasn't as exciting as I built it up to be. My friend and I (the one who was earlier referred to as "Destiny") skipped an afternoon of school and went down to the CTV building (that really weird one, with the car coming out of it). We had to wait in line for more than an hour, and then wait inside this big tent for another hour. They asked trivia questions and gave out prize packs, none of which I got, even though I knew most of the answers (the most painful question, by far, was "Can you name the four members of the Barenaked Ladies?". Are you kidding me? I knew their names before I knew my own name. I could write a textbook, teach an entire course on Barenaked history. Again, that sounds vaguely dirty...). Then, we watched that night's episode of Big Bang (the one with all the cats--Zazzles) on the big screen tv thing. Then Ben Mulroney and some generic female host came out and talked for a little bit. Then the Barenaked Ladies (!!!!!!). And then, the greatest man on earth. The love of my life. My hero. Sheldon Cooper (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Sorry, I mean, Jim Parsons. Big dif. Oh, and Raj and Howard were there too. Which was nice. Of course, they were irrelevant since they were sitting next to THE GREATEST PERSON EVER. And you thought I was obsessive before.

The interview itself was okay. I've watched enough Jim Parsons interviews on Youtube to have heard most the questions a few dozen times. And I could barely see the stage, there were so many people. They were all so tall. And I'm so short. If I stretched by feet as high as I could and twisted by body and did all kind of crazy contortionist moves, I could see Ben Mulroney, for like, 5 seconds. Which was incredibly annoying, because a) I couldn't care less about Ben Mulroney (I mean, who is he? So, his dad was Prime Minister. It's Canada. It's not like being Canadian PM means anything) and b) Jim Parsons was sitting right next to him, but I couldn't see him at all. Eventually, with enough effort, I saw a few glimpses of Jim. That was very exciting. And then, as quick as it began, it was over. But, you know, that's okay. It wasn't everything I hoped (dreamed) for. But it was a new experience. And now I get to say that I was within 50 feet of Sheldon Cooper. So, you know, my life is complete.

I brought my camera, but I couldn't see the stage, so I didn't have any good photos. Here's one from the CTV website, that I quite enjoyed:

Yes, they all put on Team Canada jerseys. Very, very cool. And Jim was so cute when he asked what sport it was. And then, once someone told him, he said "Oh god, I guess I'm going to banned from the country for that". Oh, Jim, I love you. You know how obsessive Canadians are about hockey. And really, I wouldn't be surprised if they kicked you of the country. Those Leaf fans can get pretty scary...(especially near playoffs, when they are forced to admit that, once again, we didn't make the playoffs, for the tenth year running).

It was all very cool. I enjoyed it a lot. Jim Parsons is the best thing since ever. It's got to be said. And repeated every second of every day. And here, before I go to bed and face my real life (which is pretty awful right now, but more on that later), are the top ten Sheldon moments (well, the one's I could find on Youtube):


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