Monday, September 6, 2010

I Love You, Sheldon Cooper

It's time to confess. I have a problem. An addiction problem.

No, not that kind of addiction. A more general addiction. An addictive personality. Once I decide I like something, I have to have it, now, again and again, until it's over or I get sick of it. This is why I know I could never have one cigarette or one drink. I am prone to addiction. No need to feed that with addictive things.

It's a real problem. Once I become addicted to something, I can't stop thinking about it until I get it (I really sound like a drug addict, don't I?). It can be anything. Food, for example. I am the pickest eater in the world, so once I find a food I like I eat it every day for a month. Yogurt. Fish. Caesar salad. I also get addicted to songs--once I find a song I like, I listen it ten times a day for a week, and then can't stand to hear it again. Once I get hooked on a book, I have to get to the end before I can do anything else.

And it isn't just short term things either. I am, clearly, addicted to the internet. I have to check my websites ("my" meaning the websites I like (which, I know, sounds kind of creepy), such as gmail and msn and blogger), or I go crazy. I can't do homework or read or function as a normal human being until I've checked those sites. The worse, though, is tv series. Once I get started, I just can't stop. And, sometimes, there are like, ten seasons. At forty minutes a show and twenty-four shows a season, that's no small amount of time. And even when I've had enough and want to quit, I can't. Even when I have mountains and mountains of homework, I still can't stop watching. It's the classic addict's excuse: just one more, and I'll be done. Yeah, sure, that'll happen.

All of this a preface to introduce my new addiction. Actually, by this point, it is a pretty old addiction. Going on six months. Half a year of obsession. This is the point I would normally start getting concerned for my sanity, if I didn't love it (him) so much. And no, it is not a boy at school. It is a thirty-year-old physicist with no social skills. It is Dr. Sheldon Cooper:

You may remember me mentioning a time or two (or ten) on this blog. I started liking him in April, when I first started watching Big Bang online. And I started to love him when I saw a few interviews with Jim Parsons on Youtube. And I truly fell for him when I saw the third season finale. Sheldon + girlfriend= comic gold. Obviously.

I suppose this addiction has developed into something of a celebrity crush. I mean, all the signs are there. I have posters of him on my wall (well, actually, I have a Big Bang Theory poster on my wall, only because I couldn't find one of just him, and yes, I did cut the rest of the cast out of the picture. They were distracting me from Sheldon). I talk about him constantly with my friends (and, actually, my one friend has just started watching the show, and loves him just as much as I do, so BAZINGA!). And, of course, I watch millions of Sheldon videos/Jim Parsons interviews on Youtube. I am this close to ordering this t-shirt, but I think people might make fun of me:

(And those people would be mean and stupid, and totally ignorant of the pure genius that is Sheldon Cooper)

I think I actually hit my breaking point today. I was reading the newspaper (in between viewings of The Big Bang Theory), when I saw a picture of Jim Parsons in the paper. My first instinct was to cut it out. Why? I don't know. I have nowhere to put it. But it was a picture of Sheldon. Therefore, I must have it. Yes, my thought process is that complex. I know. Sheldon would be ashamed. I'm stupider than Penny. Oh, the horror.

So, now I'm stuck, counting down the days to the Big Bang premiere (which is Thursday, September 23rd, at 8:00, in case you were wondering). And I'm planning a trip to the CBS store next time I go to New York City, so I can get all the Sheldon gear sold in the universe. I'm even contemplating changing my desktop background to Sheldon's picture, but I think that may cross the line from excited fan to creepy stalker girl. But I can't help myself. I have an addictive personality. And Sheldon is my current addiction. Forget cigarettes. Forget booze. Forget sex. Forget drugs. Give me some Sheldon Cooper.

I think I may have to check myself into some kind of program, where I have to give up Youtube and watch lots of Mad Men/Breaking Bad/Good Wife (or whatever boring ass drama is currently popular) to get Sheldon out of my system. I'll have to go through a twelve step program. Cut Sheldon out of my life. Make amends with the people I've hurt with my addiction. Accept God's help and love to guide me to the other side. Or, I could just watch this video:

Or, I could just watch this one, with Jim:

(And yes, I know I am the creepy stalker girl when I just call him Jim)

And then, one video will lead to another, which will lead to another episode, which will lead to another season, and soon, all I can think about is Sheldon Cooper, while wearing my Sheldon shirt and staring at my Sheldon poster while talking to my friend about Sheldon.

Just a little slice of life with an addictive personality.

So, see you soon. Off to watch this video. And this one. And then this one. And maybe even this one. And then this one and that one....

See you in a few years actually.

Oh, and just one more thing:


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