Monday, November 8, 2010

I don't fell well

I'm feeling very sick (oh body, why must you betray me so?!?!?) and my head feels all stuffed up, and coherent thought is more than I am capable of at the moment, so I'm going to let it all dribble out, randomly...hopefully you can follow my train of thought (thought I highly doubt it).

I spent the weekend in the Big Apple (ha, god, no, I don't actually call it that. I'm not that much of a dork). Amendment (a word I learned from my Model UN days): I spent my weekend in NYC. I was there to cheer my father on as he ran his 21st marathon (shout out to dad! woohoo!), which is always fun, if not a little tiring on the legs (standing for hours on end) and the arms (trying to shove my way to the front of the crowd and then defending my spot against Grandma lady and annoying blond chick and ain't I so cute cause I'm a child and my dad calls me pickle kid). But it's all worth it for dad. Look at the giant-ass metal he got:

I got to go to some of my favourite food spots, such as Au Bon Pain (which, for the life of them, my parents cannot pronounce the name of) and Whole Foods (where my dad got an awful toothache). Yum, yum, yum. And I got to go to the Outlet Mall and buy a pretty North Face top and a nice Gap sweater, which also offered me the opportunity to fight with yet another Gap employee about the fact that their employer won't manufacture jeans in my size, even though I'm average height. And I got to Central Park, which I always love. And, I went to the Park with my dad and he managed to keep his mouth shut about how beautiful the park is, which was amazing, since he usually spouts on and on and on about how it is the greatest place on earth and how he has to move to New York just so he can come and walk his dog here everyday (actually, on second thought, he did do a little of that. But it was so much less than usual, so credit to dad. Yay dad! Good weekend for you. You ran a marathon and managed to keep quiet about the wonder that is Central Park. I'm not sure which is a greater achievement). Oh, and I also got to see My Big Friggin' Wedding (The Best Show. EVER.) on friday night in my hotel room. Laughed my head off at that one (a case where rofl and lol and whatever other stupid acronym that people type all the time without meaning it, is actually applicable).

Sadly, I didn't get to go the CBS store, which was my main goal on the trip. Apparently, it closed down do to some rent issue, which means I wasn't able to buy this t-shirt, which I have coveted for SOOOO LONG:

But, you know, that's okay. Because this week's episode wasn't very good. I love Sheldon and company, but last thursdays episode was just...bad. Terribly unfunny. Ack. Ack. Ack. I did not lol or rofl or lmfao once. Leonard was just awkward. Raj was stupid. Howard was annoying. And Sheldon, my dear Sheldon, was boring and out of character. Why would he give Howard a high five? He hates physical contact (though I did love that he used hand sanitizer right afterwords. That was very Sheldon).

Speaking of TV....where do I start? As I gushed on and on about in my last post, CHUCK AND BLAIR GOT BACK TOGETHER (We'll see tonight if it sticks). And Kai and Adam are going to come together to make the best episode of TV ever. And Hellcats was very nice too (Dan and Marty! Dan and Marty!). Cougar Town was a letdown this week (man, was it a bad week for comedy). As for the rest of the shows, well....I haven't watched them. But it's not my fault. They all aired on thursday night (plus sunday night, for Brothers & Sisters), when I was at a cheap hotel somewhere in upstate New York. And then my favourite online TV site crashed. Oh, the horror. Does anyone have any suggestions? Because if I can't watch TV illegally online, what will I do? Watch it when it actually airs? ARE YOU INSANE?!?

I did get to watch one thing on TV this weekend though, as I was packing up my hotel room. I'm not sure what it was called. BRB, I need to go IMDB it (I love how that has become a verb!). Here it is. Apparently was called The Ringer and it starred Johnny Knoxville (who is that exactly? The name sounds familiar..) and Katherine Heigl (who I recognized, of course, since I've watched Grey's Anatomy, seasons 1-3). Here's the poster, to give you an idea:

It was about this guy who pretended he was mentally challenged so he could win the Special Olympics, and pay back some guy named Stavi because he cut off his fingers (or something along those lines. I missed certain parts of the movie, playing hide and seek with all my belonging in the hotel). He had a crush on Katherine Heigl, a volunteer at the Olympics, but she only saw him as a sweet disabled guy. Stuff happens, not much of which I remember because it didn't involve romance. All I know is that they kissed at the end of the movie, which means that I must give this movie my kiss (ah!) of approval.

After all this fun, I came home last night at 2:00 in the morning and woke up at 8:00 feeling awful. Sick as a dog. Fast forward 10 hours (during which I read, tried to find Hellcats/Bones/Big Bang on the internet, felt sick, and then felt sick some more and then did a little drama homework), and here we are. It's the sweet life, I tell you.

Well, that's it. Have a good night. Hope you're feeling better than I am right now.

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