Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Top 5 TV Moments

Here's a little sunday night treat for you: My Top 5 TV Moments this week!


A full hour of sex and sex and then some more sex. I didn't think they were going to get back together. I thought it'd be one of those lame endings...much like the ending we almost got, with the whole "friends" things. Then all my wishes came true. God answered by prayers. Life worked out. The clouds parted to the beautiful, beautiful sunshine. Chuck just couldn't resist her. Chuck loves her. And she loves him. I don't know how long this is going to stick. Could be one episode, could be a whole season. I mean they have to break up soon, so they can get together in the season finale, or they have together now, so they can break up in the finale. There has to be a Chair cliffhanger at the end of the season, so that's really the only way it can work. Personally, I'd like a different kind of an engagement...or a surprise pregnancy. Fingers crossed.

2) Vanessa gets put in her place, by the Dean of Columbia

I hate Vanessa. I would say she is my least favourite character on Gossip Girl, except she has so much competition (Serena, Jenny, Juliet, Georgina, Nate's hair). So, I was SO HAPPY when the Dean called her out for her ridiculousness. She was trying to get Serena kicked out of school because she stole Dan (or whatever. I stopped paying attention to that story line a loooong time ago). She goes up to the Dean not at Columbia, but at the freaking ballet. And, understandably, the Dean is like wtf? Because you know, she doesn't want to deal with idiots who can't act to save their lives bothering her about stupid teenage problems with their boyfriends when she goes to see some pretty girls twirl so high on their tippy toes that their feet bleed. It's just not her idea of a good time. I understand, Deanie. I wouldn't like if Vanessa did that to me either. So I LOVED LOVED LOVED it when the Dean asked Vanessa "who are you?". I laughed so hard. I mean, it's totally true. WHO is Vanessa? She doesn't go to Columbia and she isn't friends with the Upper East Side crew. She isn't even dating Dan. Which begs the question...WHY IS SHE ON THE FREAKING SHOW?

3) Erica and Kai sleep together on Being Erica

What more can I say? It was epic. I love Kai. For most of the episode I really didn't think she'd go through with it. I thought Adam would interfere, sending Erica all his mixed signals (which he did...that guy is messed up). But Erica totally didn't care that the Irish guy was (maybe/kinda) jealous. She wanted to sleep with Kai, so she did. She didn't even let Dr. Tom's freak out faze her. GO ERICA! BOOYAH!

4) Scotty and Kevin get back together

The whole affair thing was a pretty bad contrivance, since it only lasted three episodes. The whole thing just felt like the show was spinning its wheels, running out of story lines. I mean, think about it. The affair had no lasting effects, at all. I'm sure, by next week, it'll be forgotten. The only part I enjoyed about the whole arc was the idea that when you cheat on someone, you not only (potentially) lose them, but their family. And in Scotty's case, that's a pretty big deal because: 1) His family sucks and 2) They're the WALKERS! Who doesn't love them? However, it was basically all a big waste of time. But I was still sad to see them apart. I am very, very happy to have them back. I don't love Kevin, but I adore Scotty so much, that I don't want to see him unhappy for one nanosecond. So I'm very glad they're back together.

5) The power of four conquer Juliet, and then go on to take over the world (well, that last part didn't happen. But one day...)

They're like a gang of superheroes, out to save (and/or destory) the Upper East Side (and then the world! Muah ha ha!). They all have a different superpower. Blair can scheme and manipulate people into doing whatever she wants. Serena can use her sex appeal to bed pretty much anyone, and make them fall in love with her, even though she's the most annoying human ever. Chuck can screw everyone's brains out. And Nate everyone how to dye their hair really badly and act like a complete douche. All very useful superpowers. All they need is wicked costumes (anyone else see Blair as Wonder Woman? Huh? Huh?). They're like an incestuous version of the Fantastic Four! And this week they used their combined superpower to take down Juliet. Serena made her look like a fool. Chuck is sexing up Blair, so he stuck up for her, continuing the ruse. Nate slept with her. And Blair finished her off, with a banishment from Columbia. A perfect roast. Superman couldn't have done it better! Three cheers for the power of four!

5) Sam, Finn, and Tina imagine Bieste while making out

No, just kidding. That was the most disturbing story line of my life.

A good week of TV (and a great episode of Gossip Girl!). Very excited for next week.

Good night all. Sweetest dreams.

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