Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Have Found the Cure

I have found the cure for boredom, any time, anywhere. Watching Jim Parsons interviews on Youtube. I haven't looked at them in a while and it seems he has recorded a whole lot more, much to my pleasure. 

First, there's the really freaking hilarious one he recorded with Craig Ferguson (one of my favourite late night hosts): 

Then there's the totally intense, actually kind of fascinating one he did with George Strombowhatever (which I wouldn't have clicked on if it hadn't said "In Canada"): 

And then there's the more traditional stuff. The Letterman, the Conan. I love it all. I just love him. But you already know that. Just watch the videos and be happy. 

P.S. It may seem, some days, like I'm running the Jim Parsons fan site. I assure you, I'm note. I just like him. A lot. If you want a fan site though, go here

Coincidentally, I have also invented the best game to cure boredom, in case the videos don't work for you. It's called Spot That Famous Actor in Greek, When They Still Had to Take Bit Parts Before They Made It Big. I think it's going to catch on. There are just SO many. If any up and coming actors want to make in the big times, I'm fairly certain they have to have a part on this show. I mean, first, there's Jesse Williams, who you may know as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy:

But before that, way back in 2008 he played Ashleigh's "Hotness Monster"/Casey's newest crush in a couple of episodes in the early part of the second season of Greek. I even have a picture to prove it:

And then there's Dan Byrd, who is more commonly known as Jules' son Travis on Cougar Town,

Or, if you want to get fancy, that guy that pretended to sleep with Emma Stone in Easy A to convince everyone he wasn't gay:

Of course, to me, he will always be Hilary Duff's best friend from A Cinderella Story. And to others he will be Dale's stoner friend on Greek:

To keep the ball a rollin' there's always Danny Pudi, aka Abed from Community, aka the most adorable guy of all time (after Jim Parsons of course. See above).

It's funny. On Greek Danny Pudi plays a stereotypical Indian character (I am just basing that off his very Indian name, to be fair), and then he goes on to play the totally original Abed on Community. He's still equally as adorable in both though. He actually made numerous (totally randomly spaced) appearances in Greek. One:

Doesn't he look so young? Awww

And, two:

Actually, on second thought he looks a little scarier on Greek. 

Last but not least, there's Harry Shum Jr., a name a don't know, but I face I recognize:

Yes, it's dear old Mike Chang from Glee. He was only in Greek, for like five seconds, in some random episode. Luckily I captured the moment on tape, just for you,

I hope you all appreciate the work that I went through to share this game with you. Making sure to pause at the exact right second when the certain actor was on screen (trust me, for some this was hard. Dr. Avery would never look directly at the camera. And Mike was only in the show for one nanosecond). Screen capturing and saving a picture of every actor. And I hope you all can enjoy this game. I see it being played at parties across the world. 

While I'm here I'd like to point out the irony that every single one of these people went on to big stars in tv shows, while no one has ever heard of any of the Greek people (shout out to Spencer Grammer and Jacob Zachar, aka Casey and Rusty Cartwright, my favourite sibling duo ever):

I hope they will all go far. I love them all (and I love Cappie and Casey and I can't wait until they get together on the next season which debuts in less than a week!!!!). 

Oh, and if I'm talking about ABC Family shows I have, just have to, mention my Second Favourite Show, after Big Bang (again, see above), a little show called MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. Now, stupid ABC still hasn't given it a winter premiere date (and I've been checking weekly for the last few months. It's very irritating. Darn you ABC!). I don't know when it's coming back, but I do know that will be the best day ever. I mean, I'll finally get to find out what happened with Sasha, after Lauren screwed him out of the show. Fingers crossed, I'll get to see Kaley stripped of her place, because of her eating disorder. And, of course, the highlight of it all will be the Emily/Damon scenes, which are always the crowning jewel of the show.

So, those are just a few things you can do to cure your boredom during this holiday break. Watch Jim Parsons videos (or better yet, Big Bang), play fun Greek games, and/or catch up on old Make It or Break It episodes. Since I've already done all of those things I will be filling my week in a few fun ways. I'll explain with pictures (cause that's always more fun!). Tomorrow, I will be going to the Toronto Reference Library to do research for my history culminating (woohoo!):

Would it be totally nerdy to admit that I'm actually going to enjoy this a little bit?

Then I'm going to skating with my father at this awesome new skating trail that just opened this season,

It's very picturesque, no? Actually, that may actually be a painting...

Also, a very big happy birthday to my friend F****, who's turning a big 1-7 tomorrow

I will not be celebrating with her tomorrow since (1) I'll be at the god damn library and (2) She's supposedly having a party some time, later on. But send her your best wishes. She's a fantastic friend to me, and a totally fantastic person, who I love to pieces. 

The final highlight of my break (besides more theatre arts, history, and english homework) are my New Year's plans, when I'm going to Niagara Falls

Quick reference: "I have to leave this party right now, because, for the life of me, I can't figure out why they're showing a picture of Niagara Falls, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Caribbean". Anyone?

And I'm going to see both of my favourite bands in one night (I know, too much awesome. The world is going to explode!!). It shall be a magnificent way to ring in the New Year, next to the beautiful falls, with the BARENAKED LADIES, and GREAT BIG SEA


What are your New Years plans? Do they possibly contain that much awesome? Is it even possible?

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