Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Super Wacky Top TV Moments

This week on TV we experienced a whirlwind of wackiness, from teen arrests to singing doctors and World of Warcraft to Outdoor Exhibitions. Here are my top 5 wacky moments of the week:

1) CAPPIE on Parenthood!!!!

Let me repeat that: CAPPIE on Parenthood!! Cappie back in the world!! And yes, I know, it's not really Cappie. But it is Scott Michael Foster, and his face alone makes me so happy. I would describe his Parenthood character, but I don't really know anything about him since I couldn't stop squealing every time he came on screen. Any true Greek fan would understand. The world needs more Cappie, stat, even in little random roles like this one.

The rest of the episode surrounding Cappie was pretty good. Though it frustrated me that Sarah Braverman, aka Lauren Graham, aka Lorelai Gilmore, wouldn't know more about the size of university envelopes after the whole drama with Paris and Rory and everything. I don't think I'll every fully accept that Lauren Graham isn't actually Lorelai. I know I'll never accept Scott Michael Foster as anything but CAPPIE, the greatest human ever.

2) Grey's Anatomy! The Musical! 

It wasn't "good", so to speak, but it sure was hilarious. With all the random and awkward singing I was laughing for almost the entire episode! LOVED IT! In terms of the larger picture of Grey's Anatomy, it wasn't a great episode, since barely any plot was developed. Seriously, without the songs the entire plot would have been max. 10 minutes of the episode. But hey, it sure was different! And Sara Ramirez sure can sing! Though my favourite singer was Chandra Wilson. I really liked the emotion in her voice. On the opposite end, I think I could go awhile without hearing Kevin McKidd's voice again. He's pretty good, and he sure gave it a lot of effort, but he wasn't good enough to make up for the monotony of having only one male singer. Overall verdict: SO RIDICULOUS=SO FUN!!

3) The Return of Make It or Break It

The New NormalIt wasn't as good as I expected. But I was expecting gold. What I got was, let's say, bronze. Or fourth place. Or maybe even fifth. Still a fair showing, but not life changing. I got to see my girls again. Emily! Payson! I've missed you so much! Kaylie! You're still as annoying and whiny as ever! And Lauren, I still hate you! And no Damon. No Damon at all!!!! And without Damon, it can never be a great episode.

Other things annoyed me as well. I'm scared to find out to what they're doing with Sasha. The episode listed him as a "special guest star". What does that mean??? Is he not coming back to The Rock? What is The Rock without Sasha? What is MIOBI without Sasha? I sincerely hope we don't find out. I'm equally scared and eager to see the next episode.

4) The Teen Mom 2 Finale 

Oh dear lord. Things did not end very well for this season's crop of teenage mothers. Leah got it best, with big wedding, which, I will admit, was pretty sweet. I really hated the dresses the twins were wearing, but other than, I was very happy for Corey and Leah. They're not Caitlin and Tyler, but I liked them enough. My second favourite of the season was probably Chelsea, since she seemed like she was actually an okay mom. Adam is awful, and the finale only reinforced that. Kailyn had a fine episode, a fine ending as well. She got the custody agreement, which was great, but she also had to put up with more crap from Joe. I wish she would stop engaging him.

That just leaves Jenelle. I don't know if there's any hope left for her. I feel really bad for Barb and Jace. They don't deserve all that drama. I was so mad at Jenelle when she forgave Kieffer. He's awful, and she needs to move on!

Evaluating the season as a whole, I think I liked last season better. I loved Cailyn and Tyler so much. No one can beat them. I wonder who we'll get next year. And is we'll ever revisit the season 1 and season 2 moms. I hope so!

5) Mr. Shue is a Douche, even when the show isn't on

It was a slow week on tv, and this image was way better than anything that aired, so I just had to share:

And so Mr. Shue was renamed King Douche.

That's my week. How about yours?

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