Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Dirty Little Secrets

Recently, people have been commenting a lot on my post Things I Feel Insecure About, saying that they feel the same way. That's nice to know. Since you were all so supportive, and since so many people seemed to like that post, I'd like to follow it up with an even juicier one, where I make an even bigger fool of myself by revealing secrets that I've never even told my best friends. Because sometimes its nice to see that other people have dirty little secrets as well. If you're daring, maybe leave me some of yours.

Here are mine:

1) I have always found my math teacher quite attractive. And I am not that type of girl, who has crushes on teachers all the time, so I have found this very hard to handle. I used to blush whenever he explained a question to me or picked me for an answer in class, but thankfully, that has worn off.

2) Never been kissed. I've admitted that one before, but it's so embarrassing, I think it bears repeating here.

3) I don't believe incest should be against the law, if it's between two consenting adults. But you can't really say that to people, because they think you're into your dad or something. Which I'm not. To be clear. Good lord.

4) I think abortion should only be allowed if both the mother and the father consents. I feel like a traitor to my gender, but it's true. Sorry.

5) I pick my nose. Gross, gross, gross. But otherwise, I have a really hard time breathing. Maybe I have some type or disorder or something.

6) The idea of masturbation terrifies me. I don't think I could ever do it, and I don't understand people who can.

7) My biggest question about sex has never been about the act itself, but preparing for it. Do all women really get bikini waxes, all the time? Isn't that inconvenient? Does it cost a lot of money? And doesn't it HURT?!? And what about all the times people have spontaneous sex in movies? What do women do then?

8) Further on the Sex Ed point, my eight grade health teacher had a box where you could ask anything you wanted, anonymously, without being embarrassed. I always wanted to ask how she lost her virginity, but I was too embarrassed.

Okay, enough about sex. What other secrets do people have???

9) I operate under the assumption that everyone hates me, and is secretly relieved when I am not around bothering them. I secretly wonder if this is actually true. There's no real way to know. No one would answer that question honestly.

10) I spent my friday night working on math. I spent my saturday night working on math. I don't go out. I barely have anything of a social life. The only time anyone ever emails me or sends me a Facebook message is if they want a favour, like scanning a note or something.

What's your secret? I told you mine. It's only fair...

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