Friday, September 2, 2011

The Big Question

I started this blog without any real plan. I wasn't completely sure what I was going to write about. I didn't know how often I'd write or for how long. All I had was a goal--to record my teenage years.

Well, now, those years are basically over. I'm moving on, moving up, moving away. I have achieved my goal--what do I do now?

I am trying to think of a plan. Which is why I am turning to you, the great followers of my blog and the amazing readers of my posts. I need your help. I need your advice.

I have one simple question for you:

How can I improve this blog?

Any and every answer will be appreciated. Any suggestion, comment, or piece of constructive criticism, big or small. I need to know where this blog stands. I need ideas on how to expand it. I need anything and everything you can give me.

I have some questions to guide you, if you want:

1) Should I write about my experiences in university? Would those interest people?
2) Should I write about tv? I don't get many comments on those posts...
3) Should I write book reviews? Doesn't everybody else do that already?
4) Is there anything else I should post on? Any good post(s) I should repeat/continue? Or any bad posts I should stop?

As soon as I receive some answers, I will make my plan. I'm going to continue blogging, in some way, that I know. I love it too much to quit. But I've been busy the last couple weeks. And I know I'll be busy with school stuff in the coming weeks. So, I want to get it in order while I can. I want to make a plan, get organized. I want to get writing again!

Thank you, in advance, to anyone who comments.


  1. I'd love to read about your experiences in university! And DUDE All the fall shows are back, YES you should write about them! :P I think you should post about whatever you want to and feel like :D

  2. Yes yes yes write about university!:):) Which are you going to anyway, didn´t quite catch that (or maybe it´s just me)? Though I understand if you want to keep it confidential! I think lots of people, especially teenagers, can easily relate to your posts about teenage issues, at least I completely love all of your posts regarding more pesonal subjects! You really should continue writing, I genuinely think you are really talented! There is definitely a relief that there are actually great people out there writing sensible stuff about important things such as life and literature. So thank you very much, and please continue the great work:)

  3. Thanks so much for the kind comments. I just moved into my dorm and I think I'll be posting about university in a few days.

    Just so everyone knows, I'm also looking for some constructive criticism. What posts should I stop writing? What works better? I'm open to anything. Any criticism is welcome--don't worry, I won't get mad.

  4. Hi Katherine, sorry I don't have anything constructive really. I would love to hear about university and what it's like living in the dorms and being away from home. It's all completely different over here, so I would love to read about your experience!


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