Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Am Not Addicted to TV

I am not addicted to tv. I watch at least 2 and a half hours of tv a day, but I am not addicted to tv. I have ten shows that I have to watch or die, but I am not addicted to tv. I have rewatched hours and hours and hours of old tv shows, but I am not addicted to tv. I mean, I may say stuff like this:

But, let me repeat, I AM NOT ADDICTED TO TV. Just in case, though, I have maybe, a minor, minuscule little problem with tv, I've decided to do a full review of all the tv shows I watch, evaluating each one to decide if I should continue watching it when it comes back from summer hiatus. I mean, I am not addicted to tv, YET, but it's, you know, a preventative measure, just in case.

First, of course, I must make a full list of all the shows I watch. Well, here we go, in order of when they air, monday to sunday order: 10 Things I Hate About You, Make It or Break It, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Life, Unexpected, Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl (and that's just monday night!), Glee, America's Next Top Model, Modern Family, Cougartown, 30 Rock, Project Runway, and, last but not least, Brothers & Sisters. Whew, that's thirteen shows. A total of 10.5 hours of tv each week. And that's if I don't watch any reruns. Wow. I definitely do not have a problem.

I will evaluate each show, one by one, over the next few weeks (or possibly months. That's a lot of shows--it could take a while). Some shows may get a whole post, some just a paragraph. We'll see. Tonight I've decided to start off evaluating one of my current favourite shows from the list, Big Bang Theory. What is Big Bang Theory, you ask (well, actually, you didn't, but sometimes I get lonely, blogging by myself, and have to imagine make-believe readers asking me questions)? It is a show about four guys, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard, who are genius physicists, and an aspiring actress, Penny, who lives across the hall from them. It stars Jim Parsons (Sheldon), an actor I had never heard of, but now worship, and Kaley Cuoco (Penny), who's that girl from 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.

The best part of the Big Bang Theory is Sheldon. I love him. He is one of my favourite character's of all time, I swear. He's just so Sheldon. He's so smart and funny and clueless and cute. I love him so, so much. Just watch this video and you will love him too:

This show makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis, which is a very rare find for me (I have even watched Friends too many times to find it funny anymore). I used to watch an episode occasionally, if I happened to catch it on tv. Then, one day, I just got hooked. I watched the entire three seasons in a week (to be fair, it is only a half hour show, 20 minutes without commercials when you watch it online). I like the current season the best. The show has really hit its stride. The stories are good and the characters have really developed to a good place. I cannot wait until tomorrow nights episode when, after all this time, SHELDON GETS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! Any fan of the show would know how epic this is and understand my excitement. It's going to be so hilarious--Sheldon, the guy everyone thought was asexual, is getting a girlfriend. He is going to be so awkward and cute. It's going to be so funny!

Uh oh, I'm not doing such a great job evaluating this show. I have to examine its fault. Well, it does have a few. Sometimes, I find Howard too much or too annoying. And I don't always love Raj. And sometimes it falls into some of the classic sitcom setups, which, if you watch as much tv as I do, you've seen a million times. But that is rare. Usually it fresh and funny, hilarious even.

So, what's the verdict, ladies and gentlemen? Does it stay or not?

Yes, I think it's unanimous. Big Bang Theory stays! Hurray! One show done, twelve to go (hopefully I'll start eliminating some, or this whole process will be for not).

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