Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Okay, you know I have to say something about it. After my declaration that THE WORLD HAS ENDED after the first Bluck break up, you have to know I'll have, well, things to say about the disaster which was last night. I am still FREAKING OUT, but I will spare you too many CAPITALS, I promise. They are sore on the eyes.

Oh, but first, the obligatory SPOILER ALERT

Oh, where to start. Well, let's break it down in WTF moments:

1) Dan and Serena

I used to love Dan and Serena back in season one. I loved how cute they were together and how innocent Dan was. Everyone on the show was so screwed up, and they were the only sane thing to hold on to. But, alas, that relationship was screwed up as well, since they are now step siblings. I had kind of given up on the whole Dan/Serena thing, especially since the show kept pushing Nate and Serena. I moved on to Chuck and Blair and kind of forgot about these two. So, you know, I don't love that they are getting back together. They are nothing in comparison to Chair and they never will be. Dan used to be sweet and innocent but now he's as corrupt as the rest of them (but not in a good way). And Serena has officially become the most annoying character of all time (I mean, what is with the freaking daddy issues?!?). But, whatever, if they want to be together....

2) Chuck and Blair

In a weird way I'm glad they didn't end up together in this episode. The whole thing would've been tainted with the whole Chuck/Jenny thing (which is a OMFG moment all it's own). I was excited to see Chuck propose, but, of course, that was ruined by Dan. He looked so sad! It was so romantic! Plus, I am confident they will get back next season because of the next OMFG moment.

(One day, I swear! One day all my dreams will come true!)

3) CHUCK GOT SHOT (sorry can't go lowercase on that one. It was just too shocking)

No one saw that coming. I mean this is a teen show. The worse that's going to happen is a bad break up or a drug overdose. But, no, somehow, CHUCK GETS SHOT (I'm sorry, I really can't stop). I really don't know what to say about this except OH MY F****ING GOD. I mean it's Chuck. He can't die. The Gossip Girl writery person, even admitted it here. Chuck is safe. And, according to that article at least, Chuck and Blair will get back together because of this whole disaster. So, the world is not ending. Yet. I mean he's still Chuck Bass (didn't you love that he said that to the muggers, like they would actually care! It was so Chuck!):

Well, maybe the world is ending, if the next OMFG moment doesn't turn out to be a hoax:

4) Georgina's pregnant!!!! (excessive exclamation marks instead of capitals, thank you very much)

(Okay, so I couldn't actually find any pictures of Michelle Tratchenberg pregnant. Just imagine her with a really big beach ball under her shirt)

Personally, I think this is going to be reversed somehow. Either it won't be Dan's baby or she won't actually be pregnant or something. Everyone knows you can't trust Georgina. But still, what if it's true? You never know...Except if it is true, that would be absolutely ridiculous, since a bunch of the other characters saw Georgina before she confronted Dan and none of them blinked an eye. Either pregnant Georgina is a normal sight, or these people are selectively blind...

Last night's episode makes me want to stop watching the show. It was just too much. Chuck and Blair are awesome, there's no denying that. But it's too soap-opera-y. And Georgina and Serena and Jenny all need to die (They are so annoying! I wish one of them had got shot instead of Chuck. I would love to see them die!). I suppose now would be a perfect time to do a quick little evaluation of the show to see if I should stick around for next season.

Best Part of GG: Chuck and Blair (well no duh)
Worst Part of GG: Too many to choose. Jenny. Anytime Chuck and Blair aren't on the screen. Georgina. Serena. Serena's dad. Vanessa. Lily and Rufus. Nate's hair.
Verdict: I know how bad it is, I just can't give it up. Well, I should try. So, I guess the verdict is NO, it's not coming back. But who wants to take bets about how quickly I'll give in? (personally, I'd bet at least $20 against me. I love Chair too much).

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