Monday, May 10, 2010

Minute to Win It

I usually do my whole witty, annoying introduction thing, but I'll spare you all today and jump right into my tv reviews (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to this link. It'll all make sense, I promise!). I want to burn through a few of the shorter shows today, but I only have until 9:00, when Gossip Girl starts. Because I cannot miss one minute of the Chuck/Blair drama I have decided to try and review as many tv shows as I can in 20 minutes, as a kind of fun competition for myself. Okay, can't waste any more time with introductions. On your marks, get set, go!

1) Secret Life of the American Teenager

I have no idea how or why I started watching this show, but I can't seem to stop, even though it is PUERILE GARBAGE. It was kind of cute in the first season, with the whole Ben/Amy thing, but now that's definitely over since BEN GOT ADRIAN PREGNANT (any fans of the show understand how completely awful this is). It's now all garbage, with the the preachiness and the predictably. Plus, I absolutely hate the main character Amy. She is so annoying! And she's so selfish! I understand being a teenage mother is hard. But you don't have whine about it all the time! Dear God!

Why do I watch this show if it is SOOOOOOOO bad? I honestly don't know. I can't help myself. But I must stop. This show has to go. Hasta la vista, baby (I know, terrible line, but I'm under a time crunch!)


Best Part of SLOTAT: Ben/Amy
Worst Part of SLOTAT: Whenever Adrian is on the screen
Verdict: Sayonara, baby!

2) 30 Rock

This show can be really funny--sometimes. But other times it's just stupid and annoying. I mean, yes, Tina Fey is a goddess. And Alec Baldwin totally rocks (sidenote: how strange is it to see his brother Billy Baldwin as Serena's dad on Gossip Girl? I keep hearing his voice and expecting to see Jack Donaghy). This show can be great, but it can also miss the mark entirely. I never mind missing an episode, which isn't a good sign. I usually can't resist catching up on the weekend though. I should just cut it out once and for all, but I always end up watching it somehow.

Best Part of 3R: TINA FEY!!!
Worst Part of 3R: When it goes too far/thinks too much of itself
Verdict: Not returning next year, if I can resist

3) Cougartown

This show is underrated. It is smart and funny and almost always enjoyable. I am generally wary of any new projects from Friends actors because I can't think of them as anyone but their original character. Generally, though, this isn't a problem with Courtney Cox and Cougartown. She's a good enough actress and the character is different enough for me to forget, most of the time (sometimes, though, when her character Jules is a romantic relationship (like with Grayson, this last week, which was, by the way, SO EXCITING), I can't stop myself from yelling at her for cheating on Chandler). Cougartown is a nice, light half hour comedy. I think it deserves to stay.

Best Part of C: Grayson/Jules
Worst Part of C: Bobby
Verdict: Give it another chance

4) Make It or Break It

I'm sorry, there's no way you can make me give this show up. I am absolutely, positively in love with it. I love Emily. I love Damon. The deal is done (by the by, here is a great Emily/Damon video, if anyone's interested).

Most people probably haven't heard of this show, since it is one of those stupid ABC family shows, like SLOTAT. Unlike SLOTAT, though, this show doesn't suck. It is about a competitive gymnastics club in Colorado where all these intense teenage gymnastics train to try to make it to the Olympics. There are four main girls--Emily, who dates Damon, as mentioned--there is more to her (she is a very likable character), but not of it really matters to me. There's Kayley, who's okay. She's can be a little annoying and a little stuck up, but she's a good friend, generally. There's Payson, who is the top gymnast girl (or, at least, she will be when she comes back from her injury next season). And finally, there's Lauren, the bad girl, the sort of villain of the show. They are all friends, at least most of the time.

This show certainly has its faults. It can get too cheesy and too predictable and too contrived. But I can't resist. The friendship is sweet. And I would rather die then see Emily and Damon break up.

Best Part of MIOBI: Emily/Damon (obviously)
Worst Part of MIOBI: Anytime it gets cheesy or preachy
Verdict: It is here to stay (unless, of course, Emily and Damon break up. But that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN)

Whew. That was four shows. Pretty pathetic, I know. But I did manage to eliminate two shows from the roster, no small feat. Oh no, Gossip Girl starts in less than two minutes. Gotta go. You know you love me,

Gossip Girl

(I know, I know, I've done this stupid sign off before. But it just seems so fitting, considering where I'm running off to now)

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