Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Bunch of Epicness

Last night was a fun night. It was the athletic banquet at my school, where they take all the student athletes out for dinner and give out all the big trophies and awards and things. For those of us who didn't win any awards (comme moi), it was an excuse to get dressed up and go out with our friends. I got to be all fancy, with a pretty new dress from Forever XXI, a store I fell in love with a few months back. I painted my nails and did my hair up and everything. I felt very pretty. It was very fun.

Now that the fun's over, the is nail polish removed, and the dress is in a heap on the floor, I must get down to work. This week marks the beginning of the culminating/exam period at my school, so, you know, I may be a little wee bit stressed in the coming weeks. I don't know what that'll mean in terms of blogging, but I'll try my best to update. Just in case though, I wanted to leave you with one of my infamous lists. I think I'll leave with a nice big one. Yes, you've guessed it. The time has come for the Best Movies List. Yes, I realize how big of deal this is. I'm excited too. Drumroll please,


1) Where the Heart Is

Totally obscure. Totally awesome. You can read about the plot here, but basically here's what you need to know:
-It has Natalie Portman, my favourite actress OF ALL TIME. Yes, it is epic
-It has Sally Field (Brothers & Sisters! Need I say more?!?)
-It is totally the most romantic film of all time.
Notice to all the romantics out there: you MUST watch this film. Novalee (Natalie Portman) and Forney (James Frain) are such a great couple. It's the classic set up. They're friends, but he always secretly loves her. He is there for her, helping her raise her daughter who was born in a Walmart (yes, that's right. Aisle 4, next to the moisturisers). I don't want to ruin it, so I'll stop here. But needless to say, it gets steamy. The whole video is worth many watches, but this video can give you the goods.

2) Mean Girls

My father was all "Tina Fey is alright. 30 Rock is pretty good, but she hasn't done much else". Yeah right, dad. She made Mean Girls, only the best teenage film of the decade. But no, she hasn't done much else. Sometimes parents can be so clueless (sorry dad, but really, you don't know who Regina George is. You deserve to be shunned from society). This is an epic film. It is nearly six years old, yet everyone I know (besides my dad) has seen it. And loved it. And loves to quote it all the time. I mean, just yesterday my friend remarked "you can see your bra through your shirt. It's totally like those cut outs from Mean Girls". It is the teen movie. It is also the last worthwhile thing Lindsay Lohan will contribute to humanity. That alone should make you watch it. I mean, it doesn't have great romance (don't get me wrong. It does have romance (it is a teenage film, after all). The romance just isn't epic). And it isn't true to high school (or, at least, to my high school. I don't know what screwed up school you people go to). But it is totally hilarious. And totally awesome. Rent it. Now. (though an illegal download would be acceptable, I suppose).

3) Bring It On

"We cheer and we lead. We act like we're on speed. You hate us cause we're beautiful, but we don't like you either. WE ARE CHEERLEADERS!" Yes, that scene is awesome. And yes, this movie is double awesome. I mean, normally I find the whole cheerleading thing ridiculous. But in this movie it is a real, hard sport. I certainly couldn't do it. But sure does look awesome. Bring It On is another great teen film (one my father has seen and loved, incidentally). It has Jesse Bradford, cutest boy of all time. I love him, love him, love him (except when he guest starred on West Wing. That wasn't so cool). Bring It On is a cute, funny movie (full of cute boys). The two (or is it three?) sequels it spurned are not so cool, so I would avoid them at all costs. But watch this one. It is the very definition of awesome. And if you don't agree, you should get yourself a new dictionary (sorry, lame, but I couldn't resist).

4) Love Actually

I'm assuming everyone has seen this film. I mean, it must be mandatory, to function in society. It is only the best, most romantic Christmas movie of all time. Hugh Grant. Keira Knightly. Laura Linney. That guy who plays Snape in the Harry Potter films. What more could you ask for? And it has an old guy getting undressed and swearing on live television. And it has a proposal. And a bunch of porn scenes. In short, the perfect holiday film.

5) The Notebook

Very few films are purely romances. They always have a big "important" storyline. Romance always plays second fiddle. The Notebook is one of these special films that isn't pretending to be serious or important or meaningful. It is simply trying to be romantic. And that is why it is the most romantic film of all time. There are no distractions, no excuses. It is a romance, through and through, with the incredible kisses and earth shattering break ups and the grand reconciliations. For that reason there are SO many great scenes you just HAVE TO watch, but I would start with this one. I understand if you must now stop reading and run to our local video store. I would do the same thing (except, I own it. Obviously). And you want to taste the cherry on top of this delicious cake? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are both Canadian. Boo yah!

All epic films (I seem to be using that word a lot today, don't I?). I love them all, for different reasons (well, actually, mostly for the same reason: ROMANCE). There's nothing more I can say but WATCH THEM! WATCH THEM! WATCH THEM! DO YOU HEAR ME? Okay, good. So I'll leave to your viewing pleasure.

'Til God Knows When (wish me luck on my exams! Have great end of may/beginning of june!).

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