Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Girl Who Was Erased


So, let's start with the honest part. But, to make it interesting, how about I introduce it with a young adult book/chick flick reference (2 at once! That's pretty good! Even if it is just a book that was made into a movie. That still counts as two, right?). The reference would be The Princess Diaries. Do you remember that whole part about how Mia felt invisible because everyone kept sitting on her and ignoring her and whatever. Well, ya know what? That was a lie. Because Mia wasn't invisible. She had a best friend (Lily) and an awesome guy who was secretly in love with her, since, like, forever (Michael, of course, the best male lead EVER). Mia should live a day in my life. Because I am truly invisible. To everyone. All the time. I don't have that quirky best friend or guy who secretly loves me and writes love songs about me. I have a few crappy friends (let's not even deal with the whole boyfriend issue. Or lack thereof.) I am invisible to everyone. My friends don't care about me at all. They don't care that they exclude me from everything. They don't care that they hurt my feelings. I'm not even sure they know I exist. Some days (like today, for example), it feels like you could just erase me from the scene. All three of us could be sitting together in class or eating lunch together or whatever, and someone could just come along and erase my presence and no one would even notice. No one would wonder where I was or what happened to me. They wouldn't miss me. Because I was the girl who was erased. Because I was invisible in the first place, so no one noticed when I was gone. 

And believe you me, I am aware that all of this (or, at least, most of this) is my fault. I should make new friends, join new clubs, get to know new people. I should make myself visible, unerasable, unforgettable, and heartachingly missable. If only it were that easy. If only I had the Friendship Algorithm like Sheldon. If only Stu the Cockatoo could teach me how to make friends. I really need the help. Come on, Stu the Cockatoo. I know you're new at the zoo; but surely you can help me too? (That must have been confusing to any non-Big Bang Theory fans. I'm sorry. Actually, I'm not. If you're not a BBT fan, why would I want you reading my blog? Anyone who doesn't love Sheldon is not welcome here. Just kidding...maybe...). 

So, that was my sucky day (in the broadest terms possible). It was bad, but, hey, the day is over. Let's move on. Let's talk about premiere week. First, the highlights:

1) Being Erica

A good Canadian show! Such a rare gem! And the premiere was actually good (most of the time!). I really liked the real-time parts of the premiere, where they dealt with all the stuff in Erica's real life, like her business partner (who is a total loon, but totally fun and mockable at the same time). The requisite time travel stuff was okay. I'm not that interested in the new direction the show is taking, but I'll give it a chance. I didn't really like the new Irish/British guy. I want Kai back. I mean, just watch this video. Isn't he adorable? But, even without Kai, I will admit the premiere was pretty good. I'll be back next week.

2) Bones

As I've mentioned before, this is not a show I really watch. But I tuned in to the premiere because I really like Booth and Brennan. I was only going to watch a little bit, but then it got really good! I couldn't resist. Bones is a really good show. Did you know that? I didn't know that. What a nice surprise. I mean, Booth and Brennan are awesome, as I expected. But the supporting cast is pretty cool too. I really liked Sweets and Daisy, and Hodgins and Angela. The only one I didn't like was that lady who played Michael's ex-girlfriend/Walt's mother on Lost. I hated her SOOOOO much on Lost that I just found her annoying and distracting here. But the rest of the show was pretty awesome. A new show to watch, definitely. 

3) Brothers & Sisters

I really liked Bones because my expectations were so low, since I had never really watched the show. Well, for Brothers & Sisters my expectations were equally as low (if not lower), for a different reason: I have seen the show a lot, and I know how much it sucks, a lot of the time. But the premiere was actually good! Who knew, this show could actually turn out a good episode anymore? Not me. But it was a pleasant surprise. The premiere was solid through and through. I really liked how they dealt with the accident from last season's finale. I expected them to try to forget it as soon as possible. Rob Lowe would be dead and gone, and Holly would be magically fine, and everyone would have moved on. But, no, they hadn't. Robert was on life support and Kitty had to make the decision to let him go. Holly had terrible memory loss. Justin had gone off to war, and come back safe (yay!), but had lost Rebecca in the process (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!). Sarah had been hanging out with Luke, dealing with the whole family business thing. And Kevin, well, Kevin had been annoying. Hey non-annoying story lines is a home run on Brothers & Sisters. The episode was a home run, all around. 

Now, the low lights or bad ones or disappointments or whatever you want to call them (because there is no true opposite to highlights):

1) Glee

Ack. Just ack. This show was baaaaaaaaad. Where do I begin? There were so many bad parts. There was Rachel being incredibly annoying (and not in an endearing way, like she can sometimes be). There was a whole slew of new characters, who were fine, but, on the whole, were given too much screen time, considering we aren't invested in any of them (though that new jock guy (Chord Overstreet, maybe, I think...?) was an awesome singer. I will give him that). Brittany and Sue both had awful lines for the entire episode. The whole opening sequence was GOD AWFUL, one of the worst things I have seen on tv in a long time (Ryan Murphy, please stop using Kurt as a mouthpiece for your winey little problems!). And Finn was in the show, which sucked, as always. And Will acted totally out of character. All together a bad bad bad bad episode. I don't know how many more chances I am going to give to this show....

2) Gossip Girl

I should stop watching this show! It is so bad! But I just can't stop myself. How I wish I could. I mean, I don't care about 80% of what happens on screen. And I actively despise 35% of what happens (pretty much whenever Jenny or Serena are involved in any way). And yet, I continue to watch, for those few token moments of Chuck and Blair drama at the end of every episode. And those moments haven't even been that good this season. I would quit this show right now, if I could.

3) How I Met Your Mother

Someone has to remind me why I like this show. Because I can't seem to figure it out. Both this week's episode and last weeks episode SUCKED. BOMBED. MADE MY EYES BURN. MADE MY BRAIN WEEP FOR THE STATE OF THE WORLD. I could get into specifics as to why it was bad, but it really all boils down to one thing: it wasn't funny. Simple as that. So, the only reason I could imagine watching next week is for the whole mother mystery. And who knows if they'll even deal with it. And so who know if I am even going to bother to watch. 

So, those were the highs and the lows of premiere week. There were a lot of in betweens too. Like 30 Rock (kinda funny, kinda boring), Life, Unexpected (meh), Cougar Town (above average, would have been better without Jennifer Aniston), Modern Family (BORING), Community (almost good enough to make the highlights list). And, of course, there was Big Bang Theory. I would give the season premiere a 7/10 on the scale of Big Bang Theory greatness. So, yes, it was good episode. I enjoyed it a lot. But I didn't want to add it to my list, because you all know why I love the BBT. I don't need to explain it a second time (or, actually, a tenth time. Well, here it is, incase you missed the first million times: SHELDON). All in all, a pretty good premiere week for me. I'm pretty satisfied. And I'm looking forward to this week in tv. I am not looking forward to this week in real life, though. No one looks forward to being invisible, irrelevant, and forgotten. At least, no one I've ever met (in real life).

Off to do homework and sleep now. It's been a bad day, but things will get better. A new episode of Big Bang will be on. The world will right itself once again. 

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