Sunday, September 19, 2010

Never Have I Ever....

...Posted two days in a row. Well, actually, that's not true. I just haven't done it in a LONG, LONG time, since I first started the blog and I was nerdy and posted everyday. What happened to that? Oh yeah, life happened. Well, now I'm too excited not to post. I'm in my hyped up after movie mood, where I want to imitate the characters every move. Like when I saw Parent Trap and wanted to pull pranks on someone's cabin and put their bed on the roof. Tonight it wasn't pranks or Lindsay Lohan (though there were a lot of her teen movie co-stars, and many parts did remind me of Mean Girls...). Tonight was the fabulous new movie Easy A, fresh from the Toronto International Film Festival (Not that is a particularly relevant fact, but I like to give a shout out to my city, whenever I can. Holla, Toronto!). Now, in my post-movie glow (similar to the post-sex glow? I wouldn't know...), I want to be all witty and cool like Emma Stone. This sugar rush will wear off eventually. But for the next little while expect more wit (or more failed attempts at wit) and a little more snark (or my lameass idea of snark). Hey, it's better than putting my parents bed on the roof. All I'm saying.

So yes, the movie was Easy A, with a whole slew of stars, both teen and non-teen. First, of course, there's Emma Stone. She was awesome. She was really funny and a terrific actor and she deserves all the praise she's been getting for this movie. Then, there was Penn Badgley (aka Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl, as you probably know, if you are reading this blog or you have read any of my Chuck/Blair rants). He was good. Brief, but cute (as always) and sweet. He was my favourite part of John Tucker Must Die (Even though he was only in that movie for, like, 5 seconds), and I loved him in the first season of Gossip Girl. He's a good leading guy. In his company was the great Dan Byrd of A Cinderella Story and (much more recently, and much more widely seen) Cougar Town fame. And there was Lisa Kudrow, who was actually kind of incredibly awkward, but I didn't care because, well, she's Phoebe from Friends, and, therefore, she can do no wrong. Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as the parents were pretty funny, as was their adopted son. Alyson Michalka and Amanda Bynes were fine, which is about the best they can aspire to (and the best Amanda Bynes will apparently be because this was the last movie she made before retiring from acting at the ripe old age of 24! Oh no, I forgot, she unretired, like five minutes later. Bet no one saw that coming. Oh silly Amanda Bynes, how I heart you).

I'm feeling an obligation to explain plot, but I have no desire to do that. I don't care about plot. Here--go to this link. While you're off reading that, I'll share some of my favourite lines...

1) "It's okay. Sometimes, our boyfriend's parents, they get divorced. It's not your fault" (this one may be a little hard to understand, out of context. But in context, it is HILARIOUS. Best line of the movie, easy)

2) "Judy Blume did not prepare me for this" (Gotta love me a young adult romance reference (Forever is a great book! For anyone over 13! Don't tell your parents I didn't warn you. Kat and Michael do some pretty dirty things, if you know what I mean. And, if you're under 13, you shouldn't know what I mean)

3) "Because I'm not in Gossip Girl or from Sweet Valley and I don't have a pair of Traveling Pants" (This line was double awesome, because (1) teen lit reference!!! and (2) referencing Gossip Girl when a star from the show is actually in your movie=super awesome. I love when a film can make fun of itself!)

4) "A higher power will be judging you!"
"Tom Cruise?"
(Take that you short-couch-jumping-Joey-Potter-marrying-scientologist freak!)

5) "I'm just so relieved to read an essay where the student doesn't ask things like "Is she still married to Ashton Kutcher?""
(Waaaaaaaaaay out of context, I know. But, in context, COMIC GOLD)

There's more. And more. And some more after that. But I won't ruin it for you. You'll just have to go and see it, and love it as much as I do, and then get the after-movie glow, and then write a really hyper blog most about it (the more exclamation marks, the better!!!!!!!).

Uh-oh, my darn life is intervening again. I gotta go. And you gotta go and see the movie. I'll be waiting for your blog post, you imaginary reader you!

(After-movie glow wears off in three, two, one....)

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