Saturday, May 14, 2011

Did They Or Didn't They: That Is The Question

This week was a great tv week for any romantics out there. Marti got together with Julian (not a couple I thought I'd like, but what do you know?). Ben and Leslie finally kissed on Parks & Recreation! And Booth and Brennan got together on Bones...or did they? Being the crazy romance fan I am, you know I am just dying to figure it out. I keep spinning it around in my head, and now I've decided to spin my theories around with all of you.

When I originally watched the episode I really thought they hadn't, but now, having rewatched parts, I feel less sure. There are a few key moments that can be interpreted a different ways. Let's break it down. 

Moment 1: You're Coming to My Apartment Tonight

Interpretation 1: Booth is worried that Brennan will get hurt at her apartment and doesn't trust anyone but him to keep her safe.

Interpretation 2: Booth knows that he'll worry about Brennan all night, because he would be so devastated if anything happened to her, so he has to have her at his apartment, where he can keep her safe. 

Moment 2: Crawling Into Bed With Booth 

Interpretation 1: Brennan was upset over Vincent's death and knew that Booth would comfort her. Booth was being a good guy, trying to make Brennan feel better in a way only he can. They hugged, she cried, and eventually they both fell asleep. 

Interpretation 2: Booth was being a good guy, hugging her, trying to help her pain and guilt and frustration with life. They hug for a while, and she cries, and than Brennan leans over and kisses him and one thing leads to another and they "sleep together", in every sense. 

Moment 3: Angela Finds Out 

Interpretation 1: Angela jumps to conclusions when Brennan says she "got into bed with Booth". That is literally what Brennan did, and she is so literal she may not know how it sounds or what it suggests to Angela. 

Interpretation 2: Angela is completely right and they did sleep together and all of our dreams are coming true after all these years. This interpretation is supported by the Brennan's smile just a moment later:

Now, that does not look like the smile of someone who really enjoyed laying next to a man and cuddling, now does it?!?!?

Moment 4: Brennan takes Booth's Arm

Interpretation 1: Brennan takes Booth's arm out of comfort. They often do this after cases. They're Booth and Brennan, best friends, and maybe more. But that's all they are right now. 

Interpretation 2: Brennan takes Booth's arm because they officially a couple now. They may not have announced to everyone, but there has definitely been a change in their relationship. They are coming home together tonight and every night after this. 

This theory is supported by two things: (1) the big smile that Booth has after she links her arm through his, like he's finally getting the girl he's been chasing for six years  and (2) the look Angela gives them when she's sees them linked together. 

Overall, I'm really unsure. And, believe it or not, I'm unsure about which interpretation I want. It's kind of a long-term/short-term debate in my head. 

In the long-term, it would be great if they got together in this episode. I believe, given all we know about Booth and Brennan, that once they get together, they probably won't break up. I would gladly watch the rest of the series with them together, where I'm sure we'd get a lot of adorable moments and we'd get to see their relationship grow even more. I may not have loved how they got together, but I know I would love the long-term pay off. 

In the short-term, I'm not so happy. I've watched this couple for six seasons, rooted for them through thick and thin, and loved both of them so much. If this is how they got together, I feel a little robbed. Robbed of their first kiss as a couple, robbed of seeing a little bit of their getting into bed stuff, robbed of the morning after. After all these years, I think fans deserved to see all that. I live for those moments, play them over and over and over again. If we never get to see them, that makes me more than little annoyed. 

And I'm not really sure the show would do that to us. In the season four finale, they gave us all those moments and more. Why would they rob us of them here? I don't know. I just don't know. 

I was hoping to get some answers from next week's promo, but it gives us nothing, less than nothing, doesn't even hint at anything going on between Booth and Brennan. If that's true, I'll be MAD. I cannot go an entire summer not knowing! 

That's my take. That sure was a great distraction from studying for my biology exam! But I should go now. 

P.S. I just wanted to say, to anyone reading this blog because they like books (like many of my followers do) I am sorry for all the tv heavy content. I have banned myself from reading during exams because I cannot afford to get hooked on a book and lose a day of working. Tv is a perfect for a quick study break. But I promise, I'll be back to the books. I imagine What Happened to Goodbye, Bumped, Sisterhood Everlasting, and Between Here and Forever reviews all posted in the near future. So don't abandon me just yet! 

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