Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Top Questionable TV Moments

So many exams this week! But so much tv I could not miss! Don't worry, I got both done. Math and english exams both went relatively well. And the tv sure was exciting. Anyway, if I'm ever going to write this post and get back to studying (which is what I should be doing in the first place), I should get listing...

1) The Most Adorable Baby Zola, Grey's Anatomy 

Derek at the CribA good episode. A very good episode. Mostly because it featured the cutest baby I have ever seen, and the most adorable incarnation of McDreamy I have ever known. I'm not a huge Mer/Der fan, but that baby is just the best thing ever. I'm all for McBaby, as the internet is already calling it.

The rest of the episode was solid. Arizona and Callie were both beautiful (Is it wrong to think Arizona's dress was better?). The parent drama was annoying. I did kind of like the scene with Callie's mother. It's a tough situation, when your beliefs are challenged by the people you love. Of course, I'm on Callie's side, but I did have some sympathy for her mother. And I loved the scene when Bailey came to convince Callie. I always love Bailey. She's the best!

I am getting into this whole chief resident race. Who's it going to be? Alex, the annoyingly obvious choice? Avery, the dark horse, with his rats? April, who might not have a flashy project, but sure has a lot of heart? And what's happening with Christina? What about Meredith? I really don't want Mer to get in trouble. And I don't think I could stand another Mer/Der fight (especially if it means losing Miss Adorableness, Queen Zola, as I've come to think of her). So many questions, with so few (one?) episodes to answer them!!

2) Chuck Attacks Blair, Gossip Girl

Click to view full size imageThis wasn't a good moment, but it is a moment I just have to discuss. Oh my god! I can't believe they went there! And I don't know where we go from here! I mean, I love Chuck, and I love Blair, and everyone knows I love Chuck and Blair more than anything else on this earth, but I don't know if I can keep rooting for them. He basically tried to rape her! That's just unacceptable. I felt so scared for Blair. I don't know how she'll ever forgive him. I don't know how I'll ever forgive him. This feels like it could be a point of no return, if not for the show, for this Chair fan. I don't know if they'll ever be able resurrect him. I just don't know. All I can say is that all the Chair fans are pretty scared right about now. And that's before we begin to consider the Blair/Louis engagement! Ahhhh!

3) Emily's Pregnant!, Make It or Break It

This is another one where I'm not quite sure how to react. Emily has always been my favourite character on Make It or Break It. Payson's solid, Kaylie's fine, Lauren sucks. Emily's always been the underdog. My clear favourite. And now, what? Is she, dare I say, leaving the show? I don't know! She's not in any of next week's previews, but Damon is. And they can't keep Damon around and not Emily, since she's having his child. I mean, she has to come back, right? RIGHT? How else will I keep watching? Most weeks I watch for what I hope will happen, rather than what actually happens. I hope Emily and Damon will get together and love each other and be a good, stable couple. I hope Summer will realize the error of her ways and get back together with Sasha. I hope all the girls will do well and win the golds they so rightly deserve. But I'm not getting any of that. In fact, every week steers us farther and farther away from that. Damon kissed Kaylie! Summer's engaged to Steve! And Emily's gone!

It would feel like all my couple's have abandoned me, if it wasn't for the next show on my list..

4) Bones is Made of Awesome, Bones 

I was talking to a friend who said she'd stopped watching Bones because the episodes weren't very good anymore. I have to disagree. I think Bones is at a creative high point. They keep turning in amazing episodes, this week's being no exception.

I loved how they explored Brennan's coldness, through Sweets and the squints. We are so used to seeing Brennan through Booth's perspective and we all love her so much, that we forget she can still seem as awful as she did when we first met her. But we know, and Booth knows, how amazing Brennan really is. I loved seeing Brennan open up, I loved Booth defending Brennan, and I loved the whole personal part of the episode.

The case was strong as well. I really liked how it evolved. I came to love the Samantha girl. Not the best case ever (for me, that will always be the one where Brennan and Hodgins got trapped by the gravedigger), but better than average. All in all, a strong episode, with very good character development. Every new episode gets me more and more for the finale, "The Change in the Game"--All my sources tell me this is going to be a big one!

5) Marti Kisses Her (Ex) Law Professor,

This is the first time Hellcats has ever made this list! Wahoo! Isn't it exciting?

I was sure excited by this week's episode. Well, not by most of it. I wanted to gag when AJ Michalka, aka Alyson Michalka real life sister, showed up playing her sister. I used to watch Family Channel a lot, and so I am well acquainted with the duo that made up Aly and AJ and produces songs such as Do You Believe in Magic and Into the Rush. I actually have some of their songs on my ipod. So, I know how forced this whole arc is.

Didn't care for the Savannah storyline much either. I did like the moment when Marti comes in, upset about her sister, and Dan and Savannah looked at each other--"who should deal with it?". But other than that, the episode was something of a dud, save for the last moment, when Marti went to her professor's house and kissed him. Now, normally I don't like student-teacher relationships (Dan and Ms. whatever her name was on Gossip Girl, Lux and her teacher on Life Unexpected, Serena and her professor on Gossip Girl, etc). But I like these two. I don't know why. I'm sure I'll come to hate them soon. After all, this is the network that brings us Gossip Girl every week. Chuck demonstrated to us this week how the CW deals with relationships.

This weeks has been a week of questions. Which is good, because we're heading right down finale alley, where there's sure to be a few answers, and many more questions. I can't wait for the cliffhangers! I also can't wait for exams to be over! Four this week--one english, three history. It may just kill me. But if it doesn't I look forward to seeing if Mer/Der gets their adorable baby, discovering how they resolve Chuck's almost rape, figuring out what exactly is happening with Emily, finally getting Booth and Brennan's happy ending, and watch some more law professor scandal. It should be interesting!

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