Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Appreciate it while it lasts, DAIR fans

Hey everyone, trying a new format for tonight's review. Let's see how this goes!

0:30 Gossip Girl recaps--what is this about Bart Bass killing someone in a fire?

2:00 Ooooh, tricky. So it's a backwards episode! Oh la la! Never, ever seen that before, in the history of television. GG is always one to be original!

2:29 Blair stalking Chuck! This is starting off well!

3:33 Ah, Blair trying to act mature! That is not going to last long. Plus, crap advice she gave to Serena. I can already see that blowing up.

4:17 Is Daniel Humphrey coming over?!? The blasphemy!

7:16 Uh-oh! What does Dorota know?

9:41 Wow, someone is actually questioning the fact that Ben is dating the girl that put him in jail? I'm really taking a liking to Ben's mom all of sudden! (except for the fact that she gave birth to Juliet the stalker, murderer extraordinaire. Not to mention Ben himself)

14:26 AHHHH, what are you doing here Vanessa?

Get off this screen, get off this island, and get off this freaking show! I thought we were done with you. I thought, somehow, the GG gods had eliminated Vanessa and Jenny. Well, I suppose, Vanessa is the lesser of two evils...

18:30 "Like you, being traded for a hotel" "Or, like you, raising Georgina's baby by a Russian mobster"
ZING! ZING! ZING! I will never not love when the Georgina baby scandal is referenced (though Blair is right, it is too soon to talk about the hotel disaster. Us Chair fans are still recovering.)

20:04 Wow, Vanessa reveals what we've all known all along! You know, that thing about Ben that she overheard cause she just happened to be getting into a taxi at the exact right time. You remember, the threat that Ben yelled at Damien that Vanessa somehow heard even though she was a good 20 feet away! Yeah, that's totally legit Vanessa. Remind me why the GG writers wanted to bring you back...

21:08 Okay, as much as really do wish Ben did this, he obviously didn't. A girl can hope though...

25:39 Is it a major fault of the show that I totally agree with Ben's mom about the whole affidavit justification thing?

30:50 "You're smarter than you look Archibald" Best moment of my life! I know she didn't mean this, but I'm going to take it as "You're smarter than your DUMBASS BUTT UGLY DYED HAIR makes you look". You never know, maybe that was what she was thinking...

32:44 YES! YES! YES! Please, dear Gossip Girl gods, let this break up stick! Ben, please see the light. Understand the fact that out of the millions of people that live in Manhattan (let alone the United States of America, or you know, the world), you don't have to date the one girl that put you in jail. THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE BEN! PEOPLE WHO ARE NORMAL! Not on this show, but somewhere (maybe try 90210. You seem like you'd be a good fit there.)

33:00 Uh-oh, a look back. Snap, they are going to get back together. Rats!

34:29 Loving the banter about english grammar! This too are a little teeny bit cute, I will admit.

36:44 Wow, a genuine sweet moment coming from Lily! Love it!

37:00 NOOO! Vanessa already came back! The awful character quota is already filled!

Leave Billy Baldwin! Leave Gossip Girl, and leave tv. Don't go on Parenthood or any other show. 'Cause you really should leave acting to your brother Alec, if you know what I mean.

40:00 Chuck needs Blair! She's the only one who will understand! My heart is melting!

41:12 I thought I wanted this, I really did. But when Dan touched her it just felt like he was violating her. I can support Chuck. I'm sorry Dair fans, I really tried.

41:45 A, what? What just happened here? This is not how Gossip Girl ends! Serena and Chuck were supposed to come in at the exact right moment, to see the big Dair kiss! Does this mean it'll just happen next week, or not at all?

Hope you liked the new format. It's easier for me, but I don't think I'll be sticking to it every week. It was fun to mix it up though :)

In terms of the overall episode, I thought it was okay. I kind of wish the last moment had happened, just so I could see Chuck's face. But the ending did surprise me, and I guess that's a good thing. Other than that, I want Ben to die, as always, along with Vanessa and Serena's father (and Jenny, just for good measure). I'm looking for to next week, I can guarantee that!

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