Friday, March 18, 2011

TV Wasteland

It's a slow time for the tv season. The two shows I usually review (Greek and Gossip Girl) are both off the air. All the CW shows are gone, for that matter, and the new ABC Family ones don't start for another few weeks. Big Bang was off this week, as well as Parenthood, Cougar Town, and Modern Family. However, there were a few shows I did manage to catch. None that warrant a full review, but a good collection of WTF moments that I thought I'd share with you:


As per my usual, I have come to watch a show only for the romance. And, since I hate Finn more than any character ever, this has been pretty much the only couple to root for on this dying show. So, I have been watching Glee for 60 minutes every week, just waiting for Kurt and Blaine to get together.

All I have to say, is FINALLY. I am so happy! It was so freaking sweet! And so passionate! I loved Blaine's realization during Black Bird, and Blaine's speech. It was so romantic. And, of course, I loved the kisses. Kurt was so shocked and scared and happy. I was happy for him!

I'm sure Ryan Murphy will screw up this couple like he has with all the others, but for right now I will enjoy this unequaled bliss. Yeeee!

2) BONES: The Elevator

Admittedly, this episode was a little over-hyped. It was good and silly and fun, in classic Bones fashion, and, yeah, sure, there was a sprinkling of romantic moments, but it wasn't GROUNDBREAKING or DREAM FULFILLING, like, say, the 100th episode was.

I enjoyed that they were willing to talk so openly about their feelings and their relationship. I liked how awkward they both were. I liked how attracted he is to her. And I loved the last scene. The promise of something, someday. It's the whole someday girl idea from Cougar Town. And look how that turned out :)

3) PRIVATE PRACTICE: Naomi leaves!

Naomi has never been my favourite character. I don't agree with her on a lot of moral issues, and I hate how she forces her beliefs onto others and then gets mad when they don't agree with her. I hated how she dealt with the whole Maya pregnancy thing, and I hated when she chose William over Fife. And, now, I hate her for leaving. It's a bad character, with a bad excuse for leaving, with bad writing, plain and simple.

I also didn't love the Amelia Huntington's plot or the dying baby egg storyline (though it did feature a surprise cameo by Steve Brady). Altogether, I found it to be a rather silly episode. Which was annoying, because I was really looking forward to it.

I missed Community and 30 Rock so that's all I have this week. For two weeks actually, since not one show I watch is airing a new episode until the week after next. I don't know how I'm going to survive.

Maybe I'll blog about it :)

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