Thursday, March 17, 2011

To My Readers,

I thought I share some thoughts with you, so you can understand exactly what type of freak I am.

As a sometime book reviewer, I have somewhat-odd reading habits:

-I don't read prologues. I never have, even when I was 8 or 9. I would say it was because prologues are usually random parts that authors add for no reason, but I haven't actually read one in so long, that I don't know. I just don't read prologues.

-I go through periods of reading like crazy--book a day crazy--and then I don't read at all for a long time. Right now I am in a crazy period--6 books in the last 5 days.

-I usually read books really quickly. Usually, once I get "hooked on a book", I can't do anything, basically, until I finish the book.

-Young adult romance are my safety books. They are the books I read the fastest, the books I read the most, the books I read when I'm feeling scared or sad or insecure.

-I love finishing a book just so I can see it on my bookshelf. I love my bookshelf :)

-I read every word of every book, but sometimes I glaze over on some parts. Particularly action sequences.

-I root for the male best friend. Always. Even when it looks improbable or even impossible. Yes, sometimes, this is annoying, because the main character ends up with some guy I was totally ignoring because he wasn't the MBF, but hey, what can I say?

-I love books about girls who go on reality tv shows just to find out that the only people they can trust are their real family and friends.

-I have to read a book to fall asleep every night. Sometimes just a few pages--and, sometimes, the whole thing.

-My cat curls up next to me when I'm reading sometimes, and she doesn't like the lack of attention, so she bites the covers of my books. In fact, she's curled up next to me right now as I write this. If she could bite the computer, I bet she would. She's very high maintenance that way.

In fact, now she's started sitting on my hand so I can't type. And she just sat on some button that tried to close the blogger window. I think I have to go.


Your (sometimes) book reviewer

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