Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Night as a Rock Star

I mentioned in my previous post a little something about playing a flute concert. Well that was the dress rehearsal. Tonight was the real thing. And man, was it awesome. I played with the city wide combined band (100 specially selected students). We played two songs--the classic, O Canada, and a Canadian military march called Fields of Honour. They both went moderately well. It was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to do it again next year.

One of the coolest parts of playing at this certain concert hall is that it is my favourite bands often play there. That means I'm playing on the same stage as people like Steven Page and Sean McCann. Oh my god, how awesome is that? Amazing, just amazing, I tell you. I got to go the special basement place, where all the musicians sign their pictures. It was really fun to see all the different acts that had graced the very stage we were on. I felt like a rock star!

I thought this would be the perfect time to write up a little list (you miss my lists, don't you?) of my favourite Canadian bands/singers, some of the very people who I shared a stage with tonight. Because you know what? CANADIAN MUSIC ROCKS!!! Here's my list:

1) Great Big Sea
Great Big Sea is one of my two favourite bands of all time (along with the next band on this list). I am actually listening to a Great Big Sea song as I write this (England, from their Fortune's Favour cd, incase you were wondering!). I love this band so much. I love Alan Doyle (who, by the way, is appearing in the new Robin Hood remake--you can see him in this trailer). I love Sean McCann (oh my god, he has THE greatest voice of all time). And Bob Hallett is good too. I love their songs so much. Ordinary Day is the best concert song I have ever experienced. And Donkey Riding was my absolute favourite song when I was little kid (on their last tour they opened their shows with that song--totally awesome!). They have SO many great songs--General Taylor, The Night Pat Murphy Died, Sea of No Cares, Lukey, Scolding Wife (to name a few). There is nothing I love more then going to a Great Big Sea concert. They are such an amazing band (and they put on a great show!).

2) The Barenaked Ladies
These guys (and yes they are guys and not just a girl porn group!) are a little more famous then the previous group (One Week, anyone?). Now, of course, I must say that they are not the Barenaked Ladies anymore. Not really. Last year they lost their lead singer (the previous mentioned Steven Page) because of "creative differences" (which sounds a little bit like the whole "irreconcilable differences" crap people claim during a divorce). With Steven Page the band has really gone downhill. I mean Ed Robertson is amazing, but he can't carry the whole band by himself. And Kevin Hearn is the worst singer of all time. But I'm supposed to be saying why I liked the band. Well, that's pretty simple. If I Had a Million Dollars. Old Apartment (a great Steven Page song--he has such a powerful voice). Too Little Too Late. Call and Answer. Brian Wilson. That's all I have to say. It's that simple. They are that good. That amazing. That incredible.

3) Shania Twain
Another childhood favourite of mine. I love to belt out her songs. They are just so much fun to sing. Man, I feel like a woman! Any man of mine better walk the line! Honey, I'm home, and I had a hard day! I don't listen to Shania a lot anymore, but I can still remember every line of every song she has ever written. I loved loved loved her growing up. And I liked some of her more recent stuff too (recent be a relative term with her). I still listen to She's Not Just A Pretty Face at least once a week (does that contradict what I just said? Well, too bad. I'm tired. I played a concert tonight!).

4) Jeremy Fisher
Now, this one is OBSCURE. I only know Jeremy Fisher because he opened for a Great Big Sea tour a couple of years ago. But let me tell you, his opening was great. I even bought his cd that very night. I couldn't miss out on such great songs like Scar That Never Heals and Left Behind and Fall for Anything and High School. I like his stuff. It's unique. And it's fun to sing to. And it's relatable. All good qualities. I know you (probably) haven't heard of him. But you should go check him out!

5) Chantal Kreviazuk
Now, you can tell this list is getting stretched a little thin because I don't listen to/like too many Chantal Kreviazuk songs (can I just point out that I spelt that name right on the first try? I mean, how awesome am I?). But I do like a few of her songs. These Days, from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants soundtrack, for one. And Time, for another. And Feels Like Home, for a third. All really good songs. She's a really good singer. And I really like her lyrics. I love how the These Days lyrics blend all beautifully. I should really listen to more of her stuff. I'm sure I'd like it.

Oh wow, it's late. And I have a TON of homework to do. Got to go. Now (well, more like two minutes/2 hours ago, but what can you do?). Hope you all like some of this music. Or I hope you try it out. You'll love it, I swear.

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