Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TV Tropolis (Hit TV lives here!)

The ultimate days of TV are officially over. The episodes are over, the screens have turned off. Did it live up to my expectations, you ask? Well, the results were mixed (warning: spoilers ahead):
  • Brothers & Sisters 2-hour movie--Pretty good, pretty good. The whole Kevin paralyzed a guy was a fairly good secret. And Kitty doesn't have cancer! Yay! But, of course, the best news of the night was that JUSTIN AND REBECCA GOT MARRIED! Yes, all my dreams finally came true. It was amazing--sweet and simple. I loved it, just loved it.

(The flashback parts of the episode were pretty awesome. It was cool to see everyone as teenagers. Little Justin was so cute!)

  • Life, Unexpected season finale--Average. There was no Bug in this episode, and he's my favourite character, so, you know, it wasn't great. And the whole Baze and his father storyline was awful. But the ending was good. I'm soooo glad she married Ryan. If she had chosen Baze over Ryan they (Cate + Baze) would've just broken up in an episode anyways. Though, I'm sure Ryan and Cate will get divorced eventually (assuming, of course, the show gets renewed)
  • First Post-Bluck Breakup episode of Gossip Girl--Very mixed feelings about this one. I didn't like how they teased us by getting them back together and then breaking them up again. And the whole Nate/Serena/Jenny/Carter storyline was ridiculous. And Bluck didn't get back together in the end. But, you know, that's fair. Blair can't forgive him. I understand. They better be back together by the season finale though. And Blair and Dan better not get together, like they were hinting at the end of the episode (there are actual fan sites for this? Are people insane?). I would just die...
  • Spring Premiere of Glee--Well. It was surprising, I'll say that. Good? I'm still not sure. I mean, Sue was hilarious as ever, especially with her principal Figgins trick thing (didn't you love how she was still wearing her track suit in bed?). And Brittany had some funny lines. But, I have to say, WILL SCHUESTER SUCKS!!!! (sorry couldn't find the exact article. You're going to have to scroll down a little). I can't believe they broke up already! Also, Rachel and that new guy are already annoying. Why can't a romance go right on this show?

Next, of course, is the first half of the season finale of Project Runway, which I always love because Tim Gunn visits all the designer's houses, which is always a ton of fun. Sadly, though, I'll be away for the weekend, so I might miss both Project Runway and the new episode of Brothers & Sisters, which would suck. But that's what online episodes are for, I suppose.

So, what has been happening in my life besides some epic TV watching? Well, I had half a french test. And I played flute at this big famous concert hall thing. And I wrote most of a biology lab. You know, big glamorous stuff. My life is the very definition of exciting, I tell you:

(And, I know, the expression "woo hoo" has a very different (and very dirty) definition to all you Sims fans. I can't stop thinking of it like that either...)

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