Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gotta love me some tv...(he, he, he)

There's nothing I love more than logging onto my computer and finding an article about one of my favourite tv shows. Pathetic? Yes. Endlessly satisfying? You bet. I thought today I would write the very type of article I love--a list of my favourite tv couples (warning: spoilers abound!). So, in no particular order (because I couldn't possibly choose--it's like choosing children):

1) Ross Geller and Rachel Green (Friends)

I thought I'd start with a classic couple. I love these two so much. Monica and Chandler were good, but they couldn't hold a candle to these two. Such classic lines, I could list them all day--"She's not Rachem", "You were gonna drink the fat?", "I got off the plane" (bonus points to anyone who got all those references. If not they are here, here, and here respectively). I love The One with the Prom Video. I love The One in Massapequa, just because his proposal is soooo sweet (and Alec Baldwin is hilarious, but that's another rant for another day). He loved her since grade nine typing. She loved him since the end of season one. Ten years in the making (including a countless number of hilarious break ups, an accidental marriage, a quickie divorce, and a baby), these two are the best.

2) Joey Potter and Pacey Witter (Dawson's Creek)

Yes, sadly, I have seen every episode of this show. Very unfortunate, I know. I feel embarrassed just admitting it. But I couldn't help myself. I loved these two. And don't all you Dawson and Joey fans go CRAZY. I just like Pacey better. Dawson is okay. Kind of annoying. Pacey is so much funnier. So much cuter. Soooo much better. Oh, and Joey's okay too. I can no longer watch more than one episode of DC at a time, at risk of inducing a severe nausea/mind numbing headache, but one small dose every once and a while is okay. Better than okay. I mean who can't enjoy watching this clip? Or this one? (Dawson-Joey fans, that's who. But they're just party poopers).

3) Donna Moss and Josh Lyman (West Wing)

Now, this is probably the most obscure couple on this list. West Wing was a great show (one I am not embarrassed to have watched, unlike some others previously mentioned), but most people my age have never heard of it. Or they think it is all about politics. Which it is. But it is also about Josh and Donna, an incredible couple. They don't get together until the end of the series (and that was no short time--seven seasons!) but the wait was well worth it. They are so funny together, so sweet. And as someone counted, they only kiss four times in the show. But they didn't need to kiss. Their sexual tension is more than enough.

4) Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

How do I describe my love for Luke and Lorelai? It is like a rose, freshly picked..no just kidding. But I do love them. I love that everyone around them can see their love, but they are blind to it for four whole seasons (which actually feels a lot longer because there's no politics to distract you--see above). And when they finally get together it is so perfect. I have watched the season four finale a millions times. I love them so much. And I hate Christopher. (and also, I hate Logan--but that's a story for a tv couples I hate list). And season seven sucked. But at least they got together, in the end.

5) Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

Gossip Girl might not be the highest quality show (will Blair and Serena be friends this week? Who was the mysterious woman by Bart Bass's grave? What about Lily and Serena's father?--god, it's a bloody soap opera). And Chuck and Blair might not be the best people (understatement of the year). But together, somehow, they are amazing. He loves her so much! After the second season finale I completely fell in love with this couple. But I hear they're going to break up. Of course, according to some other sources say otherwise (oh, pray god). This couple is the entire reason I watch this show. Enough said.

I could continue this list forever (that's how much of my life I have wasted watching tv) but I should do some homework (if only lived in one of those high school shows where no one ever does any work and somehow gets straight A's). Alas, ta ta for now, my friends (do I have any friends? Is anyone reading this? If so, please comment--you'll make my day!).

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