Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Were Older, Then We Wouldn't Have to Wait So Long

Remember in 13 Going on 30, when she wishes she could instantly be thirty years old? Sometimes, I feel like that. Sometimes I get sick of being a teenager, with all the drama and the gossip and the homework. Sometimes I want to be like Adam Sandler in Click, just fast forwarding through my life. I want to get married, I want to have kids. Now. Not ten years from now. As the Dawson's Creek theme song says, I don't want to wait. Somedays. Like today.

Don't you ever imagine what you're life's going to be like? Don't you imagine marriage proposals and wedding gowns? Adults always say that life works out differently than you imagine it will (there is a pop culture reference here, but I can't remember it). And I'm sure they're right. But it sure is fun to imagine a proposal like this. Though I think that might be a little embarrassing, on live television and all. And in real life proposals don't always work out. But whilst I'm in this mood I thought it might be nice to make a list of the best movie/tv proposals, to keep the fantasy alive a little big longer.

1) Justin proposes to Rebecca, Brothers and Sisters
I loved this proposal. It was just so perfect. It was intimate, and personal. And it wasn't some cheesy romantic thing. It was simple and it was real. Oh god, I love this couple so much. As with Chuck and Blair, they are the sole reason I watch the show. Though they are getting less and less airtime, so I don't know how much longer I'll be watching...Alas, it's a perfect proposal. Just an ordinary day, lying in bed, with an extraordinary event. Perfect, just perfect.

2) Jack proposes to Lucy, While You Were Sleeping
I love this proposal too, just in a different way. I love how his family is talking in the background, yet it still manages to be simple and sweet, just between the two of them. Again, no grand romantic gesture, just a proposal. It's romantic and real and everything a proposal should be. Unlike the last proposal, this one seems more planned (he has ring, after all). And I think planned proposals are fine. But I always like the pure emotion in a spontaneous proposal. No time to think--you just have to ask. You can't stop yourself. But this proposal is just as sweet anyway. (Side note: isn't hard to believe that that same actress now has an Academy Award? My, how things change).

3) Robbie proposes to Julia, The Wedding Singer
Yes, this is a bit of a cheesy one. But I love the song! It's so cute. The whole scene is great. I don't know what else to say, except it's pretty darn perfect. Oh, how I heart Robbie Hart. (And a very young Drew Barrymore).

4) Johnny proposes to June, Walk the Line
I haven't actually seen this film. But I stumbled across this scene whilst looking for another proposal, and I just loved it. Sure, they aren't alone, but it's still intimate. I love the way he lowers his voice to a whisper when he really asks her. It's so sweet. And he looks so vulnerable. He really wants to marry her. I should really see that movie (plus, it has Reese Witherspoon, who can do no wrong).

5) Monica proposes to Chandler (kind of), Friends
And, of course, it always comes back to Friends. Whilst Ross and Rachel are my favourite couple, these two definitely have the best proposal (okay, well, Ross and Rachel never really have a proposal scene. But they get close sometimes). This proposal has a little bit of the romance, but it's still very sweet, with both of them crying and everything. It's funny and unique and just perfect.

Now, you may be wondering what my perfect proposal would be. I'm not sure, but I think probably something private, intimate, in a way that means something to us as a couple. A meaningful place or meaningful memory or something. No big hoopla. No skywriting or cheesy hiding in the cake or anything like that. Just simple and sweet and romantic. Now only if I could find someone to marry me. And if only I wasn't sixteen....

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