Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'Til Next Year, Oscar

Sorry, I'm a day late. I've been sick for a while and am in the process of making up all the homework I missed. It's been pretty crazy and couldn't find time to blog last night. But don't worry, I'm back (didn't you miss me?). I know you must be wondering what I thought of the Oscars. Well, where do I start...

I think the highlight of the night might have been when that Music by Prudence guy got kanyed by that random woman:

Wondering what the story was behind that? Go to this link to find out. Also, didn't you love how they did the Best Actor/Best Actress categories? The speeches were sooooo sweet. Michelle Pfeiffer's (to Jeff Bridges) was my favourite. I really hope they do something like that every year. Ben Stiller didn't annoy me as much as usual...though he was very random.

Tina Fey was great, as always. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin did an average job hosting, I think. Their opening monologue was pretty weak. I mean, have they ever heard of a transition sentence?

So, all of that was interesting. But, of course, the best moment of the night was the one that didn't happen. Yes, that's right. James Cameron didn't get to make a SINGLE speech. HA HA HA. That's all I have to say. Seems like someone isn't king of the world anymore. But the Academy did crown a new queen!

This was the most predictable Oscars of all time. Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges, Christoph Waltz, Mo'nique, and Up all won, as expected. Big shockers. There was no great upset, no big dramatic moment. On the bright side, I bet on all of these people for my Oscar pool and ended up winning by ten points. I believe congratulations are in order.

And that's it. The biggest day in entertainment is over. All that wait and anticipation, and now we have to wait another whole year. Of course, there are the Emmys and the Golden Globes, but they're just not the same (though I am looking forward to watching Glee deseed 30 Rock in September). Maybe someone will EGOT this year (okay, that part of 30 Rock was funny. But Glee is still 1000x better).

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