Saturday, March 6, 2010

Turn Your World Upside Down

Roller coaster day...still a little bit nauseous from it all. So, instead of writing a big long blog post I thought I'd leave you all with a weekly round-up of sorts. All the odds and ends that I found but never really fit in a blog post. Be warned, some of these will turn your world upside down, like in West Wing:

So, to start, some Gossip Girl stuff:

Remember, from the season 2 finale? Now, try to imagine that scene
with Nate instead of Chuck. Shudder.

But that photo's nothing in comparison to this one:

Vampires attack! Run for your lives!

If that didn't freak you out there's always this:

Really people? This is what you spend your time doing?

Or this,

Oh, those poor Gilmore Girls (or do I mean guys?)

Wow, the power of photoshop. We should develop this technology more. It looks like it's being put to good use. I wish I could show you a christmas gift this guy gave me this year--my face photoshopped onto Sleeping Beauty's body. Oh lord, did people laugh at that...

Hope you all are having a good weekend. Hope at least one of these made you smile (personally, I like Chuck Cullen and Blair Swan!). As always, good night and good blogging.

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