Wednesday, March 17, 2010

J'aime l'Anglais

I have blogged a lot about Canada and Canadians and just how awesome we are. Today, I will admit to you, you stupid Americans, one little drawback about being Canadian. Actually, one pretty big drawback. Nous devons apprendre la francaise. For all you non-Canadians (do they speak french in other countries? God, let's hope not--it's a dreadful language) that means "we have to learn french". Yes, we have to learn six zillion verb conjugations (I swear, there are more exceptions than rules in french) and six zillion vocab words. I have french tests and french presentations and french exams (which, I suppose is another kind of test. But I think it deserves its own category because it always leaves me shaking and crying.).

The point of all this whining and complaining is to say that I have found, after eight long years of learning french, a new appreciation for the beautifully simple language that is english (what? is that you french people saying that english is complicated? Really? Then can you explain why you add an e after the g in mangeant?). I have come to appreciate my native tongue in a way I never did. I love english. I love speaking english. I love it love it love it (side story: I had a french exchange student at my house this summer who couldn't pronounce squirrel or word. It was endlessly entertaining). English rocks, what can I say?

Let's have some fun with english. Where do all these words come from? Well, blog, a term which you may or may not be familiar with (my wit is so quick, don't ya think?) comes from the words web and blog shoved together (kind of like Renesmee in Breaking Dawn--don't get me started on that one though) The word shopaholic (a la the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella) comes from the word shop (which, I assume, we are all familiar with. Except maybe you french people) and the word alcoholic. Kind of like workaholic or chocoholic. Interesting, very interesting.

My favourite part about english is that all our swear words revolve around sex. I can't say any of them, obviously (I am too much of lady). But one of them might rhyme with puck (maybe, just maybe). The french swear words on the other hand, all revolve around religion, comme tabernac (which I feel fine saying. Who said lady's can't swear in foreign languages?). How boring is that?

I learned all these fun facts about english while researching my philosophy essay (and no, I didn't get distracted and forget about the essay. I would never do that!) on the Merriam Webster website. I was looking up the definition for a word and then I saw this pretty button that said "Top ten word lists". You can't blame me for getting distracted. It had the words "top ten" and "list". I couldn't resist. As you well know, I'm a listaholic (which, incidentally isn't a word according to Merriam Webster. Maybe I should suggest it like people did on this list).

My favourite word in all these came from this list: phobophobia. Can you guess what it means? Yes, fear of phobias. That's english at it's best, I tell you.

I have come to the end of my diatribe, my friends (I should really get back to that essay). This will be au revoir for a few days while I make a quick trip to Montreal to visit McGill (a potential university). I will save up all my quips for saturday/sunday when I get back. 'Til then I know you love me.


Gossip Girl
(Just kidding, just kidding. I'm not Kristen Bell. But there was an opening and I couldn't resist)

P.S. I think I will leave this post without pictures. It is a tribute to the english language, is it not? Pictures just don't seem fitting (plus, what pictures would I add? A picture of a word? Or an englishmen? Or the entire province of Quebec with a cross through it? Now, that last one sounds interesting....)

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