Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Big Blog Theory

You may have noticed that this blog has undergone a BIG change in the last week and a half, mostly in the form of a BRAND NEW BACKGROUND and an AWESOME NEW LAYOUT. This has been part of my effort to improve my blog and make a big push for followers. I'm heading into exams soon, but after that I plan on making the big push by posting everyday.

My goal is to get about 100 followers. A small, tight knit community, that'll leave lots of comments and do contests and giveways with me and generally have fun. While I wouldn't mind having, say, 1000 followers, I know I have neither the time (IB takes over my life!) nor the commitment to achieve such a following. Besides the BIG PUSH that will start next month, I'm also going to try and participate more in the blogosphere. I don't know what form that will take--participating in challenges/memes, like In My Mailbox, or increased commenting (or well, any commenting) on other blogs or something else.

I have decided on my first foray into the online blog community. I have submitted myself to the Books & Chocolate Swap, hosted by One Book Shy of A Full Shelf. Here is the pretty button:

One Book Shy of a Full Shelf SWAP

I don't know what I'm going to give or what I'm going to get. The most I hope for is a few more page views. Fingers crossed. 

I have lots more to say about what I call "blog theory", about how often to post, writing negative reviews, having a central blog theme/subject, and many other fun topics that bloggers love to talk about, since we spend so long thinking about it. But I'm going to save all that for my one year first, on my first blogaversy (I am lead to believe that is the generally accepted term. Correct me if I'm wrong), which is coming up in february. Don't worry, I don't expect gifts--just lots of page views. 

That's it. Short blog update :)

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