Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dan and Blair

You may have noticed this blog is kind of lame. No one comments. Average of 5-10 pages views a day, if I'm lucky. I haven't exactly become a blogging sensation. A really successful post for me usually constitutes 20-odd views. Whoppee.

Well, this last week my blog has EXPLODED. My page views have skyrocketed. Almost 200 page views in 2 days. Considering I only have a total 500 page views since the start of the blog, that a pretty big frickin' deal. 40% of my total page views over a year in 2 days. Holy moly. My head's exploding a little bit.

So, of course, the question is why? What happened that made my last post, What Characters Haven't Got Together? Let's See, oh so popular? Was it just the brilliantly funny, clever writing? Was it the fascinating subject matter? Has all the hard work finally paid off?

Yeah, right. No, it was nothing to my credit it turns out. It was three little words which I have used separately many times. I put them together, and BANG, blogging sensation:


The little thing I picked up on monday's Gossip Girl was apparently A HUGE DEAL online, as everyone and their neighbour was googling it, and landing on my little blog post. So it wasn't me. It was some stupid couple that I hate. I'm so proud.

I almost feel bad for all the people who clicked on my link, expecting a Dair post, only to find my ramblings about Rusty and Ashleigh's budding romance on Greek (which, by the way, got me zero page views). The stuff I had written about Dan and Blair was deep into the post, so any Dair fans probably skipped out before they ever found anything they were looking for. That's the thing about page views: just because they clicked on it, doesn't mean they read it. Evidenced by the zero comments I got.

In fact, most of the views I got were for the images I had gotten from Google. Even less to do with me. Well, for all you people looking for Dan and Blair photos, here's the jackpot:

Aww, the cute little scheemers.

And look, them standing awkwardly next to each other, not doing anything romantic!

And oh wow, an actual kiss. This is funny, since I never remember them kissing. Either I missed an episode or someone's really skilled with photoshop.

And in case you actually want to know what's going on with these two crazy kids here's a link to an article featuring the creators, who say they will only be really good friends, nothing more. Yeah, right.

And to balance out all the craziness of the Dair fans (and I still can't believe there are DAIR fans), a photo of the only Gossip Girl couple that really matters:

Sadly, when I write about Chuck and Blair I don't get any page views. Apparently people don't care about them or there are already too many people writing about them. Maybe I have hit on a niche in the internet, a fan base that desperately needs a blog. I could become the Dan and Blair blog. I mean, I would hate what I was writing about, but I'd sure get a lot of page views. Or I could write about equally obscure yet oddly popular couples, like, I dunno, Evan and Rebecca from Greek, or Penny and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, or Jules and Greyson from Cougar Town. I didn't know anyone cared about them. But, you know, whatever gets me hits.

Now, I'm sure this post won't get 200+ page views. The Dan and Blair craze has seemed to settle down, at least until the next GG episode. But this whole thing did make me think. A few of the blogs I read do weekly reviews of shows. I'd have fun doing that. Now, I'd ask what shows you want me to review, out my regular schedule:

Gossip Girl
Teen Mom
Cougar Town
Big Bang Theory
30 Rock

But, to get back to the beginning of this post, no one comments on this blog. I guess I'll just have to pick. I think I'm going to try three shows:

Gossip Girl--Because it got me so many page views already, and so much happens in one episode that it gives me so much to talk about. Plus, none of my friends watch, so I'll finally have a forum to share my Chair love.

Greek--Because I love Casey and Cappie, and I love Rusty, and Ashleigh, and I basically just love this whole show. And, it's a less popular show that not many other people will be writing reviews on, so I have void to fill. And it's a teen show, and this is, after all, a teen blog.

I might also add Teen Mom, if I find enough to talk about.

So, for the 5-10 people who read this today, there's something to look forward to. And for the 200+ people who stumbled across this looking for some Dair love, welcome, thanks for visiting. Come back on monday, if you want. I'm sure there'll be more Dair in the next episode. And I promise I'll write about it, just for you :)


  1. Hiya, I just wanted to say, don't pay attention to how many page views or comments you get :) What matters is you get what you want our there and you've accomplished that.
    Good luck with your website.
    Emily xx

  2. Ha ha, I try to ignore the stats, but I just find it all so amusing :)

    Do you have a blog? Any other pointers?

  3. I would also say don't worry about page views but I know that they still affect me. I can go from having 150 in a day to 20 and it drives me insane. Anyway, you may want to stay tuned to my blog,, as I am going to be posting a Dan/Blair post over the weekend! :)

  4. Yeah, stats are going to make me go crazy. I love them on a good day, hate them on a bad day. I've come to appreciate comments more than anything, so thanks for the response!

    I'll check out your post this weekend. Hopefully there's something about the Dan and Blair kiss. I'm still trying to figure that out.

  5. hahaha. I LoLed reading about your shock reaction when your page views skyrocketd... I have same dilemma, too. I only get an average 5-10 views in my blog, though I have been very diligent in posting stuffs.

    I love dan and blair pair up... :D

  6. For some reason I've never been able to figure out, my page views are still at about 150-200 a day. Mostly just people searching for Big Bang Theory or Gossip Girl. Still only have two followers. I looked on your blog. You have 7. What's better--lots of people searching and skimming like I have, or a few people really reading what you write?

    I can't believe you like Dan and Blair! What about Chuck and Blair?!? Do you really think Dair has a long-term future? And what about that kiss? What's going to happen next????


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