Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Characters Haven't Got Together Yet? Let's see

I am in the middle of exam madness. But I don't care! This week's episodes of Greek and Gossip Girl were just so good, I must react!!

It was a week of romance, in the form of random couple pairing. Here's the list:

1) Rusty and Ashleigh, Greek

Sucky picture, I know. There is a complete lack of Rusty/Ashleigh pictures out there on the interweb. I would have thought there'd be many. This seems like a major "ship".

When I first saw the previews for this season when they started pushing Rusty and Ashleigh, I must admit, I was a little hesitant. It's kind of weird. Ashleigh is Casey's best friend. She has always seemed like a second older sister to him, giving him advice about dating, with no romantic undertones. And I liked Rusty and Dana. I didn't want them to break up. But...last night they won me over. Big time. I mean, I love Rusty, obviously. He's so smart and just so adorable. And I adore Ash as well, with all her energy and niceness and everything. And it's about damn time she got a legitimate love interest on this show! First that stupid boyfriend Trevor (?) that we never saw and was just a jerk, as far as we knew, then Hotness Monster, if you can even count him, and then stupid cheating, lying Fisher. This girl deserves a good man!

And yes, I am sad for Dana. I liked Dana, and I thought she was perfect for Rusty, with her cuteness and her brains. And I thought their break up was a teeny bit contrived. But I am willing to move on, especially if I get to move on to great multiple episode arc of a Rusty-Ashleigh romance. I have no idea but they'll be like as a couple, but I'm open to it. I loved when they hugged, and I loved Ashleigh's reaction, and I can't wait until the next episode to find out what happens with them (And I am double, triple, quadruple excited to see Casey's reaction, if/when she finds out! Sure to be amusing!).

Sucky picture #2. Side note: anybody else find it weird that Casey was/will be dating Cappie, one of Rusty's best friends, and Rusty will be dating Ashleigh, one of Casey's best friends? Beyond the obvious incestousness of it all, there's going to be a lot of those awkward "oh, I'm going to have sex...with your sibling" conversations!

2) Dan and Blair, Gossip Girl

Speaking of incest! Oh my f***ing Gossip Girl! I can't believe it! After all this time, it's finally happening. DAIR!

Aww, cute Dan and Blair photo! Unlike Rus and Ash, these two are a major ship. God knows why....

Now, us Gossip Girl fans put up with a lot. Jenny and Nate. Jenny and Chuck. Vanessa and Chuck. Serena and whatever guy she's screwing this week. We've come to except that this group of Upper East Siders are the most incestuous group that can only date within their friends or their friends siblings. We've done the math. I mean, here's the whole list of potential couples, with the has-beens crossed off:

Nate and Blair
Nate and Serena
Nate and Jenny
Nate and Vanessa
Chuck and Blair
Chuck and Serena
Chuck and Jenny
Chuck and Vanessa
Dan and Serena
Dan and Jenny
Dan and Vanessa
Dan and Blair

Besides Dan and Jenny, who can't get together, because they're related (though, am I the only one who could that would be crazy enough to actually happen? It's GG, after all. Serena killed a man. Chuck died. Georgina faked a baby daddy because she was involved with the Russian mob. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN). So that leaves only two couples: Chuck and Serena and Dan and Blair. And, surprise, surprise, this episode featured both those couples!

So, we knew it was going to happen. I've thought many times that they we're getting close to it, and then they'd pull away. There would be a cute Dair scene plotting some scheme, then it'd be forgotten. There'd be some adorable washing the dishes at the end of an episode, quickly forgotten. I'd gotten use to them teasing us (if you can even call it that, since you can usually only tease people with stuff they want, rather than this, which I ABSOLUTELY HATE). But this episode, it looked like was shaping up to be the real thing.

Soon enough this photo will not need to be so obviously photoshopped!

It's hard to articulate how I feel about this. I mean, on one hand, it's endlessly amusing, since it's so completely ridiculous. And it's going to be fun to see how Serena and Chuck react (personally, I hope they start dating, as revenge, like Chuck and Vanessa did when Nate and Blair got together). I mean, there will be some fun bits, I'm sure. But then the rest of it will be horrifying, as they try to sell these two as a legitimate couple, whilst trying to keep the Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair flames alive. That should be a good one!

And yes, I can see some legitimacy to them as a couple. In a lot of ways they're totally alike. They both actually have some semblance of a future plan for themselves. And they like to tease each other. And, ya know, they both love Serena. That could help them or hurt them. Probably both.

The stupidest part of all of it is that we know it's all for show. It's all treading water, until the end of the season/series when they inevitably break up and end up with their soulmates, Serena and Chuck. We all know that the last scene of GG isn't going to be about Dan and Blair. But I suppose there are worse ways to tread water (Serena's dad? Chuck's mom? Juliet and Ben???? Man, there are so many bad story lines on this show!).

3) Casey and Cappie, Greek

Apparently stars are really into these photobooth like pictures with red curtains

This couple is not random, but you know I had to include them. Because they had a good week too. Because just when I thought this would be Cappie/Casey-less episode, we get the great final scene. Beaver shows Casey the light! Cappie acts embarrassed because Casey knows he's been in a fight! !!!

I know, I know, last night's episode was actually a set back in CC (Cappie and Casey). Once again, Cappie was being irresponsible in front of Casey, which he can't afford, especially after the whole marijuana incident from last week. But to me, it showed just how desperate Cappie is to win Casey back. He was so ashamed! It was so cute! He wants her so bad! I love them!

P.S. Other randoms of the week:

-Katherine and Beaver (who I secretly love. I think they'll make a great stable, drama free couple)

-Chuck and Serena (dear god, don't even get me started)

-Heath and Beaver as strippers!!!

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