Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2: Jack and Kate (and Sawyer)

Like any Lost fan, I have debated the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle for quite some time. I love Sawyer. I like Jack, enough. And Kates' fine. But who belongs together? I have settled on this:

Sawyer and Kate: Sawyer is the right person for Kate right now. Sawyer is a rebel, an outlaw, a criminal, just like Kate. They both break the rules, and neither of them are afraid to break the law. They don't always do the right thing, which makes them right for each other. They have a common past, and their present sure is steamy. Cage sex, anyone? They have a bond, both a deep physical attraction, and also a meeting of minds. I love how he calls her Freckles. And I love how they tease each other. I love how Kate can always get Sawyer to do stuff, convince him when no one else will. They love each other, and I think they are perfect for each other right now

Jack and Kate: If Sawyer is Kate's present, Jack is Kate's future. Jack is the good guy, the hero. He always does the right thing. He is the leader that everyone turns to in a crisis. He is everything Kate wants to be. To quote another love story, he makes her want to be a better woman. And that is why, ultimately, I pick Jack. Sawyer is the easy choice, the comfortable one. But Jack is the right choice. Jack can make her better. They have a different kind of bond. They depend on each other. Kate is like Jack's sidekick. As she says to him at one point, "I was always with you". Awww. 

So, Sawyer and Kate fans, I respect your opinion. But I'm going to pick Jack and Kate. 

Summary Without Spoilers: They get stranded on a wacky desert island, with all kind of mysteries and crap. They become fast friends, with a cute flirtation. Romance ensues!

Summary With Spoilers: Again, they get stranded on the stupid island. Then she stitches his arm (which is where she learns the story!). And then they flirt for a long, long, long time. Lots of random characters make comments about them, or assume they're sleeping together; however, they are all wrong. Finally, Kate kisses Jack in the middle of the second season, and then promptly runs away. They avoid each other for a while, but Jack seems pretty screwed up by it. They start to talk about it, but then the MONSTER appears! (funny how that always happens at the most inopportune moments! Almost like it's some type of transparent plot device!). Then, uh, nothing happens with them. Kate gets together with Sawyer, and Jack gets jealous, which is sweet. Then we start that whole screwed up flash forward thing, where we discover that they have gotten together (which, to me, is a cheap move. Everyone knows the best part is seeing them actually get together. The writers robbed us of that moment!). They're together for a little bit, until Jack decides he has to go back to island (stupid Jack). They kiss in the finale (in real time) and then get together (in the sideways). 

Why I Love Them:

-That first kiss. It is pretty sweet, I will admit. Before she runs away.

-Because he's always so concerned about her safety. It's so sweet!

-Because of the simple "I love you" at the end of the third season. So simple, so truthful. So beautiful.

-Because of the pre-sex scene after they talk about his dad in season 5 flash forward. That's pretty sexy.

-Because of when he's talking to Sawyer about how he still loves her. Such a great scene! Go Jack, go!

-Because of their farewell kiss. He loves her so much!

Sweet Little Taste of Their Love:

Note: This post runs as part of my month long Romance Celebration featuring all my favourite couples from books, tv shows, and movies. Check in tomorrow for more!

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