Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Greek Fairytales in the Making

I was hoping that after the disaster of last night's Gossip Girl, Greek would just wow me with best episode ever. Yeah...no. It wasn't BAD. It just wasn't GREAT. Let's break down!

Alumni Weekend: The story of how Ned Bigby becomes a pledge and how Cappie grows up

Home Coming and Going

I never love alumni weekend episodes. There's so much sucking up, and the alumni just dominate the whole episode. I like my Cappie and Casey and Rusty. I don't care about the one episode alumnis. This episode was no exception. Spidey still freaks me out, because I can only see him as Ned Bidby, from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. And last night I thought he was kind of stupid for picking Cappie as his Big Brother, considering everyone knows Cappie's leaving next year. Wouldn't it be much better to have Rusty anyway, considering he'll actually be around for a while?

To that point, I found the whole big brother thread of this storyline stupid. Rusty shouldn't have to campaign for Spidey. Who does Spidey think he is, turning down Rusty? Rusty would make a great big brother! Well, it all worked out in the end. And they got the goat! Yay!

Coming and Going

I did like how Spidey's dad was able to inspire Cappie. Cappie knows he has to grow up, for Casey, and for himself. And Spidey's dad showed him how. I thought the alumni thing paid off, in that way. Of course, the Casey thing is shot to hell anyways, because of the next plot point of the episode...

Best Friends Fight: How Casey copes with stress and how Ashleigh finds a future


I'll admit, I have a soft spot for Casey and Ashleigh. And I think last night's fight was good for them. Healthy. Ashleigh needs to move out. Personally, I wish she'd take Casey suggestion and move in with Rusty. Of course, Casey didn't know that Ashleigh had the hots for Rusty when she said that. But I knew that. And I want them together. The last episode made me fall in love with Ashleigh and Rusty and this episode gave me nothing. If they lived together, surely there'd be something.

Anyway, I side with Casey on this one. Ash needs to take a job, any job. Ash needs her own place. Ash needs to get with Rusty! (okay, so Casey didn't actually suggest that. But a girl can dream). And Ash needs to be less mean. She embarrassed Casey and she said really cruel stuff to her. If I didn't love her Ash so much, I would hate her right now.

I said this was related to Cappie. How you ask? Well, at the end of the episode,

The Fairytale: How the prince and princess got back together

That's one enthusiastic prince charming! The Princess looks a little uncertain...

So Casey was sooooo upset over the mean, cruel stuff Ashleigh said to her. So when Rebecca wanted to get her drunk, she accepted. And once she was drunk, she was just crazy enough to do that thing she really wants to do, that thing she knows she shouldn't do. She runs into Cappie's arms, drunk. And at first he plays the good ex-boyfriend, making sure she got home safe and into bed. But then she kisses him, and he can't resist...

I have mixed feelings about that last scene. Since I saw it last night I've been analyzing it to death, trying to figure out what it means. Here are the hints/observations I have amassed:

-They say you do the things you most want to do when your drunk. Does this mean that getting together with Cappie is what Casey really wants? I hope so!

-Initially, I thought Cappie was going to do the whole noble boyfriend thing that has become a cliche of tv shows. But he gave in, in the end. Personally, I'm okay with this. I don't think Cappie was taking advantage of her. Casey loves Cappie. We all know that. And Cappie would never intentionally hurt Casey. I think Cappie wanted to do the so-called "right thing", but he couldn't resist Casey. He just wants her so much.

-I was also skeptical of the whole "fairytale" part. The way she said it, it sounded like a good thing. Cappie obviously thought it was a good thing. But we know the way that Ashleigh said it to Casey. So to Cappie's it's good. To Ashleigh it's bad. What does it mean to Casey? That is the question.

The bigger question is, of course, what does this mean for the future of Casey and Cappie. I don't know. I don't think it means anything too big. Casey and Cappie can sleep together and just forget about it. We saw that in the pilot. If anything, I think it might just create conflict between them, as Casey avoids Cap. Either way, there's sure to be lots of Casey/Cappie action in the next episode, so that's fun!

As always, there are other story lines I've missed, mostly because I didn't care about them. Heath's stupid all of sudden! But they love each other, so who cares! (????). And Rebecca and Evan and having problems. Or, Rebecca is having problems with Evan, more like. He doesn't really seem aware the problems. Either way, that's not going to end well.

In all, with all the major and minor story lines, an okay episode. It wasn't an all time high. I'm not sure how it fits in with the rest of season 4 episodes, past or future. We'll see. Still loving Greek as a whole. So, not a great episode. But better than Gossip Girl (NOT a high bar).


  1. WOW!! I never realized why Spidey looked so familiar!! Aww that's so cooool!

    Did Casey sleep with Cappie to get back at Ashleigh and in part because she wanted Cap?

    Do you really think she'll get pregnant? I sort of doubt it, but it's a big enough scare to get Cappie to grow up a bit more, right?

  2. Wow, that's the first comment I've ever gotten on my blog! Thank you!

    I'll always say that Casey wanted Cap. I love Casey and Cappie. I think Casey was just doing what she secretly been denying herself all season. I think some small part of her wanted to prove Ashleigh wrong, but I think her love for Cappie is the main reason. Casey is always so controlled. She always does the right thing. Now, finally she got to go off the rails.

    I don't think she'll get pregnant, though I would enjoy that. You're right, it would definitely scare Cappie. But I think he'd step up to the plate. Cappie's a good guy, and he loves Casey (as we saw last night!).

    Though, I don't know if pregnancy would be great for their relationship. I want them to get together because they want to, not because they have to. But it sure would be excited. I don't know. We'll see.

    So you like Greek then? What do you think of Rusty and Ashleigh? What about Beaver and Katherine? And what's going to happen to Evan and Rebecca--do you think they'll end up together, in the end?

  3. You're welcome!! It came up in Google search :)

    I've always supported Casey and Cappie!! Since the first episode I dubbed them as my favorite! :) It's so lovely how much the two love each other!

    Do you think Cappie did right by giving in to what Casey wanted even though Cappie told her "We can't, we can't. We're drunk."

    I'm sad this is the final season and I'm totally hoping they're endgame.

    I LOVE Greek. I own the first three chapters on DVD.

    I will have to see Rusty and Ashleigh interact more before I decide whether I like them together. It's just so unexpected!!

    I love Beaver (I'm so glad he finally got a plot line last episode! He's going to be a teacher!!) and I love Katherine now and they make a cute couple.

    Evan is going to have to kiss major butt to make up for consistently bailing on Rebecca. Though I can understand that he has law school, but Casey still has some free time. And if he doesn't have time for a relationship, why does he keep leading Rebecca on? They both come from a background in politics and have somewhat similar personalities. Since this is the final season, I do hope they end up together.

    I adore fairy tale happy endings!

  4. I don't know if what Cappie did (with the whole "drunk, we can't" thing) was right. But it was certainly what I wanted! And Casey's a grown women. She can make her own decisions!

    If you've ever seen the show Friends, you may remember the episode where Rachel's dad is in the hospital and she's upset and she wants Ross to sleep with her, but he won't, because he thinks that's taking advantage. Then Rachel gets really mad, because she's an adult, who knows what she's doing, who doesn't need a man to tell her what to do.

    I kind of view it like. Or, at least, I like to view it like that. Cappie is such a nice guy. I can't believe he'd ever do anything wrong. In that last scene they were both giving in to temptation. So yes and no, I guess. I don't fault either of them, because it makes me so happy, basically.

    I can't stand this is the last season either. Out of all the shows I watch, I look forward to this one the most. I'm really, really hoping Case and Cap get together at the mid season finale in March, rather than at the end. I just want to see them together, happy, without all the drama. Do you remember the valentine's episode last season, with Cappie's gift? I want more moments like that!

    I'm glad Beaver's going to be a teacher. It just seems right for him. I wish Casey had reacted better when he told her. Katherine is a character who usually annoys me, but I'm loving her with Beaver.

    About Ashleigh and Rusty: I was really freaked out at first. But it's growing on me. I love them both so much as individual characters, that I trust the writers will be smart with them. I can't wait to see how Casey reacts to it all!

    Have you watched the promos for next week? What did you think?

    P.S. I'm planning on doing Greek posts every week, so come back next tuesday. I love discussing with you. None of my friends watch the show, so when I talk about Cappie and Casey getting back together, all I get is blank stares. I love finding someone who loves them as much as I do!


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