Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gossip Girl: Take It or Leave It

I'll take it. It was an improvement. And, at this point, us Gossip Girl are so desperate that any slight improvement is worth something. So while I would have gladly left last week's "Damien Darko" in the dark to die, I'll take this week's "Panic Roommate"with open arms.

One reason this episode rocked is because it marked it first Dair-less episode since the break, as well as the first Chair-ful episode. But, as I've learned with my two week old post that still gets a good 50 hits a day, I can't get any page views without mentioning Dair. Here it is folks: Dan and Blair. But if you landed on this page looking for more than that, I'm sorry. Dair was (thankfully) absent for this episode. So, on to the good stuff that was actually in the episode,

Serena is Stupid: The Ben-Serena-Dan-Damien-Eric Conundrum  

Is it me, or does Ben look a little bit like a Priest in this picture? Isn't that just a little wee bit creepy?

Let's get this out of the way early. It was not the storyline that made this episode good (as you can imagine, that had something to do with Chair :)). First, there was that really screwed up thing where Eric was hanging out with Damien (why, Eric, why?!?), in which we got to see just how bad an actor Kevin Zegers is. That scene where Damien is telling Eric that he is leaving town? Laughable. It seemed as though Damien was lying. But anyone who saw the last episode knows he's not lying; he just doesn't know how to portray emotions properly. 

Over in Brooklyn, meanwhile, the situation isn't much better. First, Ben moves in with Dan (wtf, Rufus, wtf). Then, of course, Ben starts getting close to Serena. She acts all needy and annoying, but he doesn't seem to mind, for god knows what reason. Then dear old Danny boys gets his nose at a joint because:

a) He is concerned for Serena
b) He doesn't like Ben
c) He is jealous of Ben (ding, ding, ding! We have an answer, ladies and gentlemen!)

And, Danny boy does what Danny boys does best: screwing everything up under the pretext of "doing the right thing". This is where the creepy Damien/Eric friendship and the stupid Dan/Ben/Serena stories collide, in one colossal waste of time. 

In yet another Gossip Girl episode that ended with a giant party, the conflict comes to a head. Damien uses Eric to try to screw over Ben (why, exactly? I really don't know at this point). But Serena would never believe Ben would ever do anything bad (except try to turn all her friends and family against her, and then try to kill her. But other than that...he's a real catch). 

In the end, all I learned from this was:

1) Serena is dumb (already knew that)
2) Ben is kind of slimy and not all that attractive (I had a feeling, given the whole "use my sister to destroy your life" plot from the first half of the season)
3) Eric has stolen Dan's nickname Lonely Boy, and we're supposed to feel bad for him (yeah...no, not so much)
4) This whole Juliet/Ben/Serena storyline is the dumbest thing ever to air on television ever

On to bigger and better things,

The A-Team Returns: The first legit Chuck and Blair storyline since last year!

You know I love a good Chuck and Blair scheme. And this one wasn't even really evil! This was good scheme! Aww, how much my babies have grown.

Now, I know, I should be outraged by this episode. Chuck is falling for another woman! The world is coming to an end, isn't it? On another show maybe, if love actually meant something or relationships actually lasted more than two episodes. But that is the beauty of Gossip Girl!

The Raina girl doesn't matter! She is just a stepping stone on the way to the inevitable Chair reunion, whenever that may be. Sure, Chuck seems into her now, but, on this show, that could change in less than 10 minutes. So, even though I am a diehard Chair fan, I can appreciate Raina. Because she allowed for one of the best Chuck and Blair schemes of the whole entire show. Yeeee!

It was just so sweet! I loved how Blair turned to Chuck to fix her W magazine disaster. And, even though it was totally cheesy, I absolutely loved the moment when they both turned and asked each other for help at the same time. Now that is true love!

Yes, I have used this picture before. But it's so perfect, I can't resist! Sorry!

But that wasn't all. There was also that awesome moment when Blair explained how to win Raina over and Chuck was so impressed by her advice. Blair can have her brilliant moments! (on that note, also loved the fake phone call. Genius!). 

Of course, the crowning moment wasn't even a scene with Blair. It was the last scene with Chuck and Raina, when Raina said Blair called her, and Chuck said "Blair has an uncanny knack for always knowing everything about me". Sweetest. Line. Ever. 

And, on top of all that Chair greatness, we saw Blair actually do something right, for once in her life! And she got a raise! I'm so proud! Like I said, my little immature, ridiculous baby is growing up! I'm starting to tear up!

Yeah, so basically, the Blair stuff rocked, the Serena stuffed sucked. AS ALWAYS. But this week the Blair stuff (this time of the Chair variety, instead of Dair) was good enough to outweigh whatever ridiculous storyline Serena had. Which is why this episode was good. So, yes, I'll take it. How about you? 

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