Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Month of Romance

It is the first of February today, a month I have always been a big fan of. First, because I love that it sometimes has 28 days and it sometimes has 29. I always wanted to born on February 29. I thought it would feel very special.

Second, because it is the month of romance (you must say it with a delicate french accent). And there's so many amazing things that come with that. First, there's my absolute favourite candy, cinnamon hearts,

Now I am a lame loser, so I don't have a boyfriend or anything like that. But I have books. And tv shows. And movies. And I have a million fictional couples that can help me celebrate valentine's day (I already said I was a loser). So, to celebrate this month of romance, I've decided to celebrate one couple a day, from my favourite books or tv shows or movies. While everyone else is out on their romantic dates, I'll be treating my fellow lame losers to a fictional month of romance, with a side of cinnamon hearts. Enjoy.

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