Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Blogiversary to Me

It is a popular thing, in the blogosphere, to celebrate one's blogging anniversary or "blogiversary" as some call it. Well, mine is coming up next week, so I guess you could say (or better yet sing) "happy blogiversary" to me.

If I had to wish for something on this, my first blogiversary, I would wish for followers. Not hundreds or thousands--just ten, or even just one would be enough for me. I hope my wish will still come true, even though I told all of you.

Since I started, I haven't just gotten another year older, I've also gotten another year wiser. In my real, live life where I interact with real people and discuss things other than tv shows and romance, I have learned a ton. I have learned how to get an A+++ on every theatre assignment ever. I have learned everything ever about ecology and physiology. I have learned how to start saying goodbye to all my friends and family and all the high school that feels so familiar and safe. This year was my last year of high school! This year was a year of last, and next year will be a year of firsts. I'm both terrified and exhilarated by that fact.

In my online life as the writer and editor of a blog, I have also come far. I have learned many, many things:

-Posts about tv shows get more hits than posts about books, because people like to search out their favourite shows after they air each week. TV has a bigger audience, and therefore more google searches, and therefore more page views for me!

-The words and writing are what work for me, but it's really the images that bring in the big bucks. About a month ago I posted some stupid, random picture of Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley while I was discussing how much I hated Dan and Blair. That post still gets 80+ posts a day because of that picture.

-It is impossible to update everyday. Life gets in the way! Homework! Friends! Family! More homework! So it's smarter to just take it day by day. I've figure out I'm comfortable with about one post per week. Maybe not the best in terms of readership or anything, but it's all that I can handle, for right now, if I want blogging to be a treat rather than an obligation.

I have made many mistakes on this blog, and looking back over some of my posts just makes me cringe. But I live and I learn, and I get better with every post, every paragraph, every word. At least, that's what I hope.

I also hope that, if you're reading this, you'll stick around and give this blog a try. Bookmark it if you have a Mac, favourite it if you have a PC, or just plain follow it if you have any type of computer. You would make all my wishes come true. Thank you :)

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