Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Greek: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Homework I am avoiding by writing this blog post: giant french presentation, math review

Amount that I care: 50%

What I actually want to say:

I have watched A LOT of tv. An unhealthy, abnormal, coach potato amount. But, strangely, I haven't watched a lot of series finales. Off the top of my head, I can only think of a handful: Friends (so sad!), Lost (meh. Jack and Kate got their moment. I was happy enough.), Gilmore Girls (Luke and Lorelai rocked, but the rest of it was garbage), Dawson's Creek (Pacey and Joey! So good it almost made up for the whole Jen dying thing), Sex and the City (Pretty good. Except I'll always be team Aidan!), Everwood (Both my couples ended up together. And they got great closing scenes!), and West Wing (Josh and Donna! CJ and Danny! Oh, and some Santos stuff I really didn't care about..). That may seem like a lot to you, but considering that I've watched dozens and dozens of shows, it's not a lot. And very few shows that I've loved have gotten canceled prematurely. I mean, I vaguely cared when 10 Things I Hated About You or Life Unexpected ended. I would rather they were still on the air, but it wasn't true heartbreak.

Now, I must prepare for my heart to bleed. Last night the third last Greek episode EVER aired. Only two more left! How will I go on? Only two more hours of Casey and Cappie! And Rusty! And Ashleigh (or, preferably, Rusty and Ashleigh)! And Rebecca! And Calvin! And Beaver, and Katherine, and Evan, and Dale! I love them. I'm going to miss them so freaking much!

That's the thing about Greek. All of the characters are so lovable, so adorable and funny and unique that it's just awful to see them go. Even in weaker episodes like lasts nights I am content to just sit and watch my favourite cast of characters talk and laugh with each other. Here's my break down of last night: the good, the bad, and the ugly (naked Dale!).

The Good: Evan tries to screw over Casey yet again

Do you remember a time before Evan was a complete douche? Because I don't. I remember that vaguely, a very long time ago, I had some type of affection for him. But I really can't figure out why. I suppose I enjoyed that brief period when he was friends was Cappie last season. But that's really a credit to Cappie, who is awesome No. Matter. What. It's a weird relationship I have with Evan. He keeps doing things to make me hate, yet I still love him, because I know him so well. It's the devil you know, and all that.

I mean, it could be worse. Demon baby attacks!

Overall, I enjoyed the Casey/Evan court story. I liked to see Casey being a strong woman. I found the whole Katherine freaking out freaking convenient (and out of character), but whatever, because, in the end, Casey won, and we got the great Casey/Evan moment where Casey started doubting her relationship with Cappie to trick Evan. Classic! I mean, for a minute there, I was freaking out, as any Casey/Cappie fan would, but it was worth it. I loved to see Evan Almighty taken down a peg. Go, Casey, go!

The Bad: Ashleigh whores herself out, wasting time so she can end up with Rusty in the finale

Oh, Ash. What were you thinking? You're usually such a smart girl! Like Rusty said a few episodes--"you are human magnet". You could have anyone you want. Why do you pick this idiot?

Now, if this were Gossip Girl this story line would be fine. At least he isn't married or a drug dealer or an ex-teacher who convicted of sexual harassing her, like some of the fine studs that have been featured on that show. Professor Segal would be an improvement on GG.

But on Greek, where the quality is so much greater and the standards are so much higher, I was a little bit disappointed by this storyline. From the moment he asked her out you knew it would end badly. The entire relationship was set up as an obstacle to Rusty and Ashleigh getting together, and we all knew that. It was so predictable.

I never saw anything alluring in him. Especially not in comparison to my Rusty! And while I'm willing to forgive Evan, Segal has not earned any such loyalty. Douche through and through. Done.

The Ugly: Dale gets (almost) naked and rocks out

Dale has never been my favourite character on Greek. In the first season he was beyond annoying. In the second and third, he grew on me a little in little ways. By this year I have come to like him. So, I did feel bad for him. A little part of me thought he got what was coming to him, joining the stupid Omega Chi's, when the Kappa Tau's are clearly the best. But, mostly, I just wanted to hug him and stop him from humiliating himself.

Oh my, poor, poor Dale.

Tripp needs to die, basically. And Calvin needs to be a helluva lot more aware of what goes on in his own house. And someone needs to protect Dale! (anyone rooting for Laura at this point, besides me?). I didn't may much attention to the first half of this storyline, because I'm not that interested in figuring out who is messing with KT or whatever. But, I will admit, I did enjoy the pledge skits. Dale and Rusty and Calvin were so adorable! Cheesy, but cute. As always, I love the characters, and don't care so much about the situation. The rest of the storyline might have been annoying and what those boys did may have been very ugly, but, in the end, I got Rusty and Dale and Calvin dancing on stage in their underwear. Worth it!

The Other Random Stuff:
  • Who else thinks Cappie + Ashleigh = gold (or, for that matter Cappie + ANYONE = gold)??
  • Loved the moment when Ash got all grossed out at Cappie and Casey. Too cute!
  • I have a secret love for the random law couple that are getting a divorce. So ridiculous, but somehow hilarious!
  • Evan's line about Casey winning because Ashleigh was dating Simon? Loved that ZING!
  • Our Rebecca is back! Love her!
  • I was totally let down that the last scene wasn't Ashleigh coming back to the apartment and kissing Rusty. But, alas, I suppose they must save something for the finale.

So that's last night episode. Only two more left! They better be good!

I have to do that homework that I was avoiding at the beginning of this post. And I have to start mentally preparing myself for the end. I better get busy!

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