Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4: Hannah and Bright

I make so many lists, and write so much about romance, but still, some couples fall through the cracks. I've talked about the big ones: Ross and Rachel, Chuck and Blair, Pacey and Joey, Luke and Lorelai. But there's tons of little couples that I absolutely love that have never come up.

Every show has couple A and couple B. Couple A is your Ross and Rachel, or Luke and Lorelai, or Brennan and Booth, or Carrie and Big, who dominate the series, a constant will they or won't they that won't they that doesn't get resolved until the series finale. Couple B is your Rory and Dean, or Monica and Chandler, or Miranda and Steve, who are much less drama, much more stable, and often forgotten. Today's romantic selection is one of my most favouritist B couples, Bright Abbott and Hannah Rogers from Everwood.

In that show couple A was Amy and Ephram, who I loved, because they had such a great ending, but I didn't like really when they were dating. Couple B was Bright and Hannah, who were never the focus of the show, but were always so sweet. I loved Bright and Hannah together, but I also loved them as individual characters. I loved how smart, shy, and just real she was. And I loved how nice and sweet and dumb he was. And together, they were great. Bright was soooo sweet! They were so simple and cute together. I always love Hannah and Bright. One of the best B couples of all time. Even better than Amy and Ephram, in the long run.

Summary (Without Spoilers): Hannah moves to the little mountain town of Everwood and befriends Amy Abbott, little sister of one Bright Abbott (and yes, that is Chris Pratt, Andy from Parks and Recreation). Hannah falls for him pretty early on, but he rejects her. Then they really get to know each other, and the sparks really start to fly!

Summary (With Spoilers): Hannah moves to Everwood, and meets Bright Abbott. They flirt a little bit, but when Hannah tries to start something he rejects her. Then, through the next season, they become really, really good friends. She goes through that whole thing with Hunington's disease, and he's there for her. She dates Topher and he gets jealous. Then, finally, Bright kisses Hannah in the season finale. Hannah goes away for the summer, and when she comes back they start dating, and it is absolutely the most adorable courtship of all time. It's not easy by any means. Hannah's super religious, and against premarital sex, which sends Bright (the player) for a loop. He's going to break up with her, but he loves her to much that he can't. Eventually, they break up because Bright cheats on Hannah (that dog!), only to get back together in the series finale. Yeee!!!

Why I Love Them:

-Because of the absolutely amazing scene where Bright tries to show Hannah how beautiful she is. He's is so sweet! SUCH A GOOD SCENE! So real, and so romantic

-Because of how upset Bright gets when he thinks Hannah's leaving Everwood to go live with her mother again. She has helped him so much, and meant so much to him! I love it!

-Because of that little moment after they are sick together, when Bright says that thing about how he likes simply sharing a bed with Hannah, and being close to her.

-Because of the prom he sets up for her. BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!

-Because of the Three Dates and Out speech. Bright is the best!

-Because of how Hannah responds when Bright falls through the window. She is so concerned, so scared. She loves him, more than anything, always, and forever.

-Because of the finale! I love how selfless Bright is Hannah! And I love how Hannah choses Bright over Notre Dame. She knows what's important

Little Taste of Their Love:

Note: This post runs as part of my month long Romance Celebration featuring all my favourite couples from books, tv shows, and movies. Check in tomorrow for more!


  1. I agree with you. I also think Bright and Hannah are the best TV couple.

    The locked in the bathroom shower scene is one of the better scenes I have seen. Very romantic how he wants her to feel good about herself. Also cute and funny how Bright covers his eyes when Hannah opens the door.

  2. I have to agree with everything you said. I actually think they are the best couple; no matter A or B And the shower scene was probably one of the most tender romantic moments on TV

  3. hy I'm writing from Hungary and I totally agree with u Bright and Hannah are the best in Everwood. It is a good feeling, that in an other country in an other culture u also agree with me :)

  4. Which episode do Hannah and Bright first meet?


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